Pure female satisfaction roared through me. I wanted to please him. I wanted to give him everything tonight.

I tugged off my shirt and he reached for me, caressing me until I shivered. Gazing into his eyes, I slowly lowered to my knees.

I slid my hands down his firm legs, worshipping the lines of his impressively toned body. From his etched lips to his feet, he was a remarkable physical specimen. Lucky for me that his heart was just as beautiful as every other part of him.

I dropped my hands to my thighs. I closed my eyes and leaned forward, letting my forehead rest against him. I sighed, never so content to be here, now. Outside of the thrill and the pleasure that always followed, a part of me had always riled a little bit in this pose. But something was different tonight.

I never believed that I was naturally submissive, despite what Blake might have wanted or needed me to be for him. I would always be there when there was a fight worth fighting.

I wasn’t submissive . . . but I was in love. Deeply and irrevocably in love. And I was Blake’s now in a way I never had been before. And he was mine. I had no doubt of that.

Now all I wanted was the strength of his hands on me, his strong body giving me the pleasure that only he could. I wanted to feel the dominance in his touch, and with my submission, to give him what he needed and what I craved.

“Not tonight, Erica.”

I lifted my head, peering up at him. “I put you through hell, remember?”

He dropped down, his knees hitting the floor in front of me. His gaze riveted to mine. “It doesn’t matter. I’ve already forgiven you. You deserved more than me walking away from you the other day.” He kissed me tenderly. “Forgive me.”

“Only if you make love to me,” I whispered.



Goddamn, I wanted her. I wanted everything she was offering to me. I claimed her mouth now with deep strokes, the way I wanted to claim the depths of her body, so unapologetically deep she’d feel me there tomorrow. Our hands roamed. Our mouths melded hotly together. I rose to my feet and carried her to the bed. Taking the space between her thighs, I climbed over her.

Our limbs wove around each other, holding and demanding. I closed my eyes and felt her all around me. Her soft touch became impatient. My hips snapped bluntly against hers at the sensation of her nails dragging down my back.

“Fucking hell.” I dropped my forehead to the pillow beside her.

“What’s wrong?”

What the hell was wrong? I couldn’t get the fact that she was pregnant out of my head. That’s what was wrong. Visually nothing had changed, but knowing she was pregnant, carrying what might be our only chance for a child together, brought all my fervent desires to a screeching halt. Suddenly nothing was as important as that, and fucking her like a feral beast wasn’t something I was going to risk if it could hurt her in any way.

She stared at me expectantly. “What is it?”

“I’m afraid I’m going to hurt you,” I finally admitted.

She winced. “Hurt me?”

“Fuck you too hard. I don’t know . . . hurt the baby, I guess.”

She smiled. “You’re well-endowed, Blake, and it’s glorious, but I promise, you’re not going to hurt the baby.”

I stared down at her, wishing I could believe it. “I take nothing for granted.”

“You’ve been making love to me for weeks, and I’ve been fine.”

“I can’t control myself. You know that as well as I do.”

My thoughts wandered as I skimmed down her chest, around the curve of her breast. When I imagined wrapping my teeth around that tight rosy nub, a rush of blood surged to my already throbbing cock.

She pressured me to my back and straddled me. As appealing as the vantage was, I still wasn’t in the right headspace. My focus and hands went to her luscious tits. If only I could take her the way I wanted to . . .

She swiveled her hips over me, dragging the damp cotton of her panties over me. A frustrated groan escaped me. The panties had to go . . .

“That’s seriously not helping.” All I wanted to do was slam her down on my dick.

Her eyes twinkled as her lower lip disappeared into her mouth. “Why do I get the feeling you want to fuck me like a wild animal right now?”

Those were tame words for what I wanted to do her. I wanted to bend her over my knee and slap her ass until she screamed. I wanted to drag my teeth over her skin and feel her shudder under the edge of pain. I wanted to spread her wide and fuck her deep. Her mouth, her sweet little pussy, and anyplace else she’d let me in. Wild animals weren’t nearly as depraved as I was.

“That’s exactly the problem. I don’t trust myself, and you shouldn’t either.”

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