He tugged me upright. “Let’s sit down, and then I want you to straddle me.”

I stood still, processing his directions, but not sure how this was going to work. He dropped his jeans to the floor. His thick cock stood ready, shamelessly erect from his body. Was he still planning to…?

“I thought we were…”

The corner of his mouth lifted with a wicked grin. “I’m having your ass tonight. But I want you to be as comfortable as possible this time.”

We circled the couch. Careful to keep my balance, I settled comfortably over his splayed legs. The hunger in his eyes was enough to take my breath away. I knew what he wanted tonight, but my body wanted him other places. Places I knew would bring me unspeakable pleasure.

He’d promised me pleasure, but I still wasn’t convinced it was possible for me this way. “This is going to hurt,” I said, my expression bordering on a pout.

He reached for the bottle of lube on the table that I hadn’t noticed earlier. He applied a generous portion to his palm and spread it up and down his length. He was big. He got even bigger when he was about to come in me. His generous endowment was a feature that never failed to please me during sex. Making all of him fit comfortably inside of my ass was another matter altogether.

My jaw fell slightly, my heartbeat kicking up as he stroked more lube over the head of his cock. 

He lifted an eyebrow, seeming to notice my reactions. “See something you like?”

I swallowed hard.

His expression softened. “Have I ever hurt you? In a way that you weren’t begging for more by the end?”

I turned my gaze to his slick erection. The noises of his strokes were impossibly distracting.

“No,” I admitted. Tonight was evidence of that. I’d been paddled like a precocious child, and I would have withstood twice the punishment if he’d wanted it. He never steered us wrong. Yet doubt crept over me.

“This will be no exception. It’ll be intense, but you’ll enjoy it. We’ll go slow, and I’ll talk you through it.”

I couldn’t argue with that. I was primed, thoroughly ready for release, and his promised dirty talk could be the icing on the cake—if I could handle it. My hands were hot against my thighs. I rubbed them up and down anxiously, suddenly not knowing what to do with them.

“Come closer.” He scooted farther down the couch, while I shimmied up so his cock lined up at a better angle. “This will give you more control.”

I snorted. “Not your style.”

“Try not to remind me.” His eyes darkened.

I bit my lip, not wanting to fuel his vengeance when I really needed him to be gentle and patient with me.

“We’ll go slow. We can even stop. But by the end of the night, I’ll be in your ass. So wrap your head around that. The best thing you can do is try to relax.”

I nodded and held onto the small comfort that I did officially have a safeword now, even if I’d never had to use it.

He hushed my silent worries with a soft kiss. “When we’re done, you’ll be asking me why we never did it sooner, I promise.”

I sighed. “You sure know how to give a girl cold feet.”

He explored with his fingers, lining us up.

“Don’t worry. Your feet are going to be toasty warm in a few minutes.” Rubbing over the tight bud between my cheeks, he pressed firmly, seeking entry. “Open up for me,” he ordered gently.

Against every instinct, I released my muscles, easing his passage into me. One slick finger and then two stretched me, with the same decadent sting as they had before. I closed my eyes, remembering how hard I’d come before when he was inside me this way. Could it be like that? Before I could wonder, he pushed the blunt head of his cock into me a bare inch.

“Now come down onto my cock, nice and slow.”

My thighs trembled. I struggled to stay steady as I took a little more of him. I felt like we were moving one millimeter at a time. I was petrified, but there was no urgency in Blake’s eyes or body language that forced me to hurry my movements. After a few minutes of careful progress, somehow I felt more ready for him. After all, the plug had been marking his place inside of me for the past several hours.

My liquefied thoughts pieced that together, making me bolder. I dropped down more, but my eyes shot wide open at the first dart of pain that halted everything. I whimpered at the discomfort and withdrew from the progress we’d made.

“Breathe, Erica. Give your body a chance to accept me.”

He held me still, his hands firmly at my hips. We were still connected. The pain had subsided, and he coaxed me back, regaining the lost ground. I sucked in a tentative breath, surprised when the pain wasn’t as intense as it had been. The relief was quickly replaced with the intensity of being filled, breathtakingly stretched. The pain came and went and we slowed around it until it passed, until I could catch my breath and my courage.

Blake’s eyes closed a moment, restraint tightening the muscles in his face. He opened them, his hooded expression sweeping over me. “I can’t wait to be all the way inside you, Erica. Can’t wait to make you come this way.”

Air filled my lungs, and my body went lax at his dirty promises. With gentle ease and determination, he had me clenching around him, the way I had around the plug when he’d paddled me. Except this was more intense and way more intimate.

He caught my chin, focusing my gaze to him. “Look at me. Feel me.” Lust and strain washed over his countenance. He stared deeply into me. “Little by little, you’re giving a piece of yourself to me. I’m inside you, the same way you’re inside me.”

He worked me down over him until I couldn’t believe he could fill me any farther. I licked my dry lips, unable to still their quivering. Heat spread out from my heart, covering my skin with an unbearable sizzling need. My hands trembled over his chest, rising and falling over his labored breaths.

My heart swelled, and any last resistance gave way as I relaxed around him. I thought I’d taken him to the hilt when he thrust up, taking us the rest of the way. Oh fuck. 

“There.” He released a shuddery sigh. Leaning forward, he kissed me. A slow, hard, penetrating kiss. “You’re always inside me, Erica.”

Another wave of heat washed over me, making me slick with sweat where our bodies met, which was nearly everywhere. I wanted to move. I wanted him to deliver on this promise of pleasure already budding inside of me.

Blake’s hands roamed restlessly, pulling me against him tightly. His teeth grazed my neck under hot, hard kisses. I quivered over him.

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