“I missed the hell out of you today,” he said, his grip tightening on my hip.

“I missed you too. I always do.”

“I’ll warn you, though, I’m not feeling very patient. Want you fast and hard. Can you take that, baby?”

I gasped, fire rushing over my skin with the promise. Flexing and releasing, he pushed me back against the door. Without waiting for an answer, he hooked his thumbs over my panties and slid them down.

“I want in you now.”

My breath rushed out, heat flushing my skin all the way to my cheeks. My heart fluttered with anticipation. I shrugged out of my dress and he separated long enough to let it fall. Then he was back, his mouth at my breast, sucking hard. One, and then the next. I whimpered when his teeth came down around the sensitive tip. There wasn’t a cell in my body that didn’t want him to deliver on his promises now.


I fumbled with his shirt, tugging it over his head. He unzipped his pants, freeing his full erection before it fell heavily in his hands. I bit my lip hard. He wouldn’t wait a moment longer to claim me.

He hooked my leg over his hip and positioned himself at my entrance. He pushed in slow, letting me accommodate him gradually, retreating again only to push deeper. By the time he filled me completely, I’d grown slick around him.

My head fell back against the door with a small cry.


My core pulsed around his thick penetration. We stayed that way, breathless, connected, desire shooting through my veins. I dug my fingernails into his side, pulling him closer, deeper.

“Fuck, you feel amazing. I thought about this all day, being buried deep inside you. Your body tight around me, coming hard all over my cock. All fucking day, I haven’t been able to think about anything else.” He pinned me harder, pushing in deeper as he did.

I gasped. “More.”

With the small plea, he cupped his hands under my ass, lifting me so my legs wrapped around him. He leveraged me against the wall. The weight of my body combined with the strength of his had us joined tightly. I was tense with anticipation and just as relieved by the welcome sensation of having him there, our bodies united again. It had only been hours, and the tender flesh between my thighs did nothing to lessen my craving for him.

I held his face in my hands, the stubble from the day rough on my palms. He looked deep into my eyes. Lust, love, and that intense possessiveness swam in those green depths, taking my breath away all over again.

“You’re mine, Erica.”

As the words hit my ears, he pushed upward. I clenched around him instantly, gasping at the bite of discomfort. He was deep, impossibly deep.

“I’m yours,” I breathed.

“If I have to remind every man who stares too long, who thinks for a second he could have you, I’ll do it.”

He surged up again. The friction of our bodies and his tension took over my senses. As urgently as he wanted to claim me, I wanted to be claimed. I closed my eyes, the promise of orgasm suddenly close. Muscles tense, I tightened around him helplessly.

My voice wavered, strangled by the rush of his powerful thrusts, one following the next in rapid succession now. His name filled the air between us, again and again as I begged for more. I clenched down around him, reveling in the friction as it unraveled me, stroke by stroke.

“He’ll know it. Goddamnit. He’ll know you belong to me.”

“He knows, Blake. I’m yours... I’ve always been yours.” I opened my eyes, desire blurring my vision. “Make me yours, Blake.”

I ran a hand through his hair and gripped at the roots. Silenced with our kiss, he groaned. He shoved my hips against the hard wood of the door as he drove into me. In seconds I was drunk on his taste, lost. Lost in him, flying high on this feeling, surrendering to it completely. He took me fiercely, love and desperation passing through every touch. We climbed together, in a rush for the release that would bring us together in the only way that mattered right now.

“Blake...oh, God. Oh, fuck.”

The grip of my thighs around him weakened as the climax crept up, taking hold of my mind. I couldn’t think of anything but Blake, this love. He was the answer when nothing else in my life seemed right. This made sense. I needed this, him, in a way that made no sense and perfect sense.

“Now,” he gritted out.

The simple word pushed me over. My mouth opened with a soundless cry as the orgasm took its hold. I clung to him, my focus pinpointed on the throb of his cock plunging into me, guiding me over the edge to that perfect place. A few more powerful thrusts and I came with a scream. He dug into me, his grip rough, until every muscle went taut, his body buried deeply within me.


His voice was hoarse, sounding as stripped down as I felt. Arms holding me closer, as if I’d disappear if he didn’t, he caught his breath, brushing his lips along my neck.

All my strength left with the orgasm, a fact that became evident when he finally loosened his embrace. When my feet found the floor, my legs wobbled. He held me steady, hands at my hips, as he slipped out of me. Warm release dripped down my thigh with his retreat. I went to move, but he stilled me so I was held firmly in place. His gaze riveted on the translucent line it trailed down my skin.

“Fuck, baby. Seeing that just makes me want to fill you up again.”

“I’m going to make a mess on your floor.”

He laughed. “We might have to make a mess all over the house then, because I’m still hard. I’m wrecked, but all I can think about right now is coming in you again. All fucking night.”

A delirious smile spread across my face. “You going to keep me up two nights in a row? You’ll wear us both out at this rate.”

He smiled and hauled me back into his arms, brushing a soft kiss over my lips.

“We’re on vacation, remember? I can make love to you all night and we can sleep all day. Not a damn thing anyone’s going to say about it either.”

“No house guests,” I whispered.

“Thank God. I’m not sharing you with anyone until Tuesday morning.”

He moved away, zipping his pants up. Then he lifted me into his arms, taking us to the bedroom and into its adjoining bathroom.

We showered, lathering each other. We stepped out and Blake wrapped me in a fluffy white towel and dried my hair with another. The heat of the shower might have wiped the last of our energy. We collapsed into the bed, weakened by the day, by our lovemaking.

I cuddled up to him, enjoying the closeness, our skin clean and smooth against each other.

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