He pulled out completely and bent over me, leaving me empty and aching. “No more running away from me, Erica. I mean it.” His voice was hoarse and his breath hot against my neck.

“Blake, please,” I moaned, rocking back into him.

“Promise me.”

“Yes. I promise.”

He straightened and his palm made sharp contact in the same place, the sting sizzling under the sensation of his cock ruthlessly powering into me. He withdrew again.  I pressed back into him, the need to orgasm with him inside me destroying my inhibitions. He answered my plea, steadily pumping into me, and when his hand made contact with my ass again, I clenched around him uncontrollably, crushing his cock with the walls of my pussy.

“More,” I cried.

He picked up the pace, never breaking the connection and shattering me with every measured slap. My body shuddered, every muscle tensing beyond my will as he brought me to the very edge. I moaned into the couch, my fingernails clawing at the expensive fabric, and I came with a scream that the bouncer very likely heard. Blake ground out his own release, emptying himself into me with a shuddery sigh, his breath gusting on my neck as he bent over me. He stilled, then circled my waist and turned me to face him, meeting me with a gentle breathy kiss.

“That was different,” I murmured, boneless and punch—well, slap-drunk.

“You liked it,” he said.

I moaned and tightened my legs around him.

He smirked. “For being such a bossy little minx, you make a great submissive.”

My eyes shot open. “I would hardly describe myself as submissive.”

“You say that like it’s a dirty word.”

“It is to me. I don’t—”

“Wait, before you start, let me just ask you this. Do you want me to do that again sometime?”

I blinked, suddenly embarrassed that he was going to make me admit it. Getting spanked in the heat of the moment felt very different from negotiating it face to face. “I don’t know. Maybe.”

“Good, because I plan to.” His face left no doubt that he was serious, his voice hard and clipped.

I wanted to argue, to tell him to fuck off and get lost, but I was getting turned on by the very thought of it.

“You’re making me want things I’m not sure I want.”

“You’re allowed to want different things in bed than you do in your everyday life. I promise not to spank you in public.” His face softened with a smile. “Unless you’re a very bad girl.” He took my nipple in his mouth and grazed the hardened tip with his teeth.

Oh, I love that. I tightened at the sensation and panted softly.

Blake gave my nipple another hard suck and rolled the other between his fingertips, twisting the flesh just enough to inflict the perfect measure of pain.

“How do I know this isn’t just the next phase of you dominating every part of my life? First the apartment, now this…” I breathed, barely able to string the thought together.

“That’s a compelling idea, but I hardly think you’d let me get away with it.” He brushed his lips along my collarbone, suckling my neck as he continued to taunt my nipples with his fingers.

I bowed my chest into his palm, and a satisfied smile spread across his face as he pulled away and stood. He was still hard, a thrilling show of his stamina, but when he tucked himself back into his pants, I huffed.

“Don’t pout. Let me take you home,” he said, the promise of more twinkling in his eyes.

* * *

We barreled through the doors of the condo and I had Blake flat beneath me on the crimson bedspread of the guest bed in a matter of seconds, exactly where I’d wanted him for days. After his earlier punishments and our little conversation on being his submissive, I was still wild with lust for him. Frenzied, I removed his shirt, licking and nipping at the skin leading to his pants, tugging him free. He sat up and stripped me out of my dress. Naked and filled with longing, I let my hands roam over his fevered skin while he traced the contours of my torso with his mouth, worshipping me inch by inch. His soft breath warmed my oversensitive skin and piqued my craving.

“Erica, God, your body is amazing,” he whispered, his voice low.

I could almost taste his fervor, the determination to possess me in every way. He slid his hands from my shoulders to my wrists, binding them in his one hand behind me. I bit my lip and moaned, pleasuring myself with the little movement he allowed me by rubbing myself on his cock, back and forth over my clit until I quickened with need.

He tightened his hold on me, and an irrational fear sliced through me. I stilled, my breasts jutting out shamelessly toward him. My heartbeat was frantic as I warred with instincts that would never let me give any man this much control.

“Blake, I don’t know,” I said, my voice quivering with a confusing mix of fear and desire as he held me captive.

He kissed me tenderly. “I’m going to take care of you.”

His voice left no doubt, and his face was calm and reassuring, more controlled than I could ever hope to be under the circumstances. I looked into his eyes and my heart ached for what I felt for this man.

“I’ll never hurt you.” He traced my lips with the pad of his thumb.

I trusted Blake with my body. With him, I had never felt safer, or more vulnerable.

The tension in my muscles that had me on edge, ready to fight, released.

Ready to give myself to whatever he had planned, I kissed him back. My heart raced, anticipation overtaking the fear.

Blake banded an arm around my hips, lifting them slightly before we connected, and I slid carefully onto the scorching heat of his erection. He took my hardened nipple into his mouth, flicking the tip with his tongue and his teeth like he had in the club. The dual sensations overwhelmed me, but also held me captive. I couldn’t release any of the energy that coursed through me by touching him or hastening our movements. Instead, it lingered inside me, built up like a ball of fire dying for oxygen waiting to explode and enflame everything around me.

He arched his pelvis, pumping into me over and over and rendering my own undulations unnecessary. He circled my clit with his thumb, taking control of every movement with expert skill until I idled perilously on the brink of rapture. My muscles tensed against the bonds of his strong warm hands bending me to his will.

“You can feel everything now, can’t you, baby?”

As he said the words, an acute awareness of everywhere our bodies met shot through me. His big cock rooting inside me, his fingers, playing the notes of my desire like a song he knew so well. I trembled, losing my mind with every passing moment.

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