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“God. God, you’re incredible,” I rasp, ripping the top of her dress down to her waist, then ramming my hips up between her splayed thighs, groaning over the sight of her virgin tits rebounding, bouncing back into place. “Still just you and me, angel,” I say, my lips traveling over her sweeter, younger ones, swallowing her gasps. “Just you and me. We’re going to fuck now.”

She nods, her eyes unfocused. “I know. I w-want to.”

Lust climbs me like ivy, wrapping around my windpipe. “I noticed.” I grip my cock and rub it in her pussy. “Such a wet girl for me, aren’t you? So hot to have that cherry plucked.”

“Yes,” she breathes.

“Look at me when I’m filling you,” I whisper against her parted, panting lips, planting the throbbing head of my shaft inside and rolling my hips, planting myself deep, deep inside of her. We never break eye contact, even though mine threaten to roll back in my head at the too-tight glove cinching around me. Bracketing and milking me, her body somehow innocent and well trained at the same time. “Oh fuck, angel. Oh fuck. Feels so fucking good.” I kiss her forehead, her cheeks, her mouth. “Are you okay?”

Brow furrowed, she tests me with another constriction of her inner walls, her hips moving subtly beneath mine, her fingers flexing on my shoulders. “Yes,” she murmurs, the insides of her knees riding up my ribcage. “I’m okay, Jack. You feel…you f-feel so good, too.”

A shudder goes through me, my cock stretching, growing inside of her moist channel, instinct screaming at me to thrust. “I’ve waited for this. Jesus, you have no idea…”

Awareness dances into her gaze and I realize what I’ve said. What I’ve revealed.

I open my mouth to explain, though I have no idea how, when the shouting starts.

“Fuck that little brat.”

“Make her scream for us.”

“Take what you paid for.”

The voices are so close, I know they’re standing now. At the edge of the bed looking down, dicks in their hands. Maisy jolts underneath me, the passion beginning to clear from her eyes, but I shake my head and recapture her attention with a hard kiss before she can look right or left. The kiss is meant to soothe, to reassure, but the lust is skyrocketing inside of me. I’m not a good man. I knew it. I’m not good. Because I start to fuck her, rearing back and planting myself inside of her deeply, turned on by her gasp, her widening eyes. By the fact that I’ve made her a woman and I’m the only man in this room who will ever have that honor.

But then…

“Just you and me,” she whispers, her fingertips skating down the side of my face.

And the barbed wire around my heart is clipped.

It falls away, leaving me exposed.

That sick, competitive part of me is subdued by affection, by love for this girl and everything around us vanishes. It’s just me and Maisy, her body accepting every desperate thrust of mine, my hands holding her thighs open wide while I work, work, work hard flesh into soft, my jaw bunched, spine crackling with hunger.

And then she starts to moan.

It’s quiet at first, but as it grows louder, the sound becomes this husky, irresistible siren song that quiets the shouting in the room. It’s the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard, the soundtrack to an innocent girl in heat, and it does the impossible. It makes her even more of a temptation. Even more of a prize.

My body pounds into her harder, as if being compelled, my balls slapping up against her taut backside, then grinding, grinding. Can’t get deep enough. Can’t go fast enough. Christ, she’s so tiny and wet and the harder I fuck her, the louder she moans that addicting sound.

“Stop,” I bark hoarsely into her neck. “They’ll try and drag you away from me. And I’ll have to fucking kill them, won’t I, baby? Because no one touches you but me. Ever.”

“I can’t stop. I can’t,” she chants, her moan turning breathier. “Oh, faster, please!”

With a snarl, I throw myself back into a kneel and haul her up with me. With her butt cheeks clutched in my hands, I fire her up and down my cock, smacking her down roughly when I reach the hilt. “This what you want from Daddy, angel?” I lean back even further and pump up toward the ceiling, bouncing her on my lap like a fucking doll, dress rucked up around her waist, thighs spread like an eager girl. “You want to be a hot little toy?”

Enticement flares in her gorgeous eyes and she nods shyly. Shyly. As if she’s not smacking up and down on my cock, tits quivering with every impact. As if she’s not every man’s jack off fantasy in the flesh with her virgin pink pussy straining to take the rigid inches jutting from my lap. And Jesus, she’s back to moaning again, that perfect, husky, bewildered yet eager to learn moan. Fuck!

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