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“Shhh, I’m going to make you come now,” he promised.

Niall felt sweat bead on her upper lip as she watched him insert his middle finger into her pussy. They moaned in unison.

“I love all of you, Niall, but you’ve got the sweetest pussy in existence,” Vic stated baldly. He withdrew and spread the bounty of juices he’d found in her depths into her already slippery cleft, doubling the amount of juices. Niall couldn’t help but squirm and whimper at his touch. He used his left hand to gently pinch her spread, sensitive lips together just below her clit.

He pushed his forefinger down between the glossy lips from the top and began playing her sensitive flesh once again. Niall groaned as he tortured and agitated her clit while he kept it in such tight confinement.

“Now that’s a juicy little pocket,” Vic teased lovingly when a wet, clicking sound reached both their ears as he played in her liquefied flesh.

Niall’s head rolled on the headboard in ecstasy. Her hips made uncontrollable little jumping movements against Vic’s finger, increasing the pressure on her clit.

“Ah, God . . . it feels so good,” she cried out in disbelief.

“Then come for me,” Vic whispered close to her lips.

When she did, he covered her mouth and kissed her fiercely, claiming her rampant cries of bliss as his own.

“You burned me back to life back then,” Niall muttered hoarsely from where she’d sagged down slightly on the bed after her shattering climax. She watched Vic undress hastily at the side of the bed with a heavy-lidded gaze.

“What?” he asked with a small laugh as he rejoined her on the bed, this time completely, gloriously nude. She touched his taut abdominal muscles with a sense of awe and lust combined, fascinated at the way that they leapt beneath her touch. She met his gaze.

“I felt like I was one of the walking dead after Michael was murdered, like my heart had been put in deep freeze. But you unfroze me, Vic. Somehow, some way, when you touched me I awoke, I came back to myself . . . came back to life. I’ll never forget it,” she whispered emphatically.

“I won’t, either. I’ve never lied so much in my life as when I told you that what happened between us was nearly forgettable.” He leaned forward and brushed their lips together sensually, speaking to her, as always, as much with his touch as with his words. He guided his cock to her entrance and thrust his hips as he continued to pin her with his stare. Niall’s face tightened with intense emotion mingled with ecstasy.

“Now burn for me again, sweet Niall,” he whispered gruffly next to her parted lips.