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Her thighs clamped tightly together as she continued to play with herself more eagerly. Her gaze lowered to the obvious bulge in Vic’s jeans. The memory of his heavy erection on her tongue, the sensation of the thick rim beneath the head slipping between her tight lips made her pinch her nipples tight. She tugged on them, loving the sensation almost as much as the hot flash of lust that blazed into Vic’s eyes.

She recalled how he’d played with her while she was tied to the bed the other day. She cupped both breasts in her hands and lifted them before she released them, letting the firm flesh bounce back into place. She did that only three times, firmly pinching her nipples in the interim, before Vic jerked forward.

“Enough,” he said tensely. “Take off the rest of your clothes and come here.”

He tapped the carpeting in front of him.

Niall hurried. She couldn’t wait to get down on that floor with him. She knelt in front of him, naked and breathless.

“You chilly?” he asked, his eyes running over her stiff nipples and the pebbled skin of her arms.

“Not really,” Niall answered. In fact, she wouldn’t have been surprised if steam rose from her throat when she opened her mouth to speak, she was so hot at her core.

Her internal temperature notched up several more degrees when Vic stood and tore at the button fly of his jeans. He shoved them down around his thighs and her eyes lowered.

She licked her lower lip hungrily at the sight of his cock jutting from his body.

He dropped to his knees, sank back on his feet, and grabbed her to him in one quick, fluid motion that surprised Niall. Within the matter of a second the dense, tapered head of his cock brushed against her cheek.

Vic’s hand spread on the back of her head.

“It turned me on so much watching you that I’m about to explode. You’re going to finish what you started, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to give me some relief first. It won’t take much, trust me. Suck, Niall.” His characteristically raspy voice sounded a little desperate.

But Niall was already sliding the fat, delineated head of Vic’s cock—that same delicious cap that she’d been fantasizing about for weeks now—between her tightly pursed lips. She slapped at it warmly with her tongue when it was inserted in her mouth. Vic’s grunts of pleasure escalated her excitement. She pushed down on him, loving the feeling of the thick pillar of his shaft stretching her lips and sliding heavily across her tongue.

She alternated between taking him deep and slow and bobbing her head over him from mid staff to just below the head fast and forcefully. When her lust for the delicious, fat knob of his cock overcame her, she tightly fisted and pumped the slick shaft while she explored it. She fluttered her tongue over the thick rim, then pushed her tightened lips over it repeatedly, memorizing the sensation.

The rising tension in Vic’s muscles caused heat to flood her tissues. She pictured in her mind what it would be like if he lost control because of her teasing and held her down on the soft carpeting, impaling her with the long, stiff spear of flesh that pulsed between her lips. She nibbled at the smooth skin on the head, scraping her teeth along the skin delicately, taunting him with her power over him.

Vic growled like an animal and gripped his fingers in her hair, applying a steady downward pressure. “Dammit, when I said suck, I meant suck.”

He pushed her down over him. He flexed his hips at the same time that he controlled the movement of her mouth with his hand on her head. Her throat muscles relaxed with each successive stroke of his cock in her narrow channel, becoming more accustomed to the harsh treatment. Eventually he just held her steady and pumped into her with frantic upward bucking motions of his hips.

“Ah, fuck, that’s good,” he grunted as his seed began to pour into her throat. “Take it all. Every drop of it,” he insisted between clenched teeth as he held her immobile on his spasming cock.

Niall swallowed madly but still struggled to keep up with the sheer volume of cum that he shot. Her mouth and throat flooded with his salty, musky, singular taste. He choked her, overwhelmed her, drowned her with the essence of him.

And she gloried in it. She wanted more.

By the time he gently raised her off his sated penis, Niall’s clit burned, needy for friction. It amazed her how much sucking Vic’s cock stimulated her. She loved to make herself the wide-open pasture in which he ran free and wild.

“Now I might be able to watch you finish with some measure of calm,” Vic muttered drolly.

Her eyes raced up to meet his. “Watch me?” she rasped. Vic’s cock plunging into her throat repeatedly had made her usually husky voice even more rough.

Vic palmed the side of her head and leaned down to plant a hot, quick kiss on her lips.

He nodded. “I want to watch you like before,” he explained patiently as he encouraged her to lie on the floor. Niall just stared up at him, confused. His gray eyes met hers. “I want you to masturbate.”

“Why?” she asked in stark disbelief.

His low, rumbling laugh made her shiver. So did his fingertips skimming along her thigh. “Yeah it’s pretty hard to figure out why a guy would want to watch a gorgeous woman touch herself until she exploded.”

Niall just stared, speechless as he matter-of-factly scooted her body until her knees were on either side of his hips. Before she could guess what he was about, he reached between her thighs and pushed two fingers into her pussy. Niall yelped and then whimpered as he thrust into her hard for several strokes. She pushed her hips desperately against the pressure. Vic’s forceful finger penetration—not to mention his grunt of appreciation when he discovered just how wet she was—had Niall right on the edge of climax.