Chapter Two

Misty was still in a daze when she walked past Domenico as he locked the door behind her with a resounding click. She couldn’t believe how so many things had happened so fast, couldn’t believe how after more than a year of torturing herself with memories from the past, she had given herself up so easily. Was she never to be free of Domenico Moretti?

And Daryl---her so-called friend, the one who was supposed to keep her from trouble---had simply given her a sheepish wave when Domenico told him with a very charming smile that he and Misty would be enjoying a nightcap in his room.

Save me. Misty was pretty sure her eyes had screamed the silent message at her Lyccan-turned-Faerie friend.

You go, girl was unfortunately the message that Daryl sent to her with twinkling eyes. Drat it. He had always been against Misty cutting ties with Domenico. She should have remembered that.

“Take off your clothes.” Domenico’s voice was deep and husky, as dark as the blackness that wrapped around the hotel suite. The only light existing came from the floor lamp next to where Domenico was languidly sprawled on a padded chair. It gave Domenico’s half-naked body a golden glow, emphasizing the cuts of his body.

Misty stared in open-mouthed shock. They might have had made love in the car, but it had even been darker there, and then she had other, err, things in her mind. But now, all she could see was Domenico, and he was so…buffed. He never had even an extra ounce of fat before, but now he was practically rippling with muscles, his body turned into a beautiful lean killing machine.

“Misty,” Domenico gritted out, his c**k rock hard at the desire flashing in his wife’s eyes.

Just the sound of it made Misty’s toes curl, and she found herself responding to the command in his voice. A part of her wanted to rebel against it, but there was an even larger part of Misty that simply urged her to yield. Just this one night, she reminded herself. This was the closure she wanted, needed, to finally get over the man that haunted every waking and sleeping minute of her life.

Relief coursed through Domenico’s body when Misty finally moved, her fingers adorably clumsy as she slowly stripped herself from her clothes. He had this insane urge to dominate her in the bedroom, as if his heart was telling him that this was the only way right now he could possess Misty.

Because outside the bedroom, he was nothing to her, a man she was desperately keen to leave and forget.

His fists clenched, and it took most of his iron control not to leap out of the chair and grab Misty to him. So f**king long. It seemed like an eternity since he had seen her lovely na**d body, and even though he already had her in the limousine earlier, it wasn’t enough. It would never be enough.

When Misty finally dropped her panties to the ground, she stood trembling and naked, wrapping her arms around herself. She shouldn’t be doing this. It wasn’t right when they were about to cut ties. But she couldn’t help it. There was something about Domenico Moretti that she would always find irresistible.

Just this one night, she thought to herself again. It would be for her memories, something she could embrace in the lonely nights that would fill the rest of her life. She was determined never to see Domenico again after this night. If there was anything this day taught her, then it was that she could not trust herself in his presence.

“Crawl to me.”

Misty’s head jerked up in shock. “What did you say?”

“You heard me.”

She shook her head. “Why would I do that?”

“Because I told you to.”

“No!” She couldn’t stop searching Domenico’s face for a clue, any sign to explain to her what made him so different now. He was so much more domineering – he had never asked her to do this in the past.

His voice turned into liquid heat as he spoke, and Misty braced herself for its impact.

“Do you want me to crawl to you instead?”

She whitened. “No.”

“Then crawl to me.”

And slowly, she understood what he was getting to.

“You bastard,” she whispered, but her body was already shivering with desire as Domenico started stroking himself, his eyes burning in desire that she knew mirrored what was in her own eyes.

She never wanted to see Domenico Moretti crawl, and he knew it. But they both knew she had loved submitting to him, had found it exhilarating to surrender her entire body to him.

“Crawl to me now, Misty. I won’t ask you again.”

Slowly, Misty found herself bending down until she was on fours. The position was unfamiliar, after all these months she had been alone. The weight of her br**sts, which were swollen with desire, combined with the ache between her legs – all of it made her desire for Domenico increase tenfold.

She glanced up at Domenico almost uncertainly.

Come, his eyes invited her. There was na**d yearning in it, a promise of something she was afraid to label.

His eyes possessed her, and she began to crawl.

Domenico’s arousal became more and more painful with every move that Misty made. The way her br**sts swayed entranced him, and the way her shapely bu**ocks and legs swayed similarly arrested him. By the time she stopped in front of him, he had to take several deep breaths so that he wouldn’t forget everything by taking Misty like a mindless bull.

Stroking himself, he asked, “How do you feel, Misty?”

“Weird,” she confessed.


She bit her lip.

“Crawling made you want me to f**k you, didn’t it?” he whispered.

Slowly, she nodded.

Domenico moved, using his Lyccan speed to reverse their positions, with Misty suddenly on the chair and him kneeling down a few feet away from her.

The blur of movement shocked her, and Misty could only blink when she saw Domenico on his knees at the opposite side of the room. “Domenico?”

He started to crawl.


She ran to him before she could stop herself, the image of Domenico crawling towards her so painful it made her chest tighten. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t feel, the pain was so great. Misty pushed him back so that he would rest on his haunches. “Why are you doing this?” she asked brokenly.

“Because I want you to understand,” he answered fiercely. “Did it feel bad for you to crawl to me because you wanted me so much?”

She shook her head mutely.

“Did you feel bad when I started crawling to you?”

“Yes!” she burst out.

“But I will do that any f**king time in front of a thousand people if it means I will have you back!”

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