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He left my clit to rub his cock against my entrance, teasing me. Against every instinct, I resisted the urge to push into him, to take him inside me all at once. He’d call me greedy, because I was. I wanted all of him, and I hated to wait for it.

If that wasn’t enough, he gripped tightly at my hip, securing me in place, ensuring that I’d move only when he wanted me to. My skin burned under his dominant touch.

“Tell me what I like to hear, and I’ll give you what you want.”

“Fuck me, Blake. Make me yours.”

“Ah, I love your dirty mouth,” he murmured before pushing in a bare inch. “Do you have any idea what it does to my cock when you beg me to fuck you?”

I fisted my hand in the sheets. Already my longing was razor-sharp. He thrust in and out that small, maddening amount. Patiently I waited for more. Then he rolled his hips with a short thrust and pressed deeper. I gasped at the sensation of his small reward.

“I love you, Blake. Please...please.”

“You have no idea how much I love hearing you tell me.”

Still he took his time, sinking into me inch by inch, driving me wild with the need to be fucked. His grip tightened and released. Then, without warning, he released me. His palm found contact with my ass a second later. I cried out, clenching helplessly around his cock, warmth rocketing through my limbs.

“Fuck, baby. I love watching my dick slide into you. So smooth, like this is where I was meant to be.” He rooted with a sharp exhale. “And you’re so fucking tight. Takes my breath away.”

My moan turned into a strangled cry when he slapped my ass again, harder than before. The responses of my body launched me into orbit as he began a rugged pace, driving deep into me. Our bodies molded tightly together. He banded an arm around my waist and slammed his hips into me from behind.

“Blake,” I cried out when he hit the end of me. Again and again, so quickly I was scrambling to the edge. At the brink, his hand slapped again, hard. I shuddered as the climax came down on me, shooting out into every limb. A second later, Blake was there. His cock buried deep with me, he groaned. He held himself there and the warm rush of his release filled me.

We lay there, wasted in the morning light. What a way to wake up.

After a moment, Blake slipped from me and rolled over to his back, his chest moving with the effort to catch his breath.

“Shower?” I asked, rolling to face him.

“Go on. I’ll join you in a minute.” He turned his head, catching my stare. “What?”

I traced a tiny circle over his shoulder. “I was just thinking that I’ll never get tired of putting that look on your face.”

He grinned. “You’d better get your sweet ass in that shower, before I make you put that look on my face for the rest of the afternoon.”

“You have to work, Mister.”

“Trust me. For that, work can wait.”

He twisted and reached for me, but I scooted away, barely missing his attempt to pull me back to him. Not that I would have minded much, but I had my own mountain of work waiting for me at the office.

I lingered in the shower, my muscles taxed and tired. I smiled when I thought about all the ways we could make up for lost time over the weekend. Finally, realizing he wasn’t coming, I finished up and turned off the shower.

I stepped out, and when he wasn’t in the bedroom, I went searching for him. Padding through the apartment, towel wrapped around my chest, I followed the sound of his voice and found him in the kitchen still wonderfully naked. His chest wore a few scratches from our weekend adventures, and his just-fucked wayward hair was adorable in a way only I could fully appreciate.

“All right, thanks. Let me know if anything else comes up.” He ended the call and dropped the phone down on the counter. I was in his line of sight but he stared ahead.

“Is everything okay?”

He looked to me, but I couldn’t tell what was going on in his head.


He blinked, seeming to jar himself from whatever thoughts were buzzing through his head. “Everything is fine. More than fine actually.”

“Who were you talking to on the phone?”

He rubbed his forehead absently. “That was my lawyer. He wanted to let me know the charges were dropped. So the hearing was canceled.”

I lifted my eyebrows. “That’s it, just like that?”

He shrugged. “Just like that.”

“Why would Max drop the charges against you? He can’t possibly hate you any less that he did a week ago.”

“He didn’t drop them. The prosecutor simply dismissed them. The lawyer thinks maybe it’s because of the nature of the situation, with Max being charged for sexual assault. Even with that though, he seemed to think it was a pretty lucky break. But I’ll take it.”

My chest fell with a sigh of relief. “That’s great.”

My thoughts immediately shifted to the nagging reminder that I still needed to go to the police station to give a statement. The charges against Blake had been my motivation to actually go through with it.

“You’re still going to the police, right?”

He must have read the doubt in my eyes because he came to me. I stood still, paralyzed by the sight of his perfectly sculpted body. He stood before me and skimmed his palms down my arm. I shivered, his touch cool against my skin.

“You need to do this,” he said quietly.

“Why? Why do I need to put myself through this?” Tears quickly brimmed my eyes. Apprehension took root in my gut.

“You said it yourself that you still have healing to do. I’m here for you. I always will be. I’m here to love you in every way that you need to be loved. God knows, I can’t help myself. But telling me, telling Alli... It’s not enough. You need to be strong and stand up to what happened to you. Then and now. Every time I think about what Max did...what he could have blood boils. But I can’t do this for you. This is your chance to make things right, and you’re the only one who can do it.”

I closed my eyes. “I can’t. Something about it...I don’t want to break down in front of a stranger. To admit how stupid I’d vulnerable he made me. Everyone saw.” I choked over the last words.

He hushed me and pulled me close. I melted against him and let the tears fall.

“You weren’t stupid. He made you vulnerable, but you don’t need to be now. You’re strong.” He held me a little tighter then. “You can do this.”