“Blake . . . stop.”

Instead he planted his lips on the inside of my breast, licked and nibbled. I grabbed him by the hair and pushed him back. His eyes went molten. His hands strained in tight fists on either side of us.

“Can we get to the part where I use my tongue, sweetheart . . . before I tear this corset clean off your body?” He spoke through gritted teeth.

A little too thrilled with his growing frustration, I released him and went for my snaps, freeing them one by one, until I was all but revealed. His focus riveted there.

I smiled and let the garment fall, baring me to him completely.

“You can use your tongue now. Gentl—”

He didn’t waste another second claiming my nipple with an open-mouthed kiss. I whimpered when he drew my peak into his mouth with an ardent suck. The sensation was both pleasure and a bite of a pain.

“Careful, Blake. They’re tender.”

“Sorry,” he rasped, easing up just enough. “Mmm, swollen too. They had me seduced from across the room.”

He pulled my nipple into his mouth. His tongue was like velvet over the hardened tip. I never felt his teeth. Instead he began to tease the skin around my nipple with hard sucks, decorating my breasts with a dozen tiny pink marks. Jolts of intense pleasure shot through me.

I sifted my hands through his dark brown locks, gentler than before, guiding him to the other breast, which he lavished with the same dedicated attention as he’d given the first. Fire burned under my skin where we touched and everywhere I wanted to be touched. I was soaked. And needy. I threw my head back, giving myself over to the electric sensation of his mouth so wonderfully tormenting me.

His willpower must have crumbled as quickly as mine. His hands crept from his sides to cup my ass, shoving me tightly against his erection. I moaned, and my hips seemed to move on their own accord. He roved over my hipbones, testing the thin black straps again.

“No touching,” I admonished gently, gripping his forearm to still his wandering hand.

“But it’s mine,” he ground out, sliding past the boundary of panties and deep into my wetness.

“Ahh,” I whimpered. He massaged my clit, trailing magical circles around it before delving deeper, breaching my pussy with his fingertips. I clenched around him, wanting that . . . needing that.

Yet as wonderful as that felt, a little voice reminded me of the rules I meant to enforce. I was already losing control when I’d been so determined to keep it.

Without thinking it through, I flicked the tip of the crop against his upper chest. A flash of irritation quickly replaced the hazy lust that had regarded me seconds ago. His mood now seemed as red as the tiny trail I’d left on his pectoral. I dropped my jaw, an apology working its way from my lips when . . .

“Fuck that,” he growled. Curling his fingers, he removed my panties with an unapologetic snap.

I gasped. In a second he had me on my back. My legs spread around his unyielding frame. His hands locked my wrists tightly to my sides.

“Blake!” I groaned in protest.

His gaze traveled the length of me, his jaw tense. I squirmed beneath him to no avail. He was in charge. I was like someone whose firearm had been turned against him in a moment of weakness or confusion. My heart sped up at the thought of the crop being used on me, smarting my skin. I wasn’t sure if I wanted that. I was as sensitive as I was wanton.

Shit. This plan had been shot all to hell. While I wrestled with my inability to keep Blake’s controlling tendencies in check, his mouth came over my breast again. He delivered a gentle stroke with more painstaking restraint than I would have expected, considering the significant shift in his mood. He moved to the other, and then trailed his tongue down my belly, dipping briefly into my navel. He paused to kiss my scar, as he was now prone to do every chance he got. Then he was positioned between my legs, kissing and nibbling my inner thigh just above where the stocking ended.

I closed my eyes. Oh, I loved that . . .

I exhaled with a sigh.

“I’m going to fuck you with my mouth, Erica. And you’re either going to tell me exactly how you want it, or you’re going to be begging for me make you come any way I see fit.”

“This was not the plan, Blake.”

“You made the rules. I’m just bending them a little bit.” He drew my clit into his mouth, flicking his tongue mercilessly over the sensitive nub. He retreated enough to blow a puff of cool air against my sensitive flesh.

Molten heat shot through me. I tensed and struggled against his hold.

“Tell me what to do, boss.”

I shifted my hips, frustrated but wanting relief. “Goddamnit.”

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