While gentle, the act lit the fire in me again. My hands roamed his body, appreciating every breathtaking curve of his anatomy. I couldn’t get enough of him, whether it was looking at him or fucking him. The need to claim him overwhelmed me. My caresses became more urgent. I tugged him closer and he shifted over me, bringing the weight of his body above me.

“You’re insatiable,” he murmured between kisses, teasing my lower lip between his teeth.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” I arched into him. The more he gave me, the more I needed.

“Why the hell would you be sorry?”

“It’s too soon,” I said, feeling him harden between us as the words left me.

“I can go all night, if you can.” He pushed me back up onto the bed, stretched my arms above me, and interlaced our fingers together. He held me captive, a state that heightened my senses and had me tingling again from head to toe.

“Is that a challenge?” I teased, tempted to put him to the test. Being with Blake intoxicated me in every way, and my addiction to him solidified with every toe-curling orgasm he delivered. I wrapped my legs around him, my arms powerless, and urged him to me.

“Yes,” he said. His voice was raw with lust.


I woke in the morning, wrapped in Blake’s soft down comforter and the memories of the night. I stretched out onto Blake’s empty side of the bed. Sunshine poured into the room, and I smelled coffee brewing. I got up and picked out a plain white T-shirt from one of Blake’s closets to cover myself. In the bathroom, Blake had laid out some toiletries for me. I smiled. Most girls had to work their way up to that.

I padded through the apartment, following the sounds from the kitchen. I found Blake cracking eggs into a bowl. He was shirtless, wearing only a pair of flannel pajama pants that hugged his hips. His hair was still thoroughly mussed and he wore a pair of dark rimmed glasses that amplified the sexiness of this early morning look. They made him look older and somehow more human, a Clark Kent quality.

I leaned against the granite island and appraised his progress. He had cut up some fruit and laid bacon in a pan while he figured out the egg thing. My stomach did a little leap at the thought that he was doing this for me.

He dropped what he was doing to wash his hands and turned to me. He smirked and traced the hem of my T-shirt.

“I like this.”

“I wasn’t trying to make a fashion statement, but I’m glad you approve.” I leaned back into the counter and tilted my head to the side. “I didn’t know you wore glasses.”

“I don’t usually, but you kept me busy last night, so I forgot to take my contacts out.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’m not.”

He lifted me to the countertop and leaned into the space between my legs, his hands traveling up my thighs and under the shirt to my back where he stroked my skin, leaving trails of heat everywhere in his wake. I moaned when he found my breast and thumbed my nipple until it beaded under his touch. As he kissed me, his tongue delivered soft measured strokes that reminded me of the sweet, dull ache between my legs from last night’s marathon.

“You’re turning me into a wanton harlot,” I said, feeling my entire body come alive with a different kind of awakening.

“Mmm, I like the sound of that.”

He growled into my neck where he kissed and sucked, the vibration rippling through me. With one hand he caught my ankle and wrapped my leg around his waist, and with his other, massaged the tender flesh between my legs.

“God, you’re already soaked.”

“I can’t help it, Blake. You do this to me.” I leaned into the strokes of his hand.

“I’m just getting started, baby.”

He took my mouth as he pressed two fingers inside me, mimicking the motion of his fingers with his tongue, reducing me to a quivering mess. I clung to him desperately, my nails digging into his shoulder. My breath ragged and my heart pounding wildly, I held on as an orgasm ripped through me.

He pulled out of me slowly. “I need to get a condom. I wasn’t expecting to fuck you for breakfast.”

I giggled a little at the expression, delusional and hungry for more of him all at once. “We don’t need to, if you don’t want.”

“Trust me, I want to fuck you for breakfast.”

“No, the condom, I mean. I’m on the pill.”

His silence sobered me momentarily. I tried to backtrack. “I’m sorry, it’s fine, I just assumed.” Shit, way to kill the moment.

“No, it’s not that. I trust you. I just haven’t ever not used one.”

“Forget it, I’m sorry.” Most guys complained about wearing them, but I felt even safer knowing he always did.

“Stop apologizing to me, Erica,” he said harshly.

I bit my lip, waiting to see where this would take us.

“Good girl,” he said in a low predatory tone.

He divested me of his T-shirt, revealing my bare chest. His eyes darkened. Before I knew it, he’d moved us to the living room, setting me on his lap so I straddled him naked on the long cream couch. I gave him a slow, lazy kiss, taking his glasses off and placing them safely on the table behind us.

Blake lowered the band of his pants below his hips, freeing his cock, which in the bright daylight of the room looked more impressive than ever, thick and virile, waiting for me. I slid onto my knees and closed my lips around the lush head and fluttered tiny licks over the sensitive tip before taking him farther into my mouth. I sucked him greedily, forgetting myself as I worshipped him, until Blake’s grip on my hair tightened, stilling me.

“Get on top of me,” he ordered.

I shivered and my skin grew warm. The physical reaction I had to the demand was unmistakable. Slick with anticipation, I obeyed and climbed up. I slid onto him with painstaking restraint, wanting to appreciate this new state. Nothing between us, he stretched me inch by delicious inch until he rooted inside me.

As I sheathed him, he caught my face in his hands and kissed me hard. When he pulled back his breath was rough. He slid a finger down my cheek and over my collarbone, grazing my over-sensitive nipple and finally resting on my hip where he held me possessively. He looked up and held me in his gaze.

“You’re so beautiful.”

The intensity in his eyes leveled me. My chest tightened. I was in too deep with Blake, but I didn’t care, not when he was inside me, touching me, looking at me this way. I couldn’t escape how he made me feel.

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