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Jesus, this girl makes me insane. It’s never enough. I can’t touch her fast enough, can’t get enough of her voice in my ears, her taste in my throat. Obsession is a mild term when it comes to what she’s woken up in my head, my heart, my soul.

How am I supposed to leave us to chance?

When morning arrives, she’s boneless and naked in my arms, smelling like marathon sex and sugar, exactly the way I want her at the start of every single day. I inhale the perfume of her eucalyptus-scented hair, run my nose along the slope of her shoulder, my dick hard again. Hurting for Maisy’s tight, tight pussy. And I’m going to have it. Soon.

My phone vibrates on the nightstand and I grit my teeth.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’ve been aware of missed calls, emails and texts piling up, but I don’t want to focus on anything but Maisy. What does the business matter if she’s not in my life, right? What is any of it for?

Still, I can’t let the company grind to a halt when there are so many people depending on me for a paycheck—see? I’m already way less of a bastard these days—so I turn over. Climb out of bed and snatch up the phone. “Yeah?” I ask, stepping out onto the balcony and closing the door, so I don’t wake the angel.

“Mr. Lincoln. Sorry to bother you, I know you’re taking a few days off.” It’s my secretary, Rob. “But Carlton Weatherly is in town. Unexpectedly. He’s asking for a meeting this morning to go over his portfolio and discuss changes.”

Carl Weatherly is one of the fund’s biggest investors. Not only that, he was one of the first to trust me with his money. I’ve tripled his wealth over the last five years, but I still owe him. Once he showed some substantial returns, all of his old-moneyed friends joined the party and catapulted the fund, put us in demand. I could pawn the meeting off on my COO, but not being there myself would be perceived as an insult when our relationship goes so far back.

I drag a hand down my face. “What time?”

“In an hour, sir. Sorry.”

Fuck, I mouth, glancing back at Maisy through the glass door. The last thing I want to do is leave her for a second, especially when we’re still figuring things out, but I don’t have a choice. And if I leave now, I might be back in time for lunch. She might even still be asleep when I get back. “Make sure the conference room is ready. Have his file ready on my laptop. Earnings reports, all of it. Give me some options to offer him, maybe that new Israeli oil company.”

“Yes, sir.”

I hang up and reenter the room, showering and dressing as quietly as possible. I pause at the foot of the bed, drinking in the sight of her. That nude body, covered in finger bruises and bite marks, curled around a twisted lump of sheets. I should feel like an asshole for leaving marks on her. And I would, if she hadn’t begged for them. Mark me, Daddy. Not to mention, there are nail tracks on my back and ass that make it look like I fought a jungle cat last night.

Just thinking of those red streaks I saw in the bathroom mirror, my cock throbs against the zipper of my suit pants and I ponder climbing back into bed, giving her a rough, quick, face-down fuck before leaving, but I force myself to resist.

Christ, sometimes I forget she was a virgin less than a week ago. She’s eighteen, for the love of God. And I’ve been riding her like an animal.

Let the girl have her rest.

Better yet, I’m going to bring her back some fucking diamonds.

Dozens of them. Maybe a tiara.

I turn from the room, but pause on the threshold. Maisy gave me three days to show her my true self and today is the third day. Have I succeeded? Have I shown her I’m a good man? A worthy man? A man she can trust, spend the rest of her life with?

My pulse is firing as I step out into the hallway and raise my phone to my ear.

“Rob, it’s me again. Put me on the phone with my accountant.”

* * *


A ding causes me to wake up.

I’m disoriented at first, but I don’t forget where I am.

Oh no. There’s no way I could forget for a second that I’m in Jack’s bed. Not after last night. I didn’t even know it was possible to have that many orgasms. Every time, I kept thinking, this is the last one, right? And then moments later, another more powerful surge would wrack me, Jack growling filth in my ear. And the build would start all over again. Again. Again.

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