Standing behind her, I admired the writhing body before me, bound and alive with want for the pleasure I was going to give her.

I whirled it once, so the tails struck her thighs and ass. Once more across her shoulders and upper back.

She sucked in a breath and shivered, the muscles in her shoulders tensing before releasing again. I waited, a silent question.

Faint pink lines formed on her skin where the tails had struck. I repeated the motion. A figure eight of measured contact, across her shoulders, ass, and thighs.

She flinched, and then hummed softly. I could almost see the adrenaline sliding through her veins, the endorphins taking over, making this so much more than pain.

By some miracle, she loved taking it as much as I loved giving it. I wanted to feel guilty for making her this way, but she’d begged for it. She’d demanded that I take her to the darkest, dirtiest places of my mind, and I wasn’t strong enough to say no.

With a flick of my wrist, the flogger made contact again. Back and forth, up and down; careful to avoid the middle of her torso, I painted her the loveliest shade of pink.

Her small cries and gasps turned into moans. Slowly she gave up her fight. Fists loose, she let her head rest against her arm. My own desire became nearly unbearable. My head buzzed with it. My cock ached for it.

I let the leather handle slip from my grasp and went to her, winding my arm around her front. She trembled in my arms, her skin slick with sweat. Electricity rolled off her in waves. On the edge, she was exactly where I wanted her.

“You still with me, baby?”

“I can take more.” Her voice was raw with emotion and adrenaline.

I hushed her. “No, sweetheart. You’ve had enough. You were so beautiful . . . so willing. I can’t tell you . . .”

The words caught in my throat. I rested my forehead against her shoulder, the heat of her punished skin matching the searing heat of my body. “Let me show you what it means to me.”

“Kiss me. Touch me,” she begged.

I skimmed over her shoulder, following the trails of pink with my mouth. Down her back, over the round curves of her ass, I rained kisses on her tender flesh. A thousand tiny apologies for the satisfaction it had given me to test her this way. I rose and made my way to her neck, flicking my tongue against her racing pulse.

“I love you, Erica. You’re everything. Goddamn, you undo me.”

She mewled, a quick lift of her toes creating more friction between us. I slid my hand to her front to the apex between her thighs. She cried out, shaking. She was drenched, and so close.

I withdrew and turned her slowly to face me. Her skin was flushed as much from her excitement as her punishment. I resisted the urge to kiss her everywhere, to feel every inch of her energy under my lips. This was exactly where we needed to be.

She tugged feebly at her bonds. “I can’t see you.”

I clenched my jaw, already feeling more vulnerable than I wanted to. “Not tonight. I want you to feel me, and you’re about to feel all of me. Now wrap your legs around me.”

I caught her by the knee, helping her. The swift motion opened her to me, revealing the moisture of her arousal slick down her inner thigh.

“Christ.” The sight robbed me of the last shred of control. If she weren’t so primed, I’d worry about beating her to the orgasm we both hungered for now. I took her other leg and wrapped her around me. Easing the tension in her arms still stretched high, I positioned myself inside her by the tip.

I growled, parting with my last ounce of restraint. Then I speared into her, joining us suddenly and completely. Her body gave no resistance, as if we were always meant to be this way.


The wail that came from her lips shattered me. Heat licked down my spine as her inner walls tightened around me. The furious need to fuck took over, and instinct spurred me into a rapid string of thrusts. Her cries came unfettered, unfiltered, between her breathless gasps. I was unhinged. Nothing could slow me down. The slap of skin and the creak of the bed sustaining the pressure as I pounded into her echoed through the air. She rolled toward her orgasm, her pussy pulsing tightly around my cock. Her cries became deeper and louder.

“Wait for me, Erica.”

Pulling against her restraints, she cried out again. “I can’t.”

“You can. Wait. I need to be there with you.” I fucked her harder, losing myself inside of her. The race for release my only aim. The tension of her body, clinging to me everywhere in every way, consumed me. She became every thought, the single point in a sea of things that didn’t matter. And for all the thrills of waiting, of drawing out her desire, I couldn’t stop now.

“Fuck . . . Erica, come now for me.”