She lowered over me, bringing us chest to chest. Soft, sweet, heavenly skin.

“I trust you to give me exactly what I need. You know my heart and my body better than anyone else. That’s what makes you my husband and not some wild beast.”

I held my breath, repeating what she’d said in my mind. Blood thundered loudly in my ears, firing heat and desire straight from my heart down every limb.

She laced our fingers together and brushed her lips against mine. “I like you a little wild too. I know what you need, Blake. Now, give me what I want.”

I’d wanted to make love to her the second I saw her again. Damn, this was a hopeless fight.

Without another thought, I flipped her to her back again and didn’t waste a second tugging her panties down. I focused on the tuft of curls above her smooth pussy. My mouth watered, and I imagined running my tongue all over that soft skin, delving into the luscious honey just beyond. As much as I wanted that . . .

My hungry gaze flickered to hers. Her chest rose under labored breaths. She moved restlessly, and I knew exactly what she wanted.

I caught her hip and positioned her beneath me. I couldn’t wait to be inside her. I pressed my cock against the mouth of her pussy and sank into her.

She dug her fingernails into my forearm and arched with a gasp. I clenched my jaw tightly. A far away voice told me to be gentle when I wanted to slam her up the bed. I obeyed, determined to treasure her tonight and lock up the animal that wanted things hard and rough. I’d let him loose another day.

When she came back down, I captured her lips.

“Perfect,” I whispered against her.

She trembled slightly, her eyes hazy and liquid. I loved the abandon that swept her features when the last barriers between us disappeared—when I was a part of her, and when she’d taken hold of me. I withdrew only to reclaim her, slowly, taking my time, dragging my cock over the sensitive bundle of nerves just inside. The firm way her body clutched me told me she’d been right. I knew her body. I knew all its secrets.

I loved her that way, inch by inch. Thrust by thrust. So steady and measured, I nearly lost my damn mind.

Our hands clasped tightly. She clung to me, holding on through the orgasm that I could feel building with every helpless whimper, every shuddery clench. Flushed skin, my name on her lips . . . she was close. I could have gone with her, but somehow through the blur of my desire, I held back. I wanted to give her a night of pleasure, not a quick high.

I lifted her hips, meeting her movements, hitting that hidden spot inside her over and over. Her pussy rippled with spasms that matched her cries.

“Let go, Erica,” I said, so intent on her climb that I nearly forgot about my own.

“I want to come with you.”

My chest constricted and my aching cock reminded me how badly I wanted to let go too. Too much time had passed between us. Too many emotions had ripped through me in her absence that suddenly everything was barreling down on me.


I strained to rein in the nearly violent need to ram her hard and fast. I could almost taste the promise of release.

Her walls came down around me. Her nails scored down my chest. Everything went red and the sound that tore from me echoed off the walls, punctuated by Erica’s thready, broken cry.

* * *


I woke to Blake’s warmth all around me. I stretched, curving against the line of his body. I turned to find him already dressed. The scent of coffee lingered on him.

“Good morning,” he said.

I smiled. He looked better. And I sure as hell felt better. I toyed with his hair, rumpling it just the way I liked.

“Last night was amazing.”

A concerned wrinkle formed between his brows. “How do you feel?”

I mentally cataloged my body’s physical feedback. Every day seemed to be a little different, and now that I knew I was pregnant, I understood why.

“Other than being epically tired, which seems to be my new reality, I feel great.”

He rested his hand on my ribs, grazing his fingertips down over my navel. He couldn’t have broadcast his thoughts any more clearly. I stilled his hand.

“Blake, seriously. I’m fine.”

“I’m just asking.”

His tone was innocent but I knew better.

“Am I going to have to tie you down every time I want to have my wicked way with you?”

He flashed me a dark look. “I’m sure that won’t be necessary.”

I smirked, a tiny idea forming in my mind.

“I don’t know. If you’re so worried about hurting me, maybe the only choice is to let me take the reins until you aren’t.”

“Funny,” he muttered dryly.