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“I thought you were,” Niall said quietly, refusing to let him escape her gaze. “Just now. Why else would you feel so hurt that I’d betrayed your trust?”

Her words seemed to reverberate around the cab, causing the already potent tension between them to increase exponentially. Vic’s face looked rigid with anger. Niall made a startled sound of surprise when he abruptly flipped the car back into Drive and stomped on the accelerator. She wasn’t sure what to make of his almost frightening intensity as they sped down the road in silence.

Gravel popped loudly beneath the wheels of the truck when he made a tight turn into the long drive to the farm. It continued to fly frenziedly as they raced up to the spot right in front of Vic’s cottage. He switched off the ignition and got out of the truck so fast that Niall was stunned.

She just stared at him wide-eyed when he flung open the passenger door a second later.

“Come on,” he ordered tersely. “If you need reminding of what was between us for a brief, nearly forgettable relationship of convenience last year, I’ll be happy to remind you. I’ve got nothing better to do tonight since you ruined my date. Why are you looking at me like that?” he queried viciously as he leaned over her and unsnapped her belt. He grabbed her hand and pulled until Niall practically fell out of the cab. She hit the hard, ungiving weight of his body with a gentle thud. “This is what you showed up uninvited on my farm for this summer, isn’t it, Niall?”

She winced at the impact of his words. Maybe Vic thought the flash of pain related to the fact that he’d just pulled her onto the gravel when she wasn’t wearing shoes. He glanced down at her bare feet before he cursed under his breath. In one rapid, sinuous movement he swept her into his arms and slammed the truck door.

Vic charged into the cottage like a bull on the rampage. He never remembered being so worked up in his life. Even the time when he’d caught Jenny fucking Max Blake didn’t compare to this. He felt like the cap on the geyser of his emotion was about to pop off and the resulting gush was going to be explosive.

Fuck if he cared, he thought as he threaded Niall’s body through the narrow entrance of his front door before he shut it with a bang. Let it explode. He was sick of holding it in. Sick of watching from a distance while Niall pranced around his home wreaking havoc on his peace of mind, being forced to observe the way sunlight reflected on the golden waves of her hair when she returned from her morning walk, or being held captive at the dinner table while her big eyes ran over him hungrily with the same effect as a flickering tongue. Did she think he was superhuman, that he actually could endure the torture of walking away when her long legs were spread as wide as they could go, the way they had been that one damnable evening in the living room, maddening him with the memory of what it had been like to be between those thighs with his cock buried in her while Niall made those sexy whimpers in her throat—

That excruciating ordeal was over, Vic thought as he set Niall’s ass down on his kitchen counter and spun her until she faced him. He ignored her stunned expression as he roughly raised her dress and parted her slender legs, wedging his hips between them. One hand spread on the outside of her thigh, refamiliarizing itself with the exquisite sensation of her silky skin. He pushed forward on her lower back until her opened pussy perched just off the counter. His mouth found her neck, where he lightly licked her pearls and then scraped his teeth against her tender skin.

She quaked in his arms.

His throbbing erection pressed into her warmth at the same moment that he sank his head to find the longed-for nectar of her mouth. He grunted in satisfaction when his tongue dipped into her honeyed cavern, striking thirstily again and again. Niall moaned shakily into his mouth. Her hands came up to clutch tightly at his shoulders. She began to rub her tongue sinuously against his, making his lust swell into a frothing fury.

He had thought their first joining—and many times since then—had been maddened. But Vic knew right then and there that he’d never known what a sexual frenzy was until that moment. Consequently his actions, if not forgivable, weren’t too surprising when Niall suddenly twisted her head and pushed back on his shoulders. He palmed her delicate jaw and turned her back so that he had access to her mouth again, patently refusing her denial of him.

“No, Vic,” she whispered hoarsely, her fragrant breath flowing across his seeking lips. “Not like this. I wanted to explain to you—”

“I don’t want your explanations,” he said as he tilted his head and plucked at her juicy, lush lower lip. God, she tasted good. “I want to fuck you. And that’s all I want from you, Niall.” He ran his free hand from her waist up to her cloth-covered breast. He palmed the small, firm mound and squeezed as he watched Niall’s upturned face. His cock surged against his jeans like a caged animal furious to be free when a tiny whimper escaped her throat and her big eyes darkened with arousal.

“You want it, too. Don’t fight me.” He held her gaze as he lowered his hand to her hips and slid his fingers beneath her panties. He thought he might die if he didn’t get his fingers into her drenched, tight slit, with his cock soon to follow. She didn’t protest. In fact, Vic was pretty sure she didn’t breathe as he lifted her weight with an arm around her waist so that he could work the silk fabric beneath her bottom. When he touched a round ass cheek, he paused for a second, his nostrils flaring. She stared up at him as he caressed and then squeezed that taut package of flesh.

That was how they were posed—him lifting her slightly off his kitchen counter with Niall’s sweet little ass in his palm, the heat from her core resonating out to his fingers, beguiling him, when the sound of the screen door opening and loud knocking pierced his thick lust.