Hands fisted, toes curling, I came hard and weakened against the table, wasted, but Blake was still hard as ever.

“Come, Blake. Hurry,” I whispered. The thought of Greta walking in on us was sobering, and another wave of fear raced through my veins.

He released my hip and stilled inside me. “That was too quick. I think we have time for one more, don’t you?”

Blake pulled out slightly. Circling to my front, he found my clit and pressed firmly. I jolted, on edge from having come so recently. Now he was threatening more. With every careful ministration he brought me closer, higher. 

This wasn’t a quickie. He was destroying me, and I was coming apart.

I cursed repeatedly, not caring about where we were anymore. Mindless, powerless, I lost all sense of propriety and decency as Blake continued to fuck me, rolling his hips with every driving thrust, massaging the tight walls of my pussy from the inside. 

My orgasm built like a storm rolling in from a distance, until seconds later it was thundering through me. I could see it, bright flashing pulses of light behind my eyes. And God, could I feel it, a tornado rocketing through my core and shooting out of every limb.

Overwhelmed with sensation, I slapped my hand on the table, drawing a damp path down to my side. I muffled my cries against the table now that Blake’s efforts to keep me quiet had seemingly been replaced with the singular task of fucking me as hard as he could.

“Erica!” Blake’s tortured groan ripped from his lungs. The only sound that might have been heard beyond the walls of this room echoed off the walls as we both fell limp. Blake’s body covered mine as we struggled for breath. His fingers slipped from me, and my pussy fluttered around the hard cock still pulsing inside of me.

Buzzing and deliciously wasted, I faintly registered that we hadn’t been caught. The thought flitted away as Blake pulled out of me. A shiver ran over my exposed skin.

“Turn around. Let me clean you up.”

I pushed myself up and turned on shaky legs. I feebly held myself up by the table. Blake grabbed my panties from the floor. He cast his gaze down, focused on the task of cleaning my oversensitive flesh with the garment. I stared down at him, wanting to see his eyes but almost afraid to meet them after what we’d done here. If Greta only knew.

A knock at the door had me standing straight and shoving down my dress to cover my nakedness.

“Shit. Blake!” My voice was a panicked whisper.

“Relax. I’ll take care of it.”

He stuffed my panties into his pocket. He tucked himself away and buttoned his shirt. As he moved toward the door, I pushed away from the table, trying desperately to fix my totally wrecked hair. Frowning, he opened the door only wide enough to greet whoever was knocking, carefully hiding me from anyone’s prying eyes.

“Greta, I told you—”

She interrupted his berating tone with a quick apology, but her voice was so low I could barely hear it. Blake glanced back to me, his face revealing his agitation. He stepped out of the room without a word, leaving me to pull myself together.

* * *

I slumped into one of the chairs. Struggling to still the tremble in my hands, I tried to reason with the promise of danger that had sent my heart speeding and skipping. Fuck. Something about this time, apart from the others, had stripped me down in an entirely new way.

My body still hummed and ached where he’d been. Blake was right. Someone could have walked in at any time, and I wouldn’t have cared. Sometimes I didn’t recognize the person I’d become, the lover so enraptured with Blake’s touch, the way he challenged me in every way. He put me on edge, but I didn’t want it any other way.

I drew in a deep breath through my nose, determined to pull myself together. I’d triple checked my appearance in one of the room’s decorative mirrors. Time stretched on, and when Blake didn’t return, I ventured out. Greta sat stiffly typing at her desk. I wanted to ask where Blake had gone, but didn’t want to bring attention to anything she might have heard. My cheeks heated. I made my way down the hall to his private office inside the Angelcom building. I approached the door, open only a crack. Reaching to push it open, I stopped abruptly at the sound of a woman’s voice.

“When were you going to tell me, Blake?”

My stomach fell, my jaw clenched, and my already worn out nerves stood on edge. I knew that voice. I knew it, and I hated it.


“I told you this time would come. I didn’t think it would come as a shock to you,” Blake said.

“Then why did I have to hear it from Heath? You couldn’t tell me yourself? After everything we’ve been through.”

Blake sighed heavily. “You’re closer with him. I figured you’d want to hear it from him.”

“I was closer to you before you left me. Having Heath in my life means nothing when you’re not in it.”

Blake’s low tenor filled the momentary silence. “Don’t say that, Soph. Your friendship means a lot to him.”

“It’s about that little bitch, Erica, isn’t it?”

“Watch your mouth,” he growled.

“She’s making you do this, isn’t she?”

“I think we both know I don’t take orders from anyone, including you. You have all the connections you need. Your business has shown healthy profits for over two years. There’s no reason for me to stay invested at this point. We had an agreement, and it’s time for us to exit.”

“And what about us?”

The sharp edge of Sophia’s tirade had softened with these last words, tinged with enough pleading emotion to make my fingers ball into tight fists. I sent up a little prayer that Blake wouldn’t back down.

“What about us?”

She hesitated a moment. “She’s trying to keep us apart. Can’t you see that?”

Silence stretched over several seconds, the truth of her accusation settling into that space with absolute certainty. I wanted Sophia to finally have her claws out of Blake, and his connection to her business was the last thing tying him to her and their romantic history.

“This is the best thing, for everyone.” His voice had quieted.

“Don’t do this,” she begged. “Don’t let her do this to you. To us.”

“There is no us, Sophia. What we had is over. It’s been over for a long time, and you know that.”

“It doesn’t have to be. I’m better now. Just let me show you. I know what you need. This…what you’re doing for her...this isn’t you. You need a sub, someone who can appreciate everything you can give her. She needs a mentor, not a master. I need you, Blake. We need each other. Why can’t you see it?”

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