He touched me then, his thumb blazing a trail down my spine, to the waistline of my panties. He skirted the edge of the lace to my side where he seized my hip in a firm grasp, pulling us together suddenly. My breath hitched at the sudden contact, panic laced with desire.

My head rolled back onto his shoulder, and I could feel desire winning. His lips began a path of sweet torment, tasting and nibbling my over-sensitive skin from my ear down my shoulder. One hand flexed at my hip while the other caught my breast. My flesh overflowed from his grasp, and my nipple hardened under his touch. My body was on fire for him. My senses inflamed, lust coursed through me until I was nearly blind with need.

“Tell me what you want, Erica.”

My mind rambled a string of silent pleas. I arched slightly, feeling his hard length straining against his jeans and into my backside. I covered his hands with my own. He stilled, releasing me so I could turn.

I stood and faced him, shameless and weak under his gaze. Now solidly green, his eyes smoldered, melting me from the inside out. Our bodies barely touched, and I ran a hand down his chest, slowing above his belt. God, he felt amazing, hard and warm. I lifted on my toes and pressed a shaky kiss to his lips, my mouth opening to his. He kissed me back eagerly but otherwise held back. His body tensed with restraint, barely reined in.

“I want you, Blake,” I whispered.

My knees weakened a little. He caught me up to him, stealing my breath with a kiss, urgent and warm. Reveling in the velvet strokes of his tongue, I blindly made my way down the buttons of his shirt, the hard curves of his abdomen tense beneath my fingers. I reached for the button of his jeans and unhooked it.

“I want this too.” I smirked.

Blake’s eyes widened a fraction. I gave his bottom lip a playful bite before kissing my way down his torso. His olive skin stretched tight over his muscles. Crisp light brown hairs dusted across his chest and down the center of his well-defined abs.

On my knees, I stared up at him. He was all I’d imagined and so much more. A prime specimen of a man. Beautiful. I traced the impressive outline of his cock before tugging his jeans and boxer briefs down just enough to release him. When he sprang free, I held him in my hands. His flesh was hot on my own, burning with primal need. He sucked in a sharp breath as I circled him gently.

I was wet with anticipation, but as much as I ached for him, I needed to taste him first, to own him. I started shallow and soft, taking him farther and with more pressure until he cursed, driving his fingers through his hair. I pumped him with my hand while the other lay flat on his stomach, moving in time with his labored breaths.

“Erica, Christ. Come here, wait—”

He became inexorably harder, thicker. After a few deep strokes that hit the back of my throat, he cursed again, and I knew he was close.

Before I could finish him off, he hauled me to my feet looking like he’d past the limits of his control.

“My turn,” he said, his voice so raspy and raw, it almost sounded like a threat. He scooped me up into his arms and effortlessly tossed me onto the bed.

Blake stripped me of my lace panties and set his hands on my knees, coaxing them apart. I relaxed and he opened me, exposing me to him completely. Embarrassed and emboldened at once, I felt my cheeks heat.

He lowered to me and the sensation of his mouth between my legs overwhelmed everything.  I whimpered.

Sweet Jesus, he had a gifted mouth.

He tongued my wet, quivering sex with the expert skill that he’d used on my mouth, flicking and taunting and sucking.

He moaned, vibrating my clit as he sucked me. My walls clenched deliciously and I clutched at the silken fabrics beneath us.  The energy in my core climbed with an alarming speed.

“You taste so good, baby.”

The feeling of his breath on the sensitive tissues followed by the determined strokes of his tongue over the tight bundle of nerves pushed me over the edge. My mind left me and I came hard, letting the orgasm ripple through me.

My breathing was ragged as I tried to regain my senses. Under heavy eyelids, I watched him undress fully before me. Despite my very recent orgasm, my desire for Blake had barely waned. I ached for him, to have him inside, finishing what we’d begun.

Blake climbed onto the bed, and I panted softly, scorchingly aware of Blake’s approach. His cock bobbed gently, long, broad, and hard as stone. He rolled on a condom and the thick tight muscles of his thighs parted my legs around him. I hitched my leg high over his hip and arched, urging him into me eagerly.

He grasped me by the hip and stilled my effort. We were barely connected, the head of his penis notched at my entrance.

I whimpered his name, desperate for him. He bent to find my mouth, and our tastes mingled with the heady scent of my arousal. The act seemed too intimate, too raw under the circumstances, but heightened my already blinding need for him.

I struggled against his grasp, wild to have all of him. He loosened his hold and he pushed inside me. I uttered a small cry into his mouth, shocked at how completely he filled me. I relished the deliciousness of the sensation. Nothing felt more right than the achingly slow drive of his body into mine. My body stretched to accommodate him, and the bite of his entry soon gave way to a deeper hunger.

He moved in deliberate and measured strokes, filling me and holding back with painstaking pauses, rotating satisfaction with an impossible longing, each movement bringing me closer to the edge. The promise of release beckoned, but he kept me wanting more. He drove me crazy with need while he took my mouth in slow, deep kisses.

“Blake, please.” My voice cracked.

“Trust me,” he whispered into my ear.

He slowed his pace until I thought I would die of frustration. Then without warning, he grabbed my ass and drove hard into me. By the second punishing thrust I found my voice, though I barely recognized it when I screamed. Relentlessly he claimed new depths of my body, giving me everything I had damn near begged him for. And I took it all.

“Oh my God, Blake.” A storm raged inside of me, my body responding uncontrollably to his. I gripped his hair by the root and clung to him.

My climax pulsed through me. I clenched around him, my whole body shuddering as he became impossibly bigger, pounding out his own release in time with mine.

He collapsed onto his elbows above me, brushing soft kisses over my cheek and neck while my arms and legs tangled around him. Gradually our breathing slowed, our bodies cooled, and we returned to ourselves.

I sighed. “I didn’t know.”

He smiled and kissed me. “Know what?”

“That…it could be like that.”

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