“I’m ready now.” I wanted this plug out. I wanted relief. I tugged off Blake’s shirt and threw it hastily to the floor.

He laughed. “Trust me, I know. I want to play a little first though.”

I splayed my hands over the gorgeous planes of his chest, all the way down to the band of his low-slung jeans. I wanted those off. “What are we playing?” I asked, only vaguely interested.

“You’ll find out soon enough. First, I want you to undress for me.”

I shot him a playful smile and reached down for my heels.

“No, no.” He caught my hand, helping me regain my balance. “Keep those. Everything else goes.”

“Kinky Blake,” I murmured as I shimmied out of my tight dress. I unhooked my bra and stepped out of my panties. I stood before him naked and blissfully tipsy.

“Where would you like me, Master?” I toed the tip of my shoe on the floor, letting a little bashfulness seep into my intoxicated boldness.

He nodded toward the living room. “Over the back of the couch. Ass in the air.”

I obeyed, sashaying to the other room. I bent over the cream fabric, balancing on the tiptoes of my high heels. I waited for his approach, but I’d heard him leave the room and return a couple minutes later. The delay only added to my vulnerability. I closed my eyes, listening as his footsteps stopped behind me.

“Did you misbehave tonight?” The timbre of voice was low, warm, and a little threatening. A shiver slivered up my spine.

“Yeah,” I breathed. Already the night had become a blur, but if he wanted me to be bad, I’d gladly play the part.

“Oh? That’s not good.”

A cool flat implement rubbed across my backside, over the curves of my ass and down my thighs. I was breathless, but in the most wonderful way. I wanted to moan and arch back into it—whatever it was he wanted to give me.

“You drank too much, huh?”

“Mm-huh.” I fidgeted anxiously, wiggling my ass impatiently. Warmth radiated in my belly, causing my pussy to twitch in anticipation. I wanted to know how far he would take this, yet a part of me didn’t want to know. It was the not knowing that drove me wild every time.

“Did you let anyone touch you?”

I quickened, not quite sober enough to resist the temptation to stir his jealousy. “Maybe.”

“Is that so?”

His hand left my ass and was swiftly replaced by the hard smack of what could only be a paddle.

“Shit!” Yeah, that still hurt. He’d joked about the paddle, but I never expected him to actually use it. I’d had plenty of fun under the palm of his hand. Thankfully the alcohol was working its magic. The sting of the blow numbed quickly.

“It was crowded. I didn’t mean to,” I said, suddenly eager to soothe his jealousy. 

He paddled me again and the pain melted a little faster.

“I’m sorry, Blake.”

“I’m glad. But we have a long way to go.”

I mewled in my dissent, even as a little voice in the back of my mind begged him to keep going.

He leaned down over me, holding the paddle still against my stinging ass. I tensed, uneasy, not knowing what he had planned.

“Do you think you deserve punishment?”


I shook my head no.

“No? You have quite the list going. Tying me up and trying to have your wicked way with me. Running off to a sex club unattended. Tell me now, do you think you deserve punishment?”

“Yes,” I breathed softly, an admission that only the couch could hear.

“I can’t hear you,” he said sharply. 

“Yes, I deserve it.”

He swirled the paddled over my ass, causing my stomach to clench anew with anticipation. The fog of the alcohol was lifting with every passing moment.

“That’s what I thought. You’re going to get to know the paddle tonight, and no matter what, Erica, I don’t want you to come. Take everything I give you, and you’ll get your reward after.”

I loved a solid spanking as much as the next girl, but the paddle was unforgiving. The threat of climaxing against his wishes was weightless. I’d get my reward, no doubt, but not before he made me feel the sting of regret.

I bit my lip and braced myself for the lesson.

The paddle came down, a solid slap against my skin. I groaned, trying hard not to squirm away. He delivered blow after blow, spacing them out, spreading them over my ass and thighs. Hard stinging licks that fell just shy of my sex. Fear mingled with desire, as I prayed he wouldn’t make a mistake and hit me there and hurt me. Yet I fantasized about any kind of contact there. His fingers, his mouth, his cock. Anything. The intensity of the blows went straight to my head. Unbearably needy, I grew wet, a fact that couldn’t be hidden with my ass on display, my legs as far apart as he’d wanted them.

He delivered another blow, harder than the others, and I yelled loudly, the sound echoing off our walls.

My entire body tensed, the defensive instinct resonating most noticeably where the plug nestled inside of me. The pressure there was so concentrated. The nagging desire that its presence had inspired all night had morphed into a powerful reminder of what Blake wanted from me tonight.

I rubbed my chest against the rough linen of the couch cover. Every cell stood on edge. I wanted more. I wanted everything tonight. 

He paused long enough to twist the plug. The reminder of the pressure, the friction was too much. I could feel it in my pussy, acute enough that I could almost…come.

My hands fisted into balls. No, I wasn’t supposed to.

When I thought I couldn’t take another second of his punishments, he stopped. I flinched when he soothed my hot, prickly flesh with his palms. I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. He felt like heaven, like a wonderful, tender gift. Water in the fucking desert. Blood thundered in my veins, pulsing arousal through me. Desire surged, and I hurdled to the edge of orgasm. I trembled with the effort not to come.

“Blake!” I pleaded. If I had to bear one more sensation, I was going to lose it.

He hushed me, stroking my back and the burning skin of my ass. Leaning over my backside, he kissed me on the shoulder. “You did well. I’m going to fuck you now, baby. You ready?”

Slowly, he pulled out the plug, but I registered anything but relief.

I struggled for breath, the pressure of my own body suddenly too much against my chest. I nodded, trying not to think of how I could withstand more pain. I was already weak and barely able to stand.

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