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So did the fact that she unsnapped her jeans slowly, giving him a peak of her ivory satin underwear. When she knew that she had his attention, she inserted two fingers between the, fabric and her jeans and worked them between her labia, rubbing herself sensually. His breath stuck in his lungs when she deliberately pulled aside the satin and exposed her pink, glistening folds to him. Her hips rolled against the pressure of her rubbing fingers subtly . . . sensually. He stared, recalling all too well the sensation of her plump, juicy lips against his own fingers and tongue. After a moment he peeled his eyes away and met her gaze.

His nostrils flared when he saw her little smile.

“Get your naked butt over here,” he muttered darkly.

He saw the flash of anxiety that leapt into her gaze, spicing her arousal. He waited tensely while she drew her jeans and panties over her legs. She approached the bed cautiously, more than likely sensing the rising tension in him. When she drew near him, he reached up, drawing her down next to him. He grabbed her wrist. Before Niall knew what he intended, he shoved both of her fingers into his mouth. He sucked and ran his tongue between them, greedy for her sweet cream. She yelped in surprise a few seconds later when he abruptly hauled her over his lap.

“Oh!” she cried out in alarm when he spanked her bottom twice. Smack, smack! She struggled in his lap, but he held her down tightly with his left arm at her back. She twisted her hips desperately but he didn’t mind if she made her pretty little fanny a moving target. He gave her three more brisk spankings.

“This is what you get for teasing me, Niall,” he told her warmly before he popped her ass twice more. She squirmed beneath him but he took his time palming and squeezing her bottom. Her ass was like the rest of her: curvy, firm, and tight. She fit in his palm perfectly.

He removed his arm from her back and urged her up. What he’d just done had shocked Niall, but it had profoundly aroused her as well. She had tried to delete from her mind the fact that Vic had spanked her that first time while he pounded into her body . . . not to mention that she had climaxed thunderously when he did. She had never considered herself to be the type of woman who would become aroused by being spanked. But her clit throbbed and burned unbearably while she had struggled against Vic’s hard body, her belly pressing tightly to his erection as he held her down and swatted her bottom at his leisure.

Guess you learn something new about yourself every day, Niall thought dazedly as Vic pulled her up until she straddled his lap. He had already torn the wrapper off a condom and was in the process of sliding it down the considerable length of his reanimated cock. Her pussy sizzled at the erotic sight, but she forced herself to frown in disapproval when Vic met her eyes. She couldn’t let him get away with spanking her as he just had.

Nevertheless, when his lips curved into that naughty, sexy cowboy grin, she didn’t utter a word of protest. Her body moved in synchronization with his as his left arm encircled her waist and he held up his cock.

Niall gasped when he lowered her slowly, skewering her with his steely hard flesh.

Vic’s grin faded into oblivion at the sensation of her muscular, clasping vagina enfolding the first several inches of his cock. He pumped up with his hips while he held her steady for his thrust. A grunt of savage satisfaction vibrated his throat when he slipped into her tight, slippery sheath another few inches.

“Ah, Christ, you’ve got the sweetest little pussy,” he muttered between clenched teeth. He felt her tremble in his hands. His eyes leapt to her face. He immediately paused when he saw discomfort blending with her arousal. Guilt dimmed his lust. Maybe he shouldn’t be fucking her like this until she’d become more accustomed to him. When he was on top of her, he could apply a steady downward pressure at the same time that he opened her body wide with his hands.

But then he felt her vaginal muscles tightening around him, drawing him inward, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to back out of her.

“Try to relax,” he soothed. He sent the thumb of the hand that cradled her between the flushed, swollen folds of her labia. He felt her quiver and flex around his cock as he began to stimulate her clit. Her eyes fluttered closed as he plucked and pressed against that well-lubricated little button. His teeth clenched tight in restraint when she began to make tiny circular undulations with her hips, stroking his cock to as much good effect as she stimulated herself.

She put her hands on his shoulders and bucked forward slightly with her hips, getting the indirect pressure she needed on her clit in order to come.

“Fuck,” Vic grated out as he watched Niall do a subtle, erotic little dance on the end of his cock. When he felt her heat flood around him and heard her sexy little whimpers, when her muscular walls began to massage him, he growled in agonized pleasure.

“Get down on that,” he muttered through a snarl. He grabbed her hips and thrust up until his aching balls pressed snugly to her wet, delicate tissues.

She cried out sharply. Her body began to shudder more violently in orgasm. She pressed her face to his neck and whimpered mindlessly as pleasure crashed through her.

Vic’s eyes remained clamped shut. The combination of holding her while she shuddered in climax and being buried in the epicenter of it was indescribably arousing. He hung on desperately for control as Niall trembled and milked his cock like a silken fist. When her spasms finally waned, he took a few moments to gather himself, feeling like the survivor of a particularly powerful storm.

Niall’s eyes blinked open heavily when she felt Vic spread his big hands along her hips, sinking his fingers into her buttocks.