Fuck, I’d love to bend her over my lap, spank the shit out of her for that, but I only have so much restraint left. Instead, I remove my pants until I’m completely naked, then order, “Ditch the thong, but keep the bra on.”

Bailey cocks an eyebrow, so I admit with a grin, “It makes your tits look fantastic.”

I almost laugh as she looks down at them thoughtfully before hooking her thumbs into the lacy waistband and shimmies them down.

And it’s at this moment, I realize something.

Tipping my head to the side as she steps out of the thong and tosses it on the chaise, I ask her, “What’s going through your mind, Miss Robbins?”

Her lips curve upward slightly, but she just shakes her head.

“Tell me,” I order.

She gives a careless shrug before admitting, “I thought I’d be more embarrassed.”

When I glance around the room, I understand. Some people are watching, while others are too busy fucking. But I get what she’s saying.

I settle my eyes on her. “It’s the atmosphere. While I’ve never done drugs, some liken this to the rush of heroin or cocaine. It sort of takes you out of yourself. Makes you a different person.”

“Or maybe I’m the same person, but just haven’t been able to express myself properly,” she replies cryptically.

As I study her, I contemplate how much—and how varied—her sexual experience has been. I took her to be a strait-laced woman, but maybe I’ve misjudged her.

Regardless, she’s here now, nearly naked and wet. I don’t need to know more.

I hand her the condom. She takes it, flipping it between her fingers, considering it as if it’s been a while since she’s seen one. Her gaze moves to my cock, which juts out from my body—demanding attention. She grips the base of my shaft, then rolls the condom on slowly, seductively, ending with a gentle squeeze. An effort that’s not needed within these walls, since me fucking her is a given.

With my dick still in her grasp, I take her by the nape of her neck and pull her in close. Her head tips back, her eyes glazing as I stare at her mouth before bending to it. I brush my lips against hers, feeling her breath stuttering as her body relaxes until I’m all but holding her upright. Sinking my teeth down into her lower lip, I feel her body jerk, then I slant my mouth over hers for a consuming kiss.

Her hands settle on my hips while mine moves to her cheek as the kiss deepens, turning wild and tumultuous. I shift her backward, the chaise only a foot behind us. Her calves hit the cushioned edge, and I lower her. Somehow, we manage to scoot onto it until we’re in the middle without once breaking our kiss. Bailey’s legs part, knees bending, and I settle against her lithe frame.

Every one of my senses demand I claim her quickly. It’s the nature of the club, as foreplay starts the minute members walk in the door. Slow lovemaking is meant for people at home in their beds with soft lighting and gentle music. The hard and fast fucking surrounding us in The Orgy Room demands I do the same.

And yet, I take a few seconds to rear back, pulling the edge of her lacy bra cup down to let one breast pop free. I’m not sure if it’s the lacy friction or the vibe of this place, but her nipple is a hard nub just begging for attention. Lowering my head, I draw it into my mouth and suck.

Bailey cries out, clasps the back of my head, and arches to push deeper into my mouth. Christ, she’s responsive. I need to know if other parts of her are the same. Her neck? Inner thigh? Collarbone?

One place I know for sure will produce a reaction, and I let my hand drift between her legs as I scrape my teeth over her nipple. I gentle my fingers through her wet folds, which makes her pant. She bows her back as I thrust in knuckle deep.

“Declan,” she mumbles. Bemused, I lift my head. It’s the first time she has ever used my name.

Something about it somehow seems far more intimate than her naked underneath me while in a sex club with my finger deep inside her pussy.

Something about it turns me way the fuck on, and I don’t understand why.

I only know I want to hear my name on her lips again.

Dipping my head toward her, I give her a hard kiss, which causes her to scrunch her brow. Smirking, I slide down her body. As I use my mouth to map her skin, I note her ribs are slightly ticklish, her abs contract when I lick just under her belly button, and she’s sensitive when my tongue finds the inside of her thigh.

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