A loud ripping sound momentarily drowned the sound of Domenico’s rough pants and her whimpers. The tattered remains of her dress fell to the floor silently.

Her br**sts bounced into his waiting hands and Misty moaned when Domenico squeezed them as if in welcome. Oh, God, how she had missed his touch.

Domenico held her by the hair, pulling her close so he could nip her ear before whispering, “I’ve burned for you every night you were gone, Misty.”  At the end of his words, he took a hold of her lace panties – her only piece of clothing left on her body – and tore it away.

Misty’s legs fell open in surrender as his hand went to her sex. Her back against his chest, she couldn’t keep another cry of desire from escaping as he dipped his fingers in her wetness, the tips grazing her entrance without actually going in.

“Domenico,” she sobbed.

“Do you know how much I’ve dreamt of this, Misty?” His hold on her tightened almost painfully, but it only served to whet her desire and she lifted her h*ps shamelessly, wanting his fingers to penetrate her.

But Domenico’s fingers only moved away, trailing back up to play with her nipple before tugging it repeatedly until the tip was at its longest, as painfully aroused as the rest of her body.

“I touch myself when I can’t bear another moment of knowing that you’re gone, and I imagine that you were touching me.” He tugged at her nipple again.


But he wasn’t finished. “I will f**k you until the sun rises, and you will let me.”

The words – the images that it evoked – the clipped edge of his voice, all of it almost sent her to the edge.

“Say you’ll let me f**k you till tomorrow,” Domenico commanded harshly.

“I’ll let you f**k me till tomorrow,” she sobbed.

Without warning, he rearranged their position on the leather seat, placing Misty on her fours while he half knelt behind her.

“Aaaah.” Domenico’s c**k rammed into her body from behind, and the force of his thrust caused her to flatten her palms on the limousine door in front her.

Domenico almost lost control as Misty’s moist heat surrounded his cock. The feeling of being inside Misty’s body was a hundred – a million – times better than anything he had desperately tried to recreate all those nights with just his hand.

Almost savagely, he pumped his c**k in and out of her, one hand gripping her bu**ocks to hold her steady while his other arm was curled around her waist, keeping her suspended. Misty’s arms were stretched forward, palms still braced against the door, her br**sts jiggling at each thrust he made.

“Look at me,” he growled.

Misty twisted her head to face him, long dark hair falling to the other side, revealing the na**d desire on her face. But something else was there on her face – something he had desperately wanted to see, something that made him shove his c**k as hard and as deep as he could into her hot moist depths.

“Misty.” He grabbed her hair so she wouldn’t stop looking at him, wouldn’t stop knowing who owned her body, if not her heart.

Misty cried out as Domenico’s c**k pounded into her body nonstop. She couldn’t tear her gaze off his face this time, couldn’t help but be mesmerized at the almost hopeless yearning in his green eyes.

Suddenly, he bent forward, causing the entire length of his c**k to fill her.

She screamed, and she screamed again when he touched her cl*t even as his c**k didn’t stop thrusting in and out of her.

“Come for me, Misty,” he rasped against her throat.

She sobbed, her body instantly reacting to his command.

“I want to feel you come now.”

And she came, her body bucking as Domenico played with her cl*t like a guitar even as his c**k shoved into her body for one last time, pouring out his seed.

As Misty gradually regained her sense, shame filled her as she realized how easily she had succumbed to Domenico’s touch.

Sixteen months.

For sixteen months she had worked hard to kill her feelings for Domenico and with just one touch, all her hard work had been for naught.

She tried to get away, but Domenico’s arm around her waist immediately turned into a band of steel, keeping her imprisoned in his arms.

“Let me go!”

“Not until you hear what I have to say.”

“There’s nothing for us to say anymore!”

In response, Domenico only pulled his still-erect c**k out of her body a few inches before pushing it back in with one solid possessive thrust.

Misty moaned.

“You’re mine, Misty.”

Behind her, Misty felt Domenico gently lift her hair off her back, letting it spill over her shoulders so he could press a small kiss to her back.

She started to cry.

“I love you, Misty.”

She cried harder at that.

Her sobs tore at him, but Domenico didn’t let it sway him. He was doing this for both of them. Soon, she would know this, too. Hardening his voice, he said, “This time, I will make sure you have no doubts about how much you f**king mean to me.”

“It’s too late,” she wept. “It’s just too---” she gasped when Domenico’s fingers found her clit, pressing it ever so gently.

“It’s never too late for the two of us. I will make you fall in love with me again, Misty. No one – not even your goddamn Faeries – can take you away from me.”

He slowly withdrew from her, and tired both physically and emotionally, Misty allowed Domenico to clean her and dress her. She wasn’t even surprised that he had a spare set of clothing for her. He was always like that, prepared for every eventuality.

When she was properly covered in a dress that she remembered buying a year ago, Domenico placed her on his lap. Her eyes started to tear again when she saw him take out a hair brush.


Ignoring her protest, Domenico started brushing her hair. At the same time, he pressed the intercom button, instructing the driver to take them back to her hotel. When he was done, Domenico looked at her, his eyes steely, his voice uncompromising as he spoke. “We’ll go together to Daryl. You will tell him that you will spend the night with me.”

In spite of herself, her toes curled at the sexual hunger in his gaze. He really was going to f**k her till the sun rose.

“Just for tonight,” she heard herself saying. “But tomorrow – we’re over, Domenico.”

“You can tell yourself whatever you want to, but when you let me f**k you tonight, I had my answer. You want me, Misty, and that’s enough for me for now. But mark my words. I will make you fall in love with me again – more than you have ever been, so much that you won’t ever think of leaving me again.”

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