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“Subtle, Vic,” Niall murmured in amusement.

“He’s the one who’s being thick. Any fool could see that what I’m interested in isn’t on the dessert menu.”

Niall’s gasp of surprise when he covered her mouth with his own segued to a low moan of arousal in a matter of seconds. She didn’t think of protesting when his fingers lowered from her neck inside her blouse, where he lightly caressed her breast. Her nipples beaded tight beneath his plucking fingertips. She arched her back, pressing her flesh into his palm. How was it that he always knew precisely when to be soft with her and when to be hard? His gentle, stroking fingers made her burn with a desire for more of his magical touch.

When he suddenly seemed intent on granting her wish, however, Niall was shocked.

“Vic what are you doing?” she whispered against his lips when he slipped his big hand beneath her skirt and skimmed his fingertips across her thigh.

“You’re wearing a garter belt?” he asked incredulously.

“Yes,” she muttered when he slid his forefinger beneath the elastic of the garter and trailed it up to the bottom of her panties.

“You are such a good girl,” he muttered with a naughty grin.

Niall’s eyes widened in stark disbelief and arousal when he pressed two fingers against her labia and moved rhythmically. She glanced around the restaurant nervously. They were fairly secluded in the deep booth. She couldn’t see anyone directly, but she definitely heard the muted sound of voices and clinking dinnerware in the distance.

“Vic, people will see,” she whispered.

His answer to that consisted of fluffing out the tablecloth until it covered her lap and to keep right on doing what he was doing. Niall’s face pinched tight with lust when he began to pulse his long fingers vertically as well, working the hard ridge of his forefinger between her swollen lips until he directly stimulated her clit.

“Your panties are wet,” he whispered as he nuzzled her ear. “Much too wet to have gotten that way just now. Were you getting turned on while we ate dinner?”

“Yes,” Niall admitted. She turned her head and tried to get to his lips, but he backed up slightly, eluding her. She gave a shaky cry when his fingers pushed aside the triangle of silk that covered her seeping sex. He growled in satisfaction as he stroked her clit with eye-crossing precision.

“You always get so wet for me,” he murmured warmly into her ear. “Spread your thighs, baby.”

“Vic . . .” she protested weakly. It felt so good . . . but they were in a restaurant for God’s sake.

“Shhh,” he soothed as he pressed several hot kisses against her neck. “You wouldn’t be so cruel as to make me wait two more nights before I feel you shake in my arms, would you? Open your thighs and lean back just a tad . . . That’s it,” he praised when she allowed him to tilt her upper body back, granting him better access to her pussy.

Niall gasped in pleasure when he plunged his last two fingers into her pussy while he continued to stimulate her clit with a firm, ruthless pressure.

“You’re turning red. Always a good sign,” he murmured as he brushed his lips over her flaming cheeks. Niall just stared up blindly at a place where the wall met the ceiling as he finger-fucked her forcefully at the same time that he pressed and glided against her clit. She clenched her eyes shut in the sweetest of agonies when the wet, slurping sounds of his fingers moving in her abundant juices reached her ears.

“Oh,” she whispered in a choked voice after a minute, “it burns.”

“Just let it happen,” he ordered quietly.

She couldn’t refuse him. She bit her lip to still her cries a moment later as she came.

When she’d quieted and opened her eyes dazedly, Vic matter-of-factly scooted her hips forward on the seat of the booth. He leaned her against his arm before he reached back under the tablecloth and pushed his first and second finger into her pussy. The new angle allowed him to penetrate her deeply. He sealed off her cry with his mouth on her lips. Niall moaned in arousal and bemusement as he kissed the living daylights out of her at the same time that he plunged into her pussy with a hard, relentless rhythm.

When he finally raised his head a second later, she was—much to her shock—well on her way to a second orgasm. She moaned in disappointment when he withdrew his fingers before she could reach it.

His eyes gleamed with arousal as he held her stare and quickly dipped his fingers into his mouth. She almost climaxed from the visual stimulation of his lean cheeks hollowing and his muscular throat contracting as he sucked and swallowed her juices. He always seemed so genuinely hungry for her taste . . . so ruthless about getting it. When he withdrew his fingers, he covered her gaping mouth with a hard, quick kiss.

“That was what I wanted for dessert,” he told her gruffly. “Sit up now, baby.”

Niall struggled into an upright position at Vic’s abrupt command. The waiter appeared not two seconds later, carrying the bill. He waited with a stiff expression on his face while Vic took out his wallet and threw a credit card into the leather folder.

Thank God, she thought dazedly. Vic must have heard or seen the waiter approaching. She’d been too mindless with excitement to have noticed much of anything but her approaching orgasm.

Was there nothing she wouldn’t do for this man, Niall wondered with a mixture of awe and unease as she studied his starkly beautiful profile.

When Niall heard the brisk knock at her front door, she studied her appearance in the bathroom mirror anxiously. Not bad, she guessed. She’d never attended an opening night at the theater and she had forgotten to ask Vic what kind of attire was appropriate. She couldn’t imagine Vic showing up in anything too formal. That just wasn’t his style. In the end, she’d settled for a creamy silk blouse, a chocolate brown skirt, and her favorite buttery soft leather boots that hugged her calves tightly.