Heat suffused my cheeks, matching them to the deep red on my lips. I’d known Blake long enough and engaged in all manner of debauchery with him. He knew my body intimately, every part of it. Why this suddenly embarrassed me I couldn’t understand. I took a deep breath and called out to him.


If all went to plan, I would be . . . soon.

The first floor of the house was growing dark. Candles that I’d lit earlier flickered from several small tables surrounding the couches. Blake was sprawled out on one, his focus on some invisible point on the ceiling.

“Welcome home.” I sashayed into the room, hoping I sounded more sultry than silly. I was one part insecure, two parts raging with hormone-fueled desire.

Our gazes met in the dusky light. His tracked me as I came closer. I slowed in front of him. My heart raced with anticipation and my head swam with a thousand wild thoughts, but it was the hunger glowing in his eyes that stole my breath.

“You’re taking this dominant thing pretty seriously.” His voice was a dangerously low murmur.

“Would you rather I go change . . . maybe into something a little more . . . demure?” I canted my head, taunting him.

“Not a chance.” He reached for me. “Come here.”

Oh, I wanted to, but a little voice spoke up and a surge of courage took over. “I’m in charge tonight, Blake.” I took the edge of the crop to the hem of his T-shirt and lifted. “Take this off.”

A devilish smile crept over his lips. He sat up and removed his shirt slowly. He tossed it to the floor before resting back into his casual pose on the couch. “And I’m supposed to be able to play nice like this for nine months?”

Feeling a little more empowered, I took the space between his knees. “Being in control all the time is hard work. You deserve a break.”

He lifted an eyebrow, trailing a lazy caress along the inside of my thigh. “Is that right?”

My breath caught when the back of his hand came closer to the very tiny patch of fabric covering my sex. I was already wet and envisioning all the amazing ways he could make me feel if the tables were turned. I hoped he wouldn’t notice, but the predatory look in his eye promised that he wasn’t missing any of the signals my body was sending right now. He journeyed higher, tracing the hem of my panties.

I moved his hand and traced the crop along the outline of the insistent erection pressing against his jeans. “I think these need to go, too.”

He stood slowly, inches from me. He shucked his jeans, revealing his tented boxer briefs. I licked my lips. What I wouldn’t do to drop to my knees and paint him red with this ridiculous lipstick. My fingers itched to touch him, tease him. I’d do that later.

I grazed the tip of the crop against the head of his cock through the briefs. “These too.”

“Seems a little one-sided,” he said. Pushing them down, he sprang free.

My gaze was transfixed there. “As it should be.”

He hooked a finger under the thin strap of my panties. “These, I think, we could do without.”

“No touching,” I ordered, not sounding nearly as confident as I should have.

“That’s no fun.” He smirked and released the strap with a snap.

“Your hands can’t be trusted. You can use your mouth, but only when I tell you.”

Dark desire shaded his eyes. “Interesting game.”

I shoved him back down on the couch and waited a moment before straddling his lap. His thick cock was already straining north, all too ready for me. I lowered and brushed my sex against it. A rush of desire arrowed straight to my clit, making me dizzy with want. If my panties went anywhere, he’d be inside me in seconds, and I knew he wasn’t opposed to tearing them off either. Before I convinced myself that was entirely okay, a desirable outcome even, I harnessed my derailed thoughts.

I reached for the top snap that held the corset tight over my breasts and popped it open. My chest swelled against the leather, creating pressure I was eager to relieve. I wanted the girls free as much as I wanted Blake’s mouth on them.

“Open your mouth,” I said.

He smirked. “Only if you promise to put something delicious in it.”

“You talk too much.”

I lifted on my knees and held out the open flap of the corset. He licked his lips before taking the shiny leather with his teeth. He gazed up at me, and I swore in that moment something in his eyes told me I was going to pay for this later. My breasts heaved under uneven breaths. Yeah . . . I was in way over my head.


Without a moment’s delay, he twisted and yanked, releasing five snaps at once. Relief and desire met when he leaned in, licking the soft skin between my breasts. I sighed and resisted the urge to lower and grind against his erection. That wouldn’t do much for anyone’s willpower.

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