Shaking my head, I say, “I don’t think so.”

“If anything I want to do makes you feel uncomfortable, you just need to tell me. Understood?”

I nod. I am clear. We already had this talk when he had me sign the agreement. “I’m good.”

And another delicious shiver runs up my spine as the expression on Declan’s face turns almost feral.

He stands from the barstool and takes my hands. Wearing nothing but my sky-high heels and the cool evening air around me that has my nipples pebbled, he leads me across the deck. I glance around and see the group of men watching us. All conversation has stopped between the lot, and their eyes are lasered onto my naked body. I feel a flush between my legs at the knowledge they’ll soon be watching whatever Declan decides to do to me.

He leads me over to a wide acrylic platform that sits approximately a foot and a half off the deck. There is a low-slung chair also in clear acrylic at the end of it.

Turning me slightly, he nods downward, indicating he wants me to lay on the platform. When I turn, he holds my hand while I manage to gracefully lower myself, but I don’t go all the way. With my knees bent and my elbows pressed into the hard surface, I look expectantly. He merely moves to the chair that sits at the end of the platform closest to my feet. I spread my legs slightly, giving him a view of my bare skin. He makes no secret he likes it from the way he’s staring. Slouching down into the chair, he casually crosses one leg over the other and puts his chin in the palm of his hand as his elbow rests on the edge. For a moment, we just stare at each other, and I have the strange sensation I’m going to be performing for him. Performing for everybody out here actually. The men standing nearby are now watching avidly.

“She’s ready,” Declan announces, loud enough that everyone out here can hear it.

I startle, realizing that he is actually talking to the group of men. As if this were planned. A jolt of what feels like electricity courses through me, and my eyes widen as all five of the men put their drinks down on nearby tables and walk over the deck surface toward me.

I’m frozen, caught between excitement and fear as they circle the platform. Two men on either side and one down near my head. They all look to Declan expectantly. My eyes fly back to Declan, and I ask in a trembling voice, “What’s going on?”

Declan’s eyes bore into mine, and his lips curl up in a sexy smile. “These men are going to touch you. All over and in any place they desire. They can’t fuck you, though. And they can’t let you come. Let’s just say I want to watch the foreplay for right now.”

I should be feeling overwhelmed and out of my league. Instead, I feel a surge of confidence in my sexuality. This is every woman’s dream… to be put before several men and have them pleasure her.

Although, if he thinks that five men are going to touch my body while he watches and I’m not going to orgasm, he’s sadly mistaken. I’m so wired right now just by the prospect of what he’s suggesting, I feel like I could orgasm from the slightest touch.

But I guess there’s only one way to find that out. I fully recline out onto the platform.

And I wait for the first man to lay his hands on me.

It doesn’t take long. The first man kneels near my hip, his warm palm settling on my belly. An innocuous touch in most circumstances, but given I’m in a sex club, completely naked, and a stranger is touching me provokes a reaction. My back arches so that I’m pressing up into his touch.

It’s like a green light, and all the men crowd in close. Hands go to my ankles, and my legs are pulled wide. I’m embarrassed and titillated at the same time. I lift my head to see what Declan’s doing. He looks so damn hot, sitting there watching. He appears casual, almost bored by his slouched position with his chin resting in his palm, but his eyes are a dead giveaway. They are pinned on me with a ferocious intensity, burning with something I can’t describe, but I know it makes my entire body feel twitchy as if I’m in desperate need of something that only he can provide.

Hands move to my breasts, and fingers pinch at my nipples. The man standing near my head bends over me and runs his lips along my neckline. A hand moves from my stomach, over my hairless mound, and through my lips before sinking deep into my pussy.

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