The head of his cock left my lips with a pop. He bent and hauled me up to him before I could argue. I straddled him.

“Hands on the head board,” he said, his voice still raspy from sleep. 

I placed my hands on the hard wood at the head of the bed and watched him shift down and disappear between my legs.

“Now sit down,” he said, his breath gusting against me as the sordid words left him.

“Blake...” I tensed, embarrassed by the position. I didn’t know how or why, but he still had the ability to scandalize me. Not giving me the time to refuse, he placed his palms on my ass and guided me down to his face. I lowered tentatively until suddenly his mouth was hot and wet against my sex. I gripped the edge of the headboard and bit my lip, barely stifling a moan.

He lingered at my entrance, teasing the sensitive tissues there. He swept a broad lick down the seam of my pussy. I lowered farther, chasing the hot pleasures of his mouth. He spread me with his fingers and whispered something against my flesh. The air tingled against my clit, making it desperate for his attentions. I shimmied, begging without words. He kissed me there but then moved his attention to the entrance of my pussy. I trembled as his tongue dipped inside me and retreated.

“Blake.” When I said his name, I wasn’t sure if it was a plea for more or something else. I felt so open, so exposed as he continued fucking me with his tongue. But he’d seen every part of me. I had nothing more to hide.

I itched with the need to touch him. I wanted to run my fingers through the silky strands of his hair while he pleasured me. I wanted to guide him over me, but deep down I knew he’d always give me what I needed, even if it wasn’t what I wanted. The position had left me feeling an odd mix of vulnerable and dominant. Perhaps that was what had me unsettled.

“I love your pussy. I want you to come so I can taste more of you. It’s never enough.”

The movement of his body beyond my view made the bed move, and I knew he must be painfully hard, as desperate to fuck me as I was to be fucked.

“I need you now. Please, Blake…”

My voice was breathy with anticipation. My thoughts scattered with the desire thrumming through me. But he kept on, fucking me with his tongue. When I tried to escape, he only urged me down into his motions. He gripped my ass so firmly there was no escaping.

When I thought I couldn’t take a second more, he returned his attentions to my throbbing clit, delivering a series of hard licks and sucks that hurdled me right to the edge of my orgasm. I cried out. I slammed my hand against the headboard, the other clawing its way down the wall. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to take this crazy feeling out on him. I wanted him to feel all of it too.

I was so close. My legs shook as he slid his finger into my greedy pussy. I clenched around the single digit, reminded anew how badly I wanted him inside me. I pivoted my hips, eager for more. I reached down, sifting my fingers through his hair. His mouth left me abruptly.

“Hands on the headboard. That’s your last warning.”

I put my hand back up and let out a frustrated groan. He pumped in and out of me. I braced for another slow, frustrating climb to release, but instead, he retreated. His broad fingertip, slick from my arousal, began massaging circles over the tight pucker of my anus. I sucked in a sharp breath, launching myself higher, the few inches his grasp would allow.

“Relax,” he said quietly, pulling me back down to him.

“Blake, I can’t,” I insisted, every cell of my body wanting to run suddenly.

“Yes, you can.”

I squirmed in a weak effort to escape his clutches, achieving nothing as he held his mark. The battle began between wanting him to finish me and wanting to escape from whatever might ensue from his kinky demands. I gripped the headboard, unable to tear my mind away from his exploring finger. A tight knot formed in my stomach.

He released me and coaxed me down onto the bed so I lay on my back. He leaned over me, his lips glistening. My own trembled. He was unabashed about everything, yet I still clung to my inhibitions as if somehow they could save me from Blake’s total lack of them.

He lowered, his body hot against me. “I want inside you, baby. All of you,” he whispered.

My heart fluttered. Lust and nerves stole my words. Goddamnit.

“I’m—I’m nervous, that’s all.”

The concern in his eyes faded. He hushed me with a kiss, tinted with my own taste. He moved down my body and lifted my legs over his shoulders, positioning himself between them. I relaxed slightly, my defenses weakening at the sound of his voice and his closeness.

He found his mark, and I tensed, fighting the urge to skirt away from him again. He hushed me. “You have nothing to be nervous about. I love your body. I’m borderline obsessed with it, in fact. Just relax and let me make you come.” 

He flickered his tongue against me, and then lower, circling the sensitive spot that wanted to tense and release all at once. Fuck.

I sucked in a sharp breath and gripped the blankets on either side of me. He kept on, seducing me with his goddamn tongue in ways I never knew were possible. When he stopped, I melted down into the bed, distracted enough to relax. When a slick finger pushed past the tight ring of my ass, I gasped.

“Oh God.”

I squeezed my eyes closed, trying like hell to accept this first step toward a level of intimacy that I wasn’t entirely ready to give Blake. Despite all the doubts shouting across my brain, a sudden heat rushed to my cheeks and over my skin. The places our bodies met heated, becoming as slick as the finger that was probing deeper inside of me.

I bucked my hips and moaned before I knew what I was doing.

“You like that?”

Do I? Jesus, I didn’t know. All I knew was that I was about to come apart—that my body was begging to come apart. I felt everything, everywhere. My body was rioting under the sensations he was giving me. He withdrew from my tight hole only to twist his way back in again. Repeating the motion, he brought me back to the edge with alarming speed. I clenched tightly around his fingers. I hovered, breathless, on the precipice of pleasure and pain, a state that he’d brought me to so many times before.

“I don’t think… I can’t.” I arched my back, my muscles tensing against the penetration.

Blake answered swiftly with a second invasion. His two fingers stretched me, claiming this part of my body as his. I gasped at the discomfort when his mouth covered my pussy again, delivering hot, wet, and tantalizing licks over my flesh.

I went higher and higher until I soared. I couldn’t take it anymore. The orgasm crashed over me like a tidal wave. I might have screamed. I might have blacked out. I was trembling when he hovered over me again with lust-filled green eyes.