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He pushed back first one thigh, and then the other, into her chest and began to pound into her. She shrieked in shock. It might have been in pain. It might have been in desire.

The only thing Vic knew for certain was that she had the tightest, sweetest little pussy he’d ever ridden.

“Vic! Vic?” she cried out in disbelieving ecstasy. He rocketed into her again and again, every driving downstroke pushing her body farther and farther up on the bed until her forearms were trapped between her skull and the wrought iron headboard.

Vic paused for a moment, still fully sheathed in her, and reached between their sweat-dampened bodies. His fingers spread the lips of her outer sex wide before he ground his pelvis against the nerve-packed tissues between her labia. She shimmered around him in post-orgasmic bliss. Her whole body began to tremble and shake when he surged up against her, scraping the narrow path of hair that trailed from his taut bellybutton to the thatch around his cock against her sensitive, exposed cleft and erect clit, applying a steady, relentless pressure.

When she groaned in misery, Vic knew she shook not only in post-orgasmic bliss but also in pre-orgasmic anticipation.

She opened her eyes dazedly. Vic watched her through narrowed eyelids.

“You want to come again?”

“Yes,” she entreated.

He smiled at the stark evidence of her need. He used his forearm to push her knees down hard into her shoulders. She keened at the increased pressure from the altered angle of his cock stabbing deeply into her body. When he grabbed a round buttock and smacked her ass twice lightly, she cried out in surprise.

“Give it to me, then,” he demanded harshly.

Her entire body began to shudder and shake once again in release.

Vic gave a tense bark of laughter, immensely pleased and aroused when he felt her heat rush around him.

“You liked that, baby?” he rasped as he began to pound into her quivering, hot pussy with quick, ruthless thrusts. Not that he expected her to answer. She was too busy climaxing, gushing liquid heat around him and squeezing his cock until he saw only a red haze in front of his eyes. Silk and pearls aside, Niall had liked it when he had spanked her plump little ass.

He struck their flesh together rapidly now, holding back nothing, striving madly to find relief in her farthest depths. She was immobilized against the headboard. He smacked their flesh together once more, the walls of her vagina still convulsing and pulling and taunting him.

God, she was a sweet fuck, he thought dazedly in the seconds before orgasm ripped through his flesh.

He threw his head back and roared between clenched jaws, pumping her hard and fast, shooting off what felt like gallons of his semen in a gloriously scalding climax.

Niall’s eyes clenched closed at the sensation of Vic throbbing in release even as he continued to fuck her. Tears leaked onto her cheeks. The truth of the matter was that the sensation of him coming so powerfully in her body was one of the two most poignant, profoundly wonderful experiences she’d ever had in her life.

The other had been when she’d first heard the sound of her baby’s cry and felt the slight, precious weight of his damp, warm body against her breast.

This had been, by far, the craziest, most impulsive thing Niall had ever done in her life. She didn’t even know Vic’s last name.

She couldn’t regret a second of it, though. Not then. Not at that moment, when blood pounded in her veins, vibrant and hot.

She felt reborn—raw, confused, shaky . . . and utterly, completely alive.


Vic collapsed over her, his ribcage expanding and contracting wildly for air. His cock was still hard as a pike. Her muscular channel still clamped him tightly inside her. All he could think about was taking her again and repeating that hot, pounding, exhilarating ride.

But his lungs couldn’t seem to catch a sufficient amount of air, momentarily stilling him.

So did the soft whimper that he heard her make in her throat.

His head came up. Their eyes met. Something in her wide-eyed stare made regret flicker through his awareness. He’d pounded her so hard. True, Vic liked his sex rigorous and hot, but because of that, he usually chose robust, experienced women who liked it that way as well.

The woman who lay beneath him, watching him with huge hazel eyes, was curved enticingly, but also slender and delicate. The smattering of freckles on her nose made her look young, belying her natural elegance and grace. He grimaced slightly when he glanced at her wrists, still pinned next to the headboard. He’d kept her in a ruthless hold while he plowed into her body—into that wet, tight pussy that enfolded him like a second skin even now. He’d probably bruised her.

His head lowered slowly to scan her for any damage.

Big mistake. Vic wasn’t talking himself out of his singular lust, he just enflamed it by examining her. He could see the blueness of her veins beneath her small, pointed breasts. The nipples were dark pink verging on red, large for the size of her breasts, erect and distended . . .


He swallowed convulsively as his cock jerked in agonized pleasure in her clasping sheath.

Niall felt the surging of his penis and the tightening of his body. It echoed her own increasing tension. She also saw the unrest on his rugged face as he stared fixedly at her breasts.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered.

His light gray eyes flickered to her face.


Niall gasped when he rolled off her. The abrupt withdrawal of his cock from her body felt harsh and completely unnatural. Uneasiness seeped into her awareness as she studied his stark profile. She saw a muscle twitch in his lean cheek.

Was this it? she wondered in rising confusion. Was she supposed to get up and politely make an exit before awkwardness settled in? Was that how these impulsive, carnal, completely irrational trysts between two strangers typically ended?