My eyes fell shut when he sucked my clit. My body skidded toward the impending orgasm. “Don’t stop, please…”

“I’m never leaving. You’re too fucking sweet. And now… Fuck.” He circled my opening with his tongue and dove inside, fucking me with shallow plunges.

I gripped the edge of the dresser. I was a few strokes away from having no strength in my legs, and prayed I could hold myself up when the time came.

“Yes, like that. Blake, oh my God, I’m going to—”

“Come for me, baby.”

The low rasp of his words vibrating on my pussy pushed me over. A short series of thready cries gave way to a wail as he took me over the edge. I shook uncontrollably, out of my mind with the pleasure he gave me. He held my hips tight, effectively holding me up as the tremors faded. I tried to gain my composure, struggling for breath.

He rose and gave me a gentle shove toward the bed. I flopped down, mindless and boneless.

“That was unexpected,” I said, my voice light, drunk on bliss.

“Well, you do hate networking, so maybe that’ll relax you.”

Laughter bubbled to the surface and I smiled, delirious and sated. Propped up on his elbow, Blake lay beside me with a satisfied smirk. I lowered my gaze and immediately recognized the outline of his erection through his tuxedo pants. This situation had become a little one-sided. His grin broadened and he stilled my hand as I moved toward him.

I puffed out my lower lip, disappointed with his refusal. “What now?”

“That can wait.”

“Why? We have time.” I thought so anyway. I’d lost all concept of space and time in my recent orgasmic blackout.

“Delayed gratification, my sweet. I’ll be bored as hell at this thing, so now I can imagine taking these thigh highs off you with my teeth and licking you from head to toe all night. By the time we get home, I’ll be ready to do some truly shameful things to you.”

My nipples hardened, grazing almost painfully inside the satin of my bra as my breasts swelled with each shaky inhale. Sometimes I was convinced he could make me come with words alone. I loved how dirty and honest he was when it came to sex. And from the sounds of it, he was coming to terms with my openness to his kinky ways. I only hoped he’d take me there in baby steps. I never knew where my limits were until Blake barreled through them.

“What kind of shameful things?” I asked, equally curious and anxious.

“I have a few ideas.”

“Do tell.”

“Hmm, no, I like surprising you too much. Plus, that’ll give you something to think about. Anticipation of the unknown.”

“Give me a hint.”

His eyes twinkled and he smirked. “Not a chance. Let’s get that beautiful dress on you before I lose my mind staring at you in all this lace.”

He pulled away but I brought him back to me, urging him down by his black lapels until our lips met. I was still reeling from the orgasm, and I had an inexplicable urge to taste myself on his lips. He kissed me back tenderly, brushing his fingers over my cheek. I got lost again, forgetting time and reality until he backed off gently.

“If you don’t let me go, baby, I’m going to make you come again. And then we’ll never get out of here because I can’t take much more.”


Guests glided along the museum’s hallways in their elegant attire. Blake and I followed, finding our way into an expansive enclosed courtyard. The room alone was breathtaking, with forty-foot floor-to-ceiling windows offering a view of the original building’s stone walls lit up against the summer night sky. I’d been to some fancy Harvard gigs before, but nothing like this.

I stopped at the balcony overlooking the party and took it all in.

“Beautiful,” Blake murmured in my ear.

“It’s breathtaking.” I stared in childish wonder.

He circled my waist and pulled me tightly to his side. I turned to meet his eyes. They burned into me with the stormy intensity I’d come to love, to crave.

“I wasn’t talking about the view.” He brushed his thumb over my lips and planted a chaste kiss there.

My heart did a flip as I breathed him in. The sights and sounds around us ceased to exist for a minute while I reveled in the work of art that was Blake.

A voice broke through my thoughts. Someone called my name in the distance. Daniel, arm-in-arm with Margo, approached our spot on the balcony. Daniel looked dapper in his tuxedo, and Margo wore a flowing emerald green satin gown that suited her slight frame and auburn hair.

I hesitated, unsure how to greet them in public until Margo came close to kiss my cheek.

“Erica, so good to see you. You look lovely.”

“Thank you. It’s wonderful to see you.”

The men shook hands and Daniel greeted me with a warm smile. An emotion passed over his face that was quickly masked by his perfected smile, even broader now.

“Beautiful, Erica. Landon is a lucky man.”

Blood rushed to my cheeks at his compliment.

“Is this vintage?” Margo ran her delicate fingertips over the velvet flourishes of my dress with obvious approval.

“Um, yes,” I answered nervously, my gaze darting to Daniel whose eyes betrayed him. In my girlish excitement over the dress, I’d never really thought that Daniel would notice it, let alone remember its origin. But by the pained look in his eyes, he did.

Daniel cleared his throat. “Well, why don’t we go mingle and see who we can introduce you to?”

“That would be wonderful,” I said quickly, eager to diffuse the awkward moment that only Daniel and I could fully understand.

Margo frowned slightly. “I can show Erica around a bit, sweetheart. Why don’t you two get a drink?”

Something passed between them without words. I couldn’t place it.

“Right. Let me buy you a scotch, Landon. Maybe I can talk you into making a donation to my campaign.”

Blake’s lips lifted a fraction. “I don’t do politics, but I’ll still take that scotch.”

Daniel laughed loudly and casually patted Blake on the shoulder. Margo swiftly hooked her thin arm into mine and led us down the broad staircase and into the crowd below.

“How have you been, dear?” She slowed enough to lift two glasses of champagne off of a passing tray and handed me one of the delicate flutes.

“Well. And you?”

“Well enough. The campaign has been stressful of course.”

“I can’t imagine. Daniel made it sound like things were promising though.”