I heard him chuckle. “Damn, baby. Are you giving up already? You had me all twisted up with your Dom gear.”

“Shut up before I get my second wind,” I muttered, turning my focus back to his gorgeous face.

“Hmm, let’s see if we can revive you.”

He came down and took my mouth. I tasted myself on the intimate kiss that left me tingling all over again. When he broke away, the haze of my desire lifted slightly at the sight before me. I grinned, rubbing my thumb under his lower lip.

“Your lips are all red.”

He responded with a broad smile. “I can handle that. Unless you want me to go out like this. I’m not into public humiliation.”

I wrinkled my brow, confused.

“Never mind. I should stop giving you ideas. Now, if you’ve found that second wind you were looking for, turn over and put that lovely ass in the air.”

Inside I railed at the command. Just enough to say, “No.”

He regarded me for a moment. “I can’t tell if you’re being a good Dom or a bad sub.”

“The feeling is mutual.”

He laughed, a lighthearted sound that quickly morphed into a gasp when I took his cock in my hand. I stroked him to the tip, down to the base, and back again. I cupped his sac with my other hand, grazing my nails lightly over the smooth skin.

His eyes closed, vulnerability sweeping his taut features. “I need to be inside you, Erica. Right fucking now.”

“I’m not going to have to spell it all out for you, am I?” I slid my grasp all the way up, milking a tiny bead of moisture from the head of his cock. I swept my thumb over the slit and brought the taste of him to my lips with a lazy lick. The breathy moan that left me wasn’t all show. Having proof of his desire on my tongue inspired all sorts of new ideas on how to tease out his pleasure. “That could really draw this whole thing out.”

His jaw fell open a fraction. “You’re a real piece of work, you know that?”

I licked my lips, imagining the soft crown of his cock between them. “Takes one to know one.”

“You still looking for high ground, sweetheart?”

“Oh, I’m on it,” I countered, feeling empowered. His erection thickened and flinched in my grasp.

All well and good, except the dangerous look in his eyes had my heart racing.

“Not for long,” he said huskily.

Without another word, he grabbed my wrist mid-stroke, circled my torso, and flipped me to my stomach. He nudged me higher, so my elbows rested on the arm of the couch.

His calves were on either side of mine, the rough hair tickling my skin. And, as previously requested, my backside was high and available for whatever he had planned. He skated his palm over the curve of my ass. He gave it a squeeze before coming down on me with a quick slap.

“I want to tie you up tight and spank you raw for that little show.”

Fever prickled my skin when I imagined him following through on that threat. I moaned and pushed back against him. Now that I’d been stripped of my power, I wouldn’t mind a little more of that. After all, I had been a very bad girl.

He pressed his body against me, bringing his mouth to my neck.

“But I won’t. I’ll just watch you come undone around me.”

His hot breath sent a violent shiver over me. Empty promises, I thought vaguely. Then everything tensed when I felt his fingers and then his cock pushing into me. He was careful but reached the deepest part of me in a matter of seconds.

The pleasure cut through me, razor-sharp. “Oh, fuck.”

He gripped me firmly, withdrew, and sank deep again. “I think I will.”

With that, he began to fuck, tearing me apart one thrust at a time. I dug my nails into the fabric of the couch, hanging on through the storm brewing inside.

Nothing was dominant about my position now. I was exposed, held firm by his strength, trapped by the craving of our bodies coming together this way. Every cell was more alive. Every nerve ending seemed to reach for more delicious stimulation.

My thighs were pressed together. I rubbed one stocking-covered foot over the other. My toes tingled and curled. I felt powerless to do anything but take his fierce drives.

And the more he gave, the more I wanted.

“Oh God, it’s so good.”

“You feel fucking incredible.” His hold on my hips tightened, and he pumped faster.

I was right at the edge, ready to fly off the cliff, when he suddenly withdrew. He tossed me to my back again. I was panting, trembling with need.

“Blake!” If this was his last play in an effort to tease me to tears, I was going to . . .

His mouth crashing to mine robbed me of that angry thought. I opened to him, wanting his taste on my tongue like I wanted my next breath. He settled between my thighs, hiked my thigh over his hip, and swiftly joined us again. I whimpered with relief and pleasure.

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