I consider that a moment. I think it may have been my favorite, too, but I don’t admit as much. Instead, I move in close and wrap my arms around his waist.

Tipping my head back, I say, “I really enjoyed today. I loved cooking for you. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Something comforting about having traditional side dishes along with the turkey.”

Declan’s arms circle around my back, and he holds me close. Smiling, he says, “Well, you’re my favorite side dish.”

I snort-laugh, shaking my head. “You’re such a dork.”

Declan draws his chin in, seeming surprised. “I don’t think I have ever been called a dork—not once in my entire life.”

I start to laugh because I can’t imagine anyone calling this beautiful, brilliant, and wealthy man a dork.

But my laugh is cut short when Declan picks me up, and spins to set me on the island counter behind us. Putting his hands on my knees, he slowly pries my legs apart and steps in. My perch on the island makes it so that we’re able to see eye to eye. I’m mesmerized as his face draws closer to mine.

His lips softly graze against my own before trailing down over my jawline into my neck. “Thank you for today, Bailey.”

I shiver, not just from his mouth on my skin, but also from his sweet words.

He lifts his head. “You’re an amazing woman.”

My throat closes, and I find it hard to meet his gaze. Yet, I couldn’t tear my eyes off him if a nuclear bomb were getting ready to fall on my head. I’m not sure if someone has ever held my attention in this way, nor caused such a stirring of emotions within me.

Leaning in, he kisses me again. So very slowly.

I sigh into his mouth, contentment sweeping throughout me.

Then I’m in his arms again, his hands supporting me under my ass as I wrap my legs around him. He continues a gentle exploration of my mouth as he walks us to his bedroom. I feel small, yet incredibly safe in his strong arms.

When we’re in his room, I’m lowered to the floor. He continues to kiss me while his hands work at my clothes. Declan is in no hurry, his mouth gentle and his tongue making lazy strokes. Our clothing melts away layer by layer until there’s nothing but warm skin under our palms. Declan pushes me down onto the bed, covering me with his body.

My own hands move across his tanned skin, fingertips tracing the lines and hollows of his muscles. For what feels like hours, we lay there, kissing, stroking skin, and whispering promises. It’s sweet and romantic, a definite change from the frenzy that usually overtakes us in the bedroom.

When Declan finally slips a finger inside me, I’m shocked by how wet I am, proving a slow seduction is as much a turn-on as filthy words and rough caresses.

I take him in hand, wrapping my fingers around his thick shaft, and try to urge him into me. With a claiming kiss, Declan slides deep inside me.

“Oh, God,” I mutter, my eyes rolling back. We’ve been having sex without condoms all week—my birth control pills being the only protection needed at this point—and it has elevated our lovemaking to a surreal plane that’s hard to describe. The intimacy of no barriers between us… of him coming deep inside me… it has chipped away at my walls and insecurities like nothing else has.

Even now, it seems I can feel every molecule of his being as he starts to move in and out of my body with slow, lazy strokes. His mouth caresses and nibbles my neck.

“You feel so good, Bailey,” he murmurs.

Our bodies writhe and undulate, the rhythm between us in perfect synchronization. It’s like we’re made for each other in that respect, anticipating what feels good to the other and giving it before it can be asked for.

Declan’s forehead rests against mine. With our eyes closed, we rock into each other. Bodies pressed tight, arms wrapped around each other, we meld.

I don’t know who ignites first, but it doesn’t matter. We fall over the edge in an explosion of pleasure, bliss, and complete fulfillment. Declan’s mouth is back on mine. He kisses me through the release, both shuddering within the cocoon of our embrace.

It is singularly the most beautiful sexual experience I’ve ever had, and I feel a stray tear leak out of the corner of one eye. I manage to dash it away before Declan hovers over me with a serene smile.

“You okay?” he asks.

I nod, completely blissed out. “More than okay. That was amazing. You’re amazing.”

“Going to suck being gone for a week,” he mutters, eyes roaming over my face.

“So going to suck,” I agree in a slightly whiny tone. Declan is headed out tomorrow to Chicago to meet with his dad on the San Francisco project, then he’s going to San Francisco to look at the property they are interested in purchasing.

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