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“Ahhhh,” she moaned uncontrollably when he began to slowly rock her up and down and around on his cock. She had dazedly wondered earlier, when he had first pierced her flesh with his cock, how she could have loved it so much that first night. He filled her to the point of unbearable tightness. But as the hard, smooth knob of his penis slowly massaged some supersensitive place deep inside of her, Niall recalled why she’d become so frantic with lust.

She remembered all too well.

“Yes . . . oh, yes!” she cried breathlessly. Her hips began to join in the pleasurable rhythm of their mating.

“Lean back a little,” Vic ordered tensely. When she did, his eyes fixed on the hard, dark pink berries of her nipples as she moved on top of him like a sleek, sinuous cat. When she held on to his shoulders and started to wildly buck up and down on his cock, he winced at the pleasure. He spanked her bottom lightly, getting her attention.

“Hold still a minute,” he ordered, his eyes flashing up to her sweat-glazed face. He willed his hips to stay still even though he was sheathed in a wet, warm pussy that was both about two sizes too small for his cock and fit him perfectly—whichever way you wanted to look at it.

Niall stared down at him, panting heavily as he secured her hip with one hand while the other trailed gently up the sensitive side of her torso. She bit her lip to restrain a loud moan. Something about the way that Vic could be so hard and relentless during lovemaking, but at the same time gave the lightest, most sensitive caresses, excited her unbearably.

“Vic,” she entreated huskily as his hand swept beneath her armpit and cradled a breast from below. Niall squirmed in his lap in intense arousal when he stared at her for a few seconds. He smacked her bottom once to still her and then leaned forward—as though he had all the time in the world—and flicked her nipple with his tongue.

Niall’s vagina flexed inward in excruciating arousal as she watched him lick and lave the sensitive kernel of flesh. Vic must have felt her uncontrollable inner caress because his eyes flashed up to her face. Her eyes widened at something she saw in his gaze. The next thing she knew, he’d flung his arm over her shoulder and gripped her hip and ass tightly, completely immobilizing her body on his lap.

He took a good portion of her breast into his warm mouth and began to agitate and torture the captive nipple. Niall whimpered and moaned as he lashed at the sensitive flesh with his tongue and bit her between his front teeth. She felt his cock surge and swell inside of her body at the same time that he held her nipple still with his teeth and rubbed tightly against it with his stiffened tongue.

She exploded again. Because he forced her into immobility, her orgasm had a tight, concentrated quality to it that verged on pain.

Vic growled at the sensation of liquid heat gushing around his cock. He leaned back on the pillows, dug his fingers into her ass, and began to lift her up and down on him at the same time that he pumped and withdrew in short strokes. He moved her over him in a tight, sinuous, circular rhythm, rocking her hips back and forth as he moved in and out of her, stimulating her clit. She continued to massage and suck his cock inward as she came. She was so light that he lifted her with ease before plunging her back down, serving her sleek little body to his straining cock.

Why, exactly, had he always preferred ample, voluptuous women when he might have been enjoying such a taut, fluid ride? He’d always assumed that they’d be able to weather his rough manner in bed, and for the most part he’d been right. But Niall stood as solid proof that a woman didn’t have to be nice and fleshy to like it good and hard.

When he felt himself cresting, he lifted her high off his penis and rocketed into her in four long, furious hammer strikes.

Niall’s surprised scream of renewed orgasm ignited him.

He wanted to pump her tight, spasming channel as he came, but he found that he couldn’t move as orgasm crashed though him. It was like his brain short-circuited from the immensity of the pleasure, temporarily paralyzing him.

He held on to Niall desperately, his face pressed to her soft breast. He shook as he poured himself deep inside of her.

They remained clasped like that for minutes, their breathing at first harsh and ragged, segueing to an agitated pant, and finally smoothing to a shared rhythmic, waving motion.

Vic nuzzled her breast, inhaling her singular scent. It felt so good to hold her like this, his sharp lust dulled for the moment to the soft ache of desire. He absorbed her fluttering heartbeat into his lips and cheeks until it slowed to a strong, steady beat. Tenderness welled up in him. The tension of reawakened arousal mixed with it, causing his cock to stir inside of her.

It dumbfounded him.

He was going to have to have her yet again. The realization made his satiated muscles stiffen slightly.

Just what the hell did he think he was doing with Niall Chandler, anyway?


Niall felt exhausted and extremely well-satisfied, but she’d still noticed the tension that leapt suddenly into Vic’s body.

“What’s wrong?” she mumbled into the crevice between his shoulder and neck.

“Nothing,” he grunted. He lifted her and set her down carefully on the bed next to him.

Niall sat up and shook her hair out of her sweat-dampened face. “Yes, there is,” she stated after inspecting his stony expression. “What is it?”

He made that characteristic subtle rolling motion with his jaw as he studied her.

“I guess you must think I’m a grade-A asshole for not asking you this until now, but can you get pregnant?”

Niall blanched. Her gaze flew down to his cock. “Yes. Oh, my God . . . Was there something wrong with the condom?”