I laugh. “I’m good with that. Very, very good with that.”

So good with it that minutes later, we’re naked in my bed, and he’s on top of me, his hands wrapped around my wrists, his lips devouring mine, his cock rubbing against my shaft, driving me absolutely mad with lust.

When he breaks the kiss, I look up at his hands. “I see you still like to be in control,” I tease.

“No. I just really want to fuck my man.”

“The feeling is mutual.”

Fitz reaches for the lube on the bedside table and works his magic in me with his fingers, making me moan and groan and practically beg.

“Ready?” he asks.

“You know I’m fucking ready. Just get inside me,” I grit out, and he smiles at me, too sexy for words.

I’m so used to this part of sex—the prep, the condoms, the process—that it takes me a few seconds to register what he’s doing.

And what he’s not doing too.

He’s pouring the lube in his hand, slicking up his cock.

And it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen because it’s brand-new. Because of what it means.

Because it’s part of this promise between us.

Only us.

Him and me.

There are no barriers—only trust.

And when he’s ready, he moves that slick hand to my dick, strokes up, and notches the head of his cock against me. He gives my cock a tight squeeze as he pushes inside my body.

And it’s like fireworks.

It’s fucking extraordinary.

“Holy fuck,” I groan.

Fitz grunts as he fills me, sliding deeper, bottoming out, then just going deliciously, torturously still inside me.

“That is . . .” He’s just poised above me on his forearms, frozen for a few seconds. “Dean,” he rasps.


“This feels soooo fucking good.”

I rock my hips up against him and bend my knees, sliding them up my body, giving him more room to fuck hard. “Better than good.”

He shudders as I move beneath him, just trembles all over, and then swears for days.

“Babe. You’re killing me. I think I’m going to come in, like, two seconds.”

I arch a brow. “I bet you can make it last. I bet you want to.”

And that’s all he needs. A little challenge. A little bossing around.

It does the trick. It stokes all the competitive fire in him, and he grits his teeth, fights off the prospect of a too-soon climax, then thrusts into me, his hand on my cock the whole time.

“Missed you, babe,” he says as he strokes deep.

“Missed you so much,” I murmur.

And then we’re done talking. We’re doing. We’re fucking and sweating and groaning and grabbing.

And it’s intense and powerful and electric.

It’s everything it’s ever been with us, and it’s so much more.

Because now it’s this—the start of a whole new life together.



Turns out sex without condoms is pretty messy. Pretty sticky. But that’s what showers are for.

I take a shower with my fiancé, and I go to bed with my fiancé, and I wake up with him too.

Well, I wake up with his hard dick pressed against one ass cheek, since Dean is wrapped around me, playing the big spoon.

But that’s a damn good way to wake, in my book. “Mmm. How about a few inches lower?” I suggest, since I’m helpful like that.

“Good morning to me,” he says in a husky voice that gets me even more turned on.

“Told you I could do it every night and every morning,” I say, pushing my ass against his hard-on. He reaches for the lube.

“I never doubted you, Fitz. But it’s always good for you to show me the evidence.”

I grab his hand and jerk it around to my cock. “Here’s your hard evidence.”

Dean laughs loudly, and I do too, then my laughter ceases when his finger slides inside me.

I close my eyes and groan.

He groans too. The sounds he makes go straight to my dick, and I swear I’m steel right now, and he doesn’t let go of me.

And soon, he has me ready, and with his hand on my favorite body part, he pushes inside.

He takes his time, letting me adjust, letting me take him. “You are so hot and tight,” he murmurs, as he goes deeper in me.

I breathe out hard, getting used to the new sensations. The absolutely fucking amazing sensations. I honestly never thought I’d be into this back and forth of roles, into taking turns. But then, I never thought I’d be in bed with a man I was going to marry.

Dean adjusts my leg, giving himself all the access to where he wants to be, where I want him to be too.

Deep inside me.

His hand tightens on my cock, and wild lust rockets through my body.

“You are mine,” he whispers hotly in my ear as I thrust into his fist, and he drives into my body, his other arm wrapping tight around my chest, pulling me against him.

I heat up like the sun, as he fucks me like this, our bodies tangled together. Doesn’t take me long. I’m close, so damn close, and even closer when his lips roam across the back of my neck. My entire body, my mind, my fucking soul is bathed in bliss, in lust, in desire.

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