Bailey can’t hide her shocked expression as she tries to absorb what I said. In the weeks she’s been working for me, I’ve demanded she come in early and stay late almost every single day. Not once have I given her the luxury of the opposite.

Finally, she rises, shooting me a wary look. “Thank you, Mr. Blackwood. That’s very generous.”

“But please make sure to handle the few things I asked you to do,” I reply with brisk efficiency before turning my attention to my computer.

When she says, “Of course,” I assume she starts heading for my office door.

But I think of one more thing. She’s about the cross the threshold when I say, “Ms. Robbins, if you do not have plans for tomorrow evening, I would like you to join me at the club.”

She stops, shooting a saucy grin over her shoulder. “As long as my mother is fine, I would love that.”

I hope to fuck her mom is doing well because tomorrow cannot come soon enough.



“Good morning, Mr. Blackwood,” I chirp when Declan walks down the hallway toward me. I station myself just outside his office door, holding his cup of coffee in one hand and my iPad in the other.

I would like to say that over the past week since we’ve started meeting at The Wicked Horse, things have remained professional during the day, but that wouldn’t be true. Declan lets his gaze run down the length of my body before giving me a crooked smile. “Good morning, Miss Robbins.”

Declan takes the coffee from my hand, and I follow him into his office. As has become routine, he moves behind his desk while I perch in one of the guest chairs, ready to take notes. Declan lowers his frame into his chair, crossing one leg over the other and sipping at his coffee. “What’s on the agenda today?”

I spend a few moments going over his appointments and what I’ve done to prepare for them. He asks a couple of questions to clarify, and I answer smoothly. Our office relationship has become incredibly efficient since I learned to anticipate his needs and he started to trust me.

Any outside observer who might be walking by his office that would take notice of us would agree… I’m a great assistant, and he’s a good employer. We make a fabulous working team.

Nobody would ever guess that just short of twelve hours ago, Declan had me at The Wicked Horse locked in a pair of stocks. You know, the old wooden trap that held you tight around the neck and wrists while you’re bent over. He locked me in them while a crowd gathered around and watched him do all sorts of unimaginable things to me. I have to press my legs together to stop the throbbing that occurs from thinking about it. But God Almighty, he has turned me into someone I don’t even recognize. Someone I like, yet I’m still surprised over my newfound sexuality.

Last night, he took my ass in front of a group of people. He didn’t do it right away. First, he made me suck his cock while I was immobilized in the stocks. Then he went around to my rear where I couldn’t see a damn thing he was doing. But I could feel it and damn, did it feel good. My first inclination that I was getting ready to have my cherry popped was when I heard the lube snap open. I struggled to turn my head to look, but it was impossible. I was scared shitless and excited beyond control, a combination making a potent aphrodisiac.

Declan is the most thoughtful of lovers. Through conversation, he had learned I had never had anal sex, just as he had learned that I would like to try it. That I was curious enough to want to give it a go.

He’s a thoughtful lover and there was no way he was going to fuck me with that big ass dick of his without first making sure I could take it.

So while I was in the stocks, he prepared me, working up to multiple fingers before using a dildo about half the size of his cock. He alternated that with his fingers on my clit, producing a massive orgasm that felt unlike anything I’d ever felt.

By the time he fucked my ass, I was practically begging for it.

“Miss Robbins?” Declan says, amusement in his tone. “Are you even listening to me?”

My eyes snap to his, and I can see it in his expression. He knows I was thinking about last night. And I want to slap that triumphant grin off his face.

I decide to give back as good as he is giving me right now. Leveling him with my most angelic look, I tip my head to the side and coyly admit, “I was just thinking about how good it felt to have your cock in my ass last night.”

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