He exhaled sharply, grinding his steely erection against my soaking panties. “Jesus, I want you. Right now.” He curled his fingers around the strings of my panties and yanked down.

“Oh, God,” I groaned, reeling with the delicious contact and painfully aware of the ache between my legs where my body was more than ready for everything he wanted to give me. 

“I’ve wanted to take you on this table from that first day. In fact, I have no idea why it’s taken this long to get around to it.”

“Then get around to it, before someone finds us.” I had no idea how or if we’d get away with it, but I knew Blake wouldn’t be deterred, and I wasn’t about to say no. I unbuttoned his shirt quickly, eager to feel more of him against me.

He wet his lower lip with his tongue, watching me intently as I skimmed over the hard muscles of his chest. “You worried?”

I swallowed, my worry rising to the surface again. “Yes, obviously. I don’t want to get caught.”

“I think you do. ” Mischief flashed behind his eyes. He slid my panties down past my ankles, giving my thigh a quick slap on his journey back to my hips.

“Why would I want that?” My voice was weak and breathy, betraying the physical effect the vision had on me.

He reached for his zipper. Pushing down his boxers, he freed his thick erection, palming the length of it in slow decadent pulls. I bit my lip too hard, suppressing a moan that might go beyond the walls of our precarious location. I desperately wanted him inside me.

“I think you like the idea of it—the chance that someone might catch me fucking you. In public. Where we shouldn’t be.”

I stared at him, my mind a haze of desire and excitement as I envisioned the possibilities. All of them humiliating but strangely erotic when I imagined a stranger walking in to see Blake fiercely claiming my body the way I knew he would be… soon. My core pulsed, empty and eager to be filled.

“No,” I lied.

He threaded his fingers through my hair again, fisting tight enough to make me shiver. That edge, that promise of control, shot a bolt of awareness through me. If I’d been wet before, I was drenched now.

“Yes, you do.” The husky words did little for my waning self-control. “Imagine it… you on the brink of coming... so close to the edge that we couldn’t stop if we wanted to.”

My heart thumped as I imagined the scene he drew. The more we talked about it, the more time we gave someone to find us. “Just fucking do it, Blake, before someone walks in.”

He teased his cock against my entrance. “Don’t piss me off, Erica. I’ll make you scream. Then everyone will know I fucked you on this table.”

I closed my eyes and rolled back my head. “Blake, please... I’m begging you. Fuck me now, or...” Or what? Or... stop? No. I needed him badly, and I needed him now.

He nudged into me a fraction more. I quivered against him, wishing I could somehow draw him into me, but he held me firmly in place. At his mercy.

“Blake,” I pleaded, clawing at his hips. His taut muscles flinched under my fingertips.

Then he bent over me, lowering me so my back rested against the table. He slid his fingertips across my cheek, over my lips, and finally rested on my throat. He caught my hip with his free hand, and without further warning, lunged into me. Our bodies connected with a slap. When an uncontrollable cry left my lips, he covered my mouth, muffling the sound.

Everything inside my core seized around him. My thighs clung to his unmoving body, waiting for more. With trembling hands, I gripped the edge of the table for leverage. Somewhere in the crazy rush of his possession, I wanted him to reach the deepest part of me. On his next thrust, he did. He stoked the burning heat of my needy body, again and again.

I tried to keep quiet, but small gasps and moans crept past my lips into the hot shield of his palm.

The reminder that we could be discovered enflamed all my sensations with prickling fear. My skin heated unbearably. I arched off the table, his name on my lips. I didn’t want to get caught, but I couldn’t keep quiet to save my life.

Blake did this to me. Turned my body and mind against all reason. His breathing was labored as he fucked me steadily, his silence seemingly locked in the bulging muscle of his jaw. His hand left my mouth, found purchase around my still clothed breast. With a firm squeeze, he taunted the hard nipple underneath. I bit my lip with a groan.

Something right and karmic weighted the air as he pushed us deeper and deeper into our pleasure. This is where we had begun. I closed my eyes, remembering how badly I’d wanted him, against all reason. Now he was mine. Utterly mine. 

I’d fantasized so many times about the different ways that first day in his board room could have ended. This was one of them. As much as I’d hated him then, my body still wanted him. I trembled, the beginnings of a climax taking hold. The fantasy coming to life was pushing me to the brink.

“I imagined this... Blake, I wanted this.” The confession poured out of me, with all the other forbidden sounds leaving my lips.

Without warning, he pulled out of me, bringing my slow climb to an abrupt halt. My eyes flew open. Before I could speak, he’d pulled me down and flipped me to my belly. My hips pressed against the hard table. Blake bent over me, his erection, slick from my arousal, pressed against my bare bottom. Energy radiated between us—taut and tenuous. My heart beat in a flurry against the table. My hands on either side of me braced me for whatever Blake had planned. His breath kissed my neck. My pussy clenched, desperately empty without him.

“Blake,” I whimpered, squirming back against him to be closer.

“This is how I wanted you, Erica. I wanted you bent over this table, screaming my name. I couldn’t hear a single fucking word you were saying.”

He kneed my legs apart. I fisted my hands into tight balls, my hips pressed back. Then he was inside me again, filling me completely with a hard shove.

I released a small cry before I could stop myself. “Blake!”

My body at his mercy, my cheek against the cool, slick surface of the table, I couldn’t imagine anything more intense than what I was currently experiencing. My body buzzed, building with sharp climbing sensations that brought me closer to heaven.

“You’re so deep.” Shocks of pleasure rocketed through me every time he filled me.

“I haven’t shown you deep yet.” 

Before I could catch a breath and brace myself, he grabbed both my hips. Hauling me back to him, he drove farther into my sensitive tissues. Something between a scream and a groan rumbled through my chest, but before it could escape my lips, Blake’s hand was there, silencing the next series of cries as he powered into me.

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