I laughed softly. “Or what?” I whispered tentatively against the blazing skin of his erection. “Maybe I don’t feel like taking orders.”

He clenched his teeth, his eyes closing. “One.” The single word came out strong, like a quietly rendered threat.

My desire kicked up. My breasts heavy as they brushed against his thighs. I wanted his hands on me, but no…

He hissed when I took him in my mouth. I moaned, loving his musky taste and the way his body strained toward me. He stiffened further between my lips. A few strokes of my tongue and I let him slip from my mouth. I delayed his pleasure, pressing hot, wet kisses over his pelvis. I wanted him as needy as I was. I was wet and aching, walking an almost painful edge from it.

“Two.” His voice wavered slightly, as my breasts brushed over his erection.

I smiled a second before I took him into my mouth again. I let the length of him sink in, gliding over my tongue, all the way to the back.

“Fuck, Erica.”

I focused all my attentions on pleasuring him, teasing him with light flicks of my tongue before taking him as far as I could, swallowing and undulating over the lush head of his cock.

“I need to touch you,” he begged.

Desire coiled tight in my belly. I wanted him to touch me too. He had no idea how much. I hummed, the sound vibrating against him as I took him deep again and again. His hips snapped up and I released him, blowing a small puff of air over his wet, throbbing flesh. “Say please.”

He squeezed his eyes closed. “I can’t do this.” His breathing became labored, every muscle tensed. I froze, transfixed by the reactions of his body. I was barely touching him now, and he looked like…like he was ready to explode. I grasped his erection and began stroking him steadily.

He opened his eyes, leveling me. Even in the moonlit room I recognized the dark look that told me he was passing the limits of his control. But he had no control now. My breath left me in a rush. Thighs spread over him, I harnessed all my willpower not to slam my cunt down onto him and drive us both over the edge. 

“Three… now,” he growled.

“Relax,” I chided him softly. I feathered my free hand over his chest, pumping him with my other.

He swallowed with a grimace.


He held me in his pained stare as I processed the meaning behind what he’d said.


Oh, shit. The word rolled around in my head before I realized I needed to act. I clambered up his body and reached for his arms. Before I could reach him, his biceps flexed into tight balls and then I heard a snap. In a flash his hands were on me, his fingers digging into my hips.

I sucked in a sharp breath as he sat up, bringing us chest to chest. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and used the advantage to arch me back. I cried out. Maybe from the pain of his grip. Maybe from the rapture of having his hands on me finally. Maybe from the rapid twist of having complete control to relinquishing it so suddenly.

He moved me, unapologetically positioning me over his cock. A second later he was inside me, plunging deeply, once and then again, deeper still. I was slick around him, my pussy spasming instantly.

“Blake!” I sobbed with pleasure, clawing at him, wanting to hold him to me, but he couldn’t be contained. I clenched around his penetration, the friction and fervency of his thrusts hurdling me straight into an unstoppable orgasm. My thighs trembled, and I grasped at his shoulders as the climax crashed over me.

I could barely come down from the violent rush before I was on my back. Blake’s strong hand pinned both of mine above my head. Spreading me around his thighs, he pounded into me, moving us both up the bed in a series of powerful thrusts. I was breathless, grasping but unable to free myself from the onslaught of his passion.

“What do you want, Erica? Do you want me to fuck you this way, or do you want me to lie down so you can play Dom?”

He was taunting me with the very thing I’d tried to strip him of, and hell if I’d never wanted anything more. I was melting around him. I wanted everything he could give me. He was everywhere. Holding me down, pressing against me, restraining me, devastating me from the inside out.

And right now I only wanted him to take what was his—my body, my heart, and God, my submission. If that’s what this was, I wanted to serve it up to him on a silver platter because I’d never felt so dominated and so completely aroused by his determination.

“I want you to fuck me,” I admitted, no shred of doubt or hesitation coming out with my words. “Just like this.”

He slammed into me, his jaw tight. “This is me. This is us,” he ground out.

I cried out every time he hit the deepest part of me, all my senses launching into overload. “I want this. I want you,” I said between my jagged breaths. My heart twisted, adding weight to the force of the orgasm that hit me. My head fell back, my neck arching off the edge of the bed where his violent fucking had pushed us. He caught my nape, bringing me back. He released my hands to hoist my hips up, fucking me at an angle that sent me into orbit.

The edges of my vision went black. My breath caught. When I found it again, I screamed, tearing my nails down his shoulder while his cock punished the sensitive spot inside of me.

A painful cry tore from his throat and he collapsed over me. I struggled for breath under his weight, but whatever had happened between us had me wanting him close. I wrapped my arms around him, pushing my fingers through his damp hair. Lazily, I caressed the places where I’d marked him harshly until slowly he crawled off and disappeared into the bathroom. By the time he returned, I’d fallen asleep, wrecked.


The bed was empty when I awoke. I showered, dressed, and met Blake in the kitchen. A small plate of fruit was set at my place at the island. He looked away, grabbed a mug, and poured my coffee, setting it down beside my breakfast.

“Thank you.” I stared down at my fruit, moving it around the plate. For last night’s exertions, I should have been able to eat a hungry man’s breakfast, but my nerves were destroying my appetite.

“What was last night about?”

I felt a flush creep up to my cheeks. Why was I embarrassed? Blake had done far worse to me, but somehow my doing it to him seemed entirely different. The look in his eyes told me so.

“I had a dream,” I said quietly, not knowing what else to say.

“About dominating me?”

“No, the opposite actually.”

“Really.” His voice was so calm, his face the only indicator that anything was amiss.

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