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I’m out of control. It’s left me entirely. I’m a beast with release in my grasp and I can do nothing but curve myself over her gorgeous body and guide my engorged dick to that tiny hole, working it inside and trying not to ejaculate at the soft, ripe feel of her. “Jesus Christ, it’s so wet for me,” I pant, planting my inches into her flexing pussy. Canting my hips forward and sliding, sliding deep until I’m completely buried inside of her. “Oh. Fuck.”

She clenches around me, fingertips burying in the carpet. “God oh God.”

I press my mouth to her ear, rear back with my hips and slam into her. Hard. “New panties and shoes and dresses. You like the way I spoil your hot, young pussy?”

Her breath catches, her flesh squeezing around mine. “Yes.”

“Good. Now listen to me.” I wrestle her hair into my fist, my hips slapping up against her taut butt cheeks. “I’ll let people watch once in a while if it makes your pretty little cunt wet, but I will never fucking share you. Ever. Is that understood?”

“I don’t w-want to be shared, Jack,” she gasps, pushing back to meet my drives eagerly. “I only want you.”

“That’s good, because I’m all you’re going to get, Maisy,” I growl, powering into her without restraint, my neglected cock cramming in and out of her perfection, lust building, building so rapidly, I know I won’t last long now. She’s too tight and the pressure in my cock and balls is too immense. “And you’re going to get me so often and so nasty, I’ll have to hire someone to follow us around and clean up the fucking mess.”

That moan, that sound I crave more than any other sound, fills the limousine, the husky feminine notes hurrying up the pace of my thrusts, catapulting me into a frenzy of mating. I’m devoid of any restraint, I’m owned by hunger, my hands holding her hips in a bruising grip, yanking her back, back, back onto my impaling cock, a vise tightening around my balls with every smacking entry of her pussy.

I could have come the second I was inside her—but I realize in that moment what’s forcing me to hold back. That sacred trust in her eyes is what I’m craving…my heart is begging for it. So insistently that I manage to pull out with a wince and flip Maisy over onto her back. Rutting my dick back into her immediately and holding, holding deep while I look her in the eye.

“I’ll never break another promise to you again,” I vow, taking her gasping mouth in a kiss, unable to give us air until she’s writhing underneath me, her restless thighs wrapped around my hips. “Tell me you believe me.”

“I do. I believe you.”

I yank up her shirt, leaving it bunched beneath her neck. Then I drag the flat of my hand down between us, through the valley between her beautifully bare tits, then back up to cradle the side of her face. “Tell me you trust me to take care of you. This heart. This body.”

“I know you will,” she breathes.

I bear down harder, fucking her brutally now, her words of faith in me like an aphrodisiac, a shot of adrenaline to my soul, my hunger. “You want my come in that tight little gash, baby? Or do you want to punish me longer for being a man?” I lean down and press my mouth to her ear. “A saint couldn’t pull out of this little girl pussy, let alone a sinner. And we both know which one I am.”

Maisy sucks in a breath and she slaps her hands onto my shoulders, squeezing, her eyes losing focus. “Jack. I’m…please, faster. Faster.”

I can feel the wicked smile curving my lips, even as the pain of approaching relief lances me, turns my breathing ragged. But the drive to give Maisy what she needs outweighs everything, so I pump into her at a breakneck pace, roaring at the ceiling as I hold back the deluge of seed waiting to power free of my balls. Her pussy makes slick little sucking noises every time I sink inside, and I gather some of that sweet excess moisture now, using it to rub her swollen clit with my middle finger and she finally screams, bucking underneath me, her pussy strangling my shaft with such force, I have no choice but to let the dam break.

“MAISY,” I bellow, seeing nothing but red fire in front of my eyes. “Goddammit, yes.”

Pain smothers me, twisting and stomping on my gut, clenching my jaw until I think it’s going to snap—and then the pleasure finally breaks through, attacking me from every angle, pulsing and flexing every muscle in my body, jerking my balls with hot jolts, come sluicing out in thick, thorough waves, releasing deep, deep inside of my fucking obsession.

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