He needed this. He needed me this way.

“Blake.” I licked my lips, now dry from my ragged breathing. “Kiss me...please.”

The tension in his gaze, the dominant determination, gave way to something else.

And I felt it when our lips met, with more care now than before, but no less passionate. Love. I recognized it. With all his kinks and maddening control issues, I loved this man. As much as he needed this, I needed to be this for him.

“I love you.” The words rushed out when I broke our kiss.

Those intense eyes burned into me once more. The need that vibrated through his body seemed to still for a moment. Then he lowered again. His lips brushed over mine gently.

“I can’t breathe without you, baby. You undo me and then put me back together whole again. You take it all, and you still love me for it.”

The questioning in his eyes and the doubt in those last few words broke my heart a little.

“Blake...I’m yours. I want this. I want every part of you.” My throat tightened, for reasons altogether different now. Desire and a soul-wrenching love worked its way through me, radiating between us.

Our lips met again and he pushed into me, dipping his tongue into my mouth as he did. My sex gripped around him, stretching around his thick cock. Then he was deep inside me. We were so close, our souls joining as our bodies did. He withdrew and thrust again, hitting me deeper. I gasped. His body was hard above me, rippling with strain as he held back. I felt it too, that need to burst, to be engulfed in this wild desire.

Heat blazed in his eyes as he cupped a hand at my nape, leveraging his weight on his elbow. I locked my ankles around his waist as his bicep flexed into the flesh of my waist. Then he drove hard, just the way I wanted him to. The friction of his entry hurled me to the sharp edge of an orgasm. My jaw dropped with a soundless cry that found its voice as he pounded into me.

Hard. Fast. Merciless and rough. One of the many ways I loved having him.

The relentless pace had me coming again quickly. My pussy tightened around him, as I clung to his hips with my thighs. One climax crashed right into the next until he began to come with me. He ground his hips into me, pinning us to the table in a rabid race for relief, for release...my name on his lips.


I straddled Blake’s hips, massaging my thumbs over the protruding muscles of his shoulders. His muscles barely gave, and I wondered if I was having any effect on him at all. Then he breathed out a soft moan. I smiled and lowered so my front covered his back. I kissed his skin, breathing in the fragrance of the lotion mingled with his scent. By some magic of nature, my own muscles let go. His musk, the sweat from our lovemaking, nearly overwhelmed me. I could lie like this and smell the man all damn day.

“You smell amazing.” I pressed my lips against him, kissing him, inhaling him.

He released a soft chuckle.

I darted my tongue out to taste him, like the smell of him wasn’t enough. As if getting screwed to oblivion on a dining room table, bound like the bad little submissive I was, wasn’t enough. Blake Landon was my drug, my obsession—a habit I had no intentions of ever quitting.

I worshipped him with my lips and my teeth. I massaged him, my fingers trailing over him with the same kind of obsession.

In a flash, he bucked me off and I was on my back, his gorgeous naked body between my legs.

“Are you trying to get fucked again? Because if you are, you’re doing a damn good job of it.”

I giggled. He smiled broadly, capturing my wrists on either side of my head. He rubbed the tender spots where the rope had bitten into me.

Recognizing a whisper of familiar worry in his features, I slipped out of his grasp. I cupped his cheeks, holding his focus on me. “I’m fine. Don’t start with the guilt, okay?”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Trust me, I didn’t feel a thing. In the heat of the moment, all I can feel are your hands on me, you inside me. It’s all consuming. Something that might hurt normally just adds an edge to whatever pleasure you’re giving me. And you know damn well I like it, so don’t start acting like I’m some wounded kitten.”

“But it hurts you now. What if you bruise?”

“Who cares? I won’t fight so hard next time. You wanted to teach me a lesson, didn’t you?” I shifted my hips beneath him, teasing him as his erection throbbed hot against my belly. I twisted my lips into a crooked grin. I wanted playful Blake, and I wasn’t about to let him fall back into shaming his needs—needs that were quickly becoming mine too.

After what I’d been through with the man who’d raped me four years ago, I never thought I’d be able to give someone the kind of control I’d given Blake. But he’d shown me how to enjoy letting go. He’d opened my eyes to the craving, to something deeper and infinitely more intense than anything I’d ever experienced.

I fought for control only to have him strip me of it in that masterful way that he always did. He broke me down until I was mindless with desire, and I didn’t want it any other way now. I couldn’t imagine it.

I ran two fingers over the frown that curved his brow. “What’s eating you, anyway? You seemed upset earlier.”

He rolled off of me and onto his back, his gaze fixed on the ceiling. Before I could press him, a door slammed and I heard muffled voices. I hopped up quickly, shut the bedroom door, and locked it. I joined Blake back on the bed, snuggling into the nook of his arm. I tossed my leg lazily over his strong thigh.

A loud thud from the hallway in the apartment echoed through the room. The sound was followed by a woman’s giggle and then a moan. I smirked. Alli and Heath were at it again, but who was I to talk?

Thank God they hadn’t walked in on Blake’s little stunt in the dining room. I couldn’t imagine explaining any of that to Alli. She was still mercifully in the dark about all of Blake’s kinks and quirks in the bedroom, and at least for now, I’d rather it stay that way.

“We should take a trip,” Blake said suddenly.

I sighed. “I’m sure they’ll get a place soon.”

“Not soon enough. Plus, we haven’t been away together since...well, since Vegas. We could use a long weekend. I want to spend some time with you. Just us. No distractions.”

An unexpected series of events, many of them orchestrated by Blake, had brought us here. Vegas had been a turning point among them, and the memory of our first time together still warmed me from head to toe. There had been only lust between us then, but lust had turned to obsession and somewhere in that wild blur, I had fallen in love with him.

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