He deep-throats me in one swift move.

Electricity rushes down my body.

His expert mouth.

Holy hell, his delicious, expert mouth is working me over, sucking me deep, and it doesn’t surprise me that Fitz goes all in, and oh yes, I want him to.

My hands rope into his hair, one palm curling over the back of his head. “That’s right. Take it deep.”

I swear I can feel him smiling against my dick as he sucks me ravenously, like he’s starving for my cock.

But he’s not simply brute-force strength or a magical unicorn throat that can handle being fucked.

His tongue is a sorcerer, and the way he spirals it along my shaft, the way he licks and flicks and strokes as he goes, makes my thighs shake and my breath come in fast, gasping pants.

“Fuck,” I groan as Fitz slides his big hands along my thighs, up, down, and back up again. He cups my balls, playing with them as he devours me.

“Yes. Fucking yes,” I say, and there’s not much more talking I can give him while he does this, because I can’t form words.

Curses, groans, grunts—that’s all I’m capable of.

With the things he’s doing, soon I won’t be able to push out syllables. Lust barrels through my entire being, a punishing wave of agonizing pleasure as he blows my dick with so much enthusiasm it’s like he’s trying to blow my mind too.

Well, it’s working. It’s absolutely working.

My fingers tangle in his hair as my hips jerk, thrusting up, fucking into his talented, relentless mouth—this man is ruthless as he sucks me to the back of his throat.

I’m losing all control and loving it—loving the heat in my body, the pleasure in my veins, his hands on my legs, my balls, my stomach.


He explores me everywhere as he takes my dick on a trip around the world of pleasure, and my orgasm builds at the base of my spine, a pulsing, ravenous thing with a life of its own, with the power to pull me under.

“So fucking good,” I say, as his tongue swirls up and down my length, as his fist grips the base, as lust rattles wildly through me. “Coming. Coming now.”

And upon my words, I can feel him moan against my cock, can hear the rumble of desire in his throat. The sound and the hum and the vibration make my feet tingle, make my chest burn, make me shoot so goddamn hard in his mouth that I’m not sure I’m on earth anymore.

White-hot bliss knocks me into another world from the intensity of the climax he wrings out of me.

It’s radiating through me, pulsing into every corner of my body as I groan endlessly—groan until I’m just panting, breathing, moaning.

That’s literally all I can do as the aftershocks spread through every molecule, every atom. Fitz lets me fall from his mouth with a loud, wet pop and a most satisfied grin on his supremely handsome face.

Rising, he wipes a hand across his mouth. I try to see straight while my head is buzzing, my mind bathing in endorphins.

He lets his gaze travel down his body to his cock, thick and pulsing. Gripping himself, he runs a hand down his length, pushing hard along the crown, swiping his thumb across a bead of liquid on the head.

I lick my lips, wanting, my tongue begging for what he has to give. He heeds the call, stretching out his arm, running his thumb across my lips. I lick him off his thumb, and my eyes fall shut at that first intoxicating taste of him.

I open my eyes to see his hand is back on his shaft, stroking. “Well, then. I’m guessing it’s my turn now,” he says.

I push up a few inches, grab an extra pillow, and park it behind my head. “Then get up here and fuck my face.”



Take it easy.

Take it slow.

Enjoy it.

I repeat those guidelines. Not that I need a reminder to enjoy a fucking blow job—hell, blow jobs are life.

I say it because I don’t want to shoot too early.

And I don’t want to be too rough either.

I want to take time to enjoy the hell out of this.

I straddle him, settling in under Dean’s shoulders, a knee on each side of the pillow. I’m so damn aroused after sucking him off, this delicious, tempting man, that I don’t know how to take it slow.

I don’t know if I want to.

I want release. I want to get off. I want to come in his throat as he watches me. But I also know this position is playing with fire.

I don’t want to make him gag. But I also really want to fuck his mouth. Hard.

I wrap a hand around the base of my aching dick, and I offer him just the tip, rubbing the head across his lips.

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