But suddenly… tonight… right now… it’s time. Because that joyful meal I just spent with her, talking about her problems, laughing with her over silly things, and eating food she made because she loves me… there can’t be a better time.

Bailey’s still at the table, spearing a potato as I walk in. She tilts her head, giving me a curious look.

I don’t hesitate at all because I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. I stride right up to her, go down on one knee beside her chair, and try not to laugh as her eyes flare wide with realization.

With a flourish, I produce the ring box on the palm of one hand and open it.

Her eyes drop slowly to the ring, then rise to meet mine.

“Bailey… I wanted to do this a bit more romantically, but sitting here tonight while having dinner with you was the perfect metaphor for all the reasons why we shouldn’t wait. You and I have built a beautiful life together these last several months, and it just keeps getting better and better. But I want that final commitment between us. I want the world to know you are Bailey Blackwood. I want you by my side in all ways, especially in the most important… as my wife. I love you more than anything in this world. Will you give me that last thing I’m missing and marry me?”

“Yes,” she screams, flinging herself at me. The box and ring go flying out of my hand, I think clattering under the stools at the island bar. Her arms lock hard around my neck as mine wind around her waist. She smacks a hard kiss to my mouth. “Yes, yes, yes. I wanted to say ‘yes’ the minute you knelt, but I figured you’d have a good speech, so I decided to let you finish it. And I never thought—”

I kiss her, mainly to shut her up, having gotten the only answer I need. Frankly, she feels so good in my arms, I need her mouth, too.

Her tongue slips into my mouth, her fingers dive into my hair, and the kiss turns from one of joy and happiness we are now engaged, to hot passion that needs an outlet. I shove up from my kneeling position, taking Bailey with me.

She gives a yelp of a surprise then locks her legs around me. I plop her ass on the island counter, trying to figure the best way to get her shorts off. For a moment, I consider the ring lying on the floor that cost me nearly a hundred thousand dollars, but I figure it’s not going anywhere.

We can get it after I’m finished showing her just how much I love her.


Much later.

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