We were both breathless. He pressed the head of his cock against my pussy and pushed inside of me. Deliciously filled once again, I hurdled toward another toe-curling orgasm. Sensation number three, Blake’s ample cock stretching me so wonderfully had my head buzzing. Had I ever been fucked so thoroughly? I wasn’t sure.

He pounded into me and my body responded, clutching against his thick penetration. “So tight.”

The friction was acute. I clung to him. I was falling again. I was flying. His name left my lips with my helpless cries.

“So fucking tight. Fuck… Come with me, baby. One more time.”

I trailed my nails down his back as he drove deeper. My head pressed back into the pillow, and my back bowed off the bed. He was so deep inside of me, and yet I harnessed all my power to fuse us tighter. I spasmed again, harder. I was trembling. A hoarse cry tore from me as he came, spilling warmth into me.

* * *

We never made it to breakfast. Every muscle in my body was exhausted from what we’d done—what he’d done. We slept a little more, showered, and finally mustered up the energy and willpower to leave the hotel room.

Blake took me to the priciest restaurant in the city he could find for lunch. We had champagne and ate a delicious meal before we headed to the stores. For a while we simply walked, enjoying the fresh air and being together, hand in hand. We passed by a few stores displaying famous brand names I’d never owned and hadn’t planned to.

“Let’s go in here,” he said, halting us in front of a revolving door that was guarded by a man in a suit.

Happy and a little buzzed, I followed him in. I walked along the sparsely stocked shelves, afraid to touch anything, let alone get attached to something. Maybe the bubbly had dulled my senses, because my mind said Oooh as we passed a bag that caught my eye. I ran my fingers over the smooth dark brown leather and then down to the clasp where a thick label hung from it. I turned it over and gawked at the hefty price.

Oh shit.

Blake leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Every time I catch you looking at the price tag, I’m paddling your ass when we get home. So just keep that in mind.”

I frowned. “What if I accidentally see it?”

“Depends if you decide to buy it.”

I took a second glance at the tag to make sure I’d read it right. “This purse is three thousand dollars, Blake.”

He shrugged. “Good, get it.”

“That is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a purse,” I hissed, not wanting to insult the store staff or reveal that I was woefully out of my element here.

He stood close, lowering his voice. “You worrying about money when I have fucking mountains of it is ridiculous. Pick up the purse and move on. We have a mile of stores to hit today, and I’m buying whatever your eyes land on.”

I let out an exasperated sigh. My brain couldn’t begin to process spending that kind of money on myself. While I battled over how to convince him that this plan was absurd, Blake picked up the purse and continued walking through the store without me. I rushed up beside him.

“Blake, stop. I seriously don’t need that.”

“We’re getting it.”

“I don’t even like it,” I lied.

He lifted an eyebrow.

“There are people who have nothing, and you want me to spend an excessive amount of money on something I don’t need.”

“I want to spend an excessive amount of money on you. It’s your birthday. I want to spoil my fiancée. I’ve worked hard for the money I’ve earned, and that’s my right.”

We stared at each other a moment, a silent standoff. His jaw set.

“Would it help if I matched the gift with a donation to a charity of your choice?”

I rolled my eyes, my shoulders slumping in defeat.

“Can we buy the fucking purse now?”

I knew I had to pick my battles. This was a war, and Blake wasn’t going to let me win it. I sighed in surrender. “Fine.”

“Good, because we’re hitting the Cartier store next. I’m just breaking you in.”

Fresh discomfort rattled over my nerves. Damnit. “I might need more champagne for this.”

He smirked. “I’m sure that can be arranged.”


Three hours later, we were back in the hotel room. I dropped the few bags that Blake let me carry and collapsed onto the bed. I was shell-shocked, sticker-shocked, and bone tired. Per Blake’s request, I refused to look at price tags as much as I was able to. Most of the time, it was irrelevant, because price was never discussed as the salespeople offered their finest wares.

Blake had spoiled me, excessively. Spoiled was an understatement. I had walked away with a new wardrobe, new lingerie for every day of the week, and more designer baubles than I’d ever seen on anyone.

We napped for an hour before showering again and getting dressed for dinner.

I slipped on a long-sleeved black dress that Blake had insisted I get after modeling it for him in the store hours earlier. The hem came mid-thigh, and the back scooped down low—perfect for a late summer night.

I clipped on the large-faced diamond-studded watch that must have been obscenely expensive. The afternoon, draining as it was, had been amazing. I couldn’t help but feel special as the salespeople nearly danced around us, vying for every opportunity to slide Blake’s credit card through the machine by wowing me with the best of everything.

Blake was dressed in dark gray pants and a black button down shirt rolled up at the sleeves. His hair was mussed from our nap. His eyes were bright and sparkling. I couldn’t help but smile as his reflection came closer to me.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

I rolled my eyes. “Where do I begin?”

He laughed, fondling the sparkling diamonds that dangled from my ears. “You’re welcome. And thank you. For agreeing to make me the happiest man on earth. I already am, but getting to share the rest of my life with you is the best gift you could ever give me.”

“I feel the same way. I don’t need diamonds and handbags to be happy, though.”

He cocked his head. “Spoiling you makes me happy. So let me do it a little bit.”

“How about we limit the shopping sprees to special occasions?”

“Whatever you say, boss,” he muttered, nuzzling my neck.

I couldn’t hide my smile when he spun me toward him and captured my lips. What started slow had become a deep and wanton kiss in moments. He pushed past my lips, his tongue plunging gently to meet mine. I moaned, sifting my fingers through his hair as I pulled up to him. Stepping forward, he pressed me carefully against the mirrored dresser where I’d been getting ready. I lifted my thigh up into his grasp. Squeezing me gently, he released my leg and broke the kiss.

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