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I drag the ridge of my erection side to side against her panties. “With my tongue, angel.” I demonstrate by twining our tongues together, going deep, deep inside her mouth until she moans, shifting beneath me on the bed. “Just like that, but I’ll be kissing your sexy pussy. Does that sound nice?” I nod on her behalf. “You’re going to like my tongue between your thighs, but you have to keep your eyes closed, Maisy. The whole time, understand? So you only focus on me, only think about me and feel what I’m doing.”

She draws in a shaky breath. “Okay, Jack.”

Maisy saying my name with such trust causes a twist in my chest.

Don’t let her down.

“Close them now. Hands over your ears, too.”

She does what she’s told and I kiss a path down the center of her body. I stop at the fragrant valley between her tits, licking her stiff buds through the silk. Right, left, right again, and all the while I’m gathering the hem of her dress in my hand, pulling it up to her waist and leaving it bunched there. There is a chorus of groans around me when her panties are revealed and it’s easy to see why. They’re soaked to the skin, the cleft of her pussy visible through the drenched cotton. Before I can register my own actions, I press my face up against the soft pillow of her sex and gentle scrape my teeth up the center.

“Jack,” she whimpers, her hips lifting briefly.

Gorgeous baby. All mine. I nuzzle her until those folds part, enough to close my lips around the bud, teasing it with subtle nods of my head, then I pin it with the stiff tip of my tongue, pressing down until she soaks the rest of her panties. And only then do I slide them down her thighs…

They remain dangling in my hand, my body frozen mid-movement.

Her pussy…it just can’t be real.

Chairs scrape forward, men vying to get a better look, groaning at what they see.

“Reopen the bidding,” one of them begs, his voice guttural. “Please.”

“Shut the fuck up,” I growl, grateful Maisy is covering her ears. That, coupled with the bass pulsing out of the speakers, will keep her from hearing their agitated reactions to her supple virgin flesh. Her dripping, hairless little cunt. The word tight might as well be tattooed across the soft contour of it, because that’s what it advertises. It promises male ecstasy, plain and simple. A fantasy come to life. The experience of a lifetime for a man’s cock.

Jesus. Christ.

How the fuck am I going to pull out?

When I drop her panties on the edge of the bed and lean down for my first lick, her sugary taste exploding on my tongue, I realize I was a shortsighted idiot to make that promise. There’s no way. No way I’ll be able to give up even a split second of this creamy flesh around my dick. It’s utter decadence on my tongue. Warm and slippery and soft. The flavor of heaven. Beautiful, forbidden heaven.

I cradle both of her ass cheeks in my palms, squeezing to keep them still, sawing my tongue gently through the split of her sex. My upper lip finds the shape of her clit and rides it, making it swell with quick side to side movements, before I introduce it to a flick of my tongue.

Her body reacts like a cracked whip, her hips rearing up, sobbing.

“Would you look at that?” someone pants in the darkness. “Slut.”

“Horny little bitch,” says another, their hand moving in a blur in my periphery. “Dirty, naughty brat. Begging for it.”

I make note of every voice I hear. I vow to myself to ruin every single one of these men who say foul, untrue things about this angel. My angel. But she can’t hear them. That’s what keeps my tongue moving, keeps me focused on giving her pleasure. Right now, she’s enjoying what I’m doing to her, but if I stop to beat these men senseless, I will shatter the cocoon keeping her safe. So I lose myself in her taste. I place long, drawn-out kisses on top of her clit and make her writhe, make her cry out. I get her right there, right there, on the edge of climax, then I stretch her with two fingers. I pump them in and out of her, watching my thick knuckles battle through her tiny opening, come away dripping. Over and over again, until my balls are so fat with come, I’m seeing double.

My hunger has expanded into something so great, so urgent, I’m barely conscious of sliding my fingers out of Maisy and climbing up her thrashing body, easing her hands away from her ears, kissing each of those blessed palms before letting them go. Sealing my mouth over hers in a voracious kiss while I unzip my pants and let out my swollen cock.

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