He grins a little evilly. Deliciously evilly. “Yes. Yes, I do.”

I nod like I’m absorbing this info. “Let me get this straight. You came to London to find a hot English bloke to bang. You found one straightaway. And now you’re looking for a twofer. You want me to be your fuck buddy and your tour guide?” I arch a brow.

He props himself on his elbow. “Sounds like a win-win for me. So, yeah. Let’s do it.”

I roll my eyes. “And meanwhile, I have to do a shitload of chores.”

“But not today, since you have the day off. What better way to spend it than showing me around before we go for another round?”

“Another? Just another? I might want more than one more. Especially since I’ll be working off my debt to Maeve forever, it seems, given your appetite.”

He slides a hand down my chest, tracing my abs. “Your appetite matches mine.”

“Hmm. There is some truth to that.”

Fitz dips his head and kisses my pecs. “It’s all true. And you will get everything you want. Say you’ll show the poor Yankee the sights of your town.”

I heave a sigh as if this is the toughest choice in the world when, in fact, it is the easiest. Spending the day with this man, showing him some of the city I love, then fucking again, sounds like the recipe for a perfect summer’s day. “Fine, I’ll be your tour guide, but the first thing you need to know is this.” He pops his head up and nods, like an eager student. I tap his chest. “It’s not London Bridge you want to see. It’s Tower Bridge. That’s the pretty one.”

Reaching for my phone, I quickly google “Tower Bridge” and show him the iconic symbol of the city, two bridge towers tied together with two walkways. “That’s the more picturesque of the two.”

“Then let’s go there.” He grins, so easy to please. “Wait. Can we see the Harry Potter bridge too?”

I crack up. “You mean the Millennium Bridge? The one the Death Eaters destroyed in The Half-Blood Prince?”

Fitz’s face contorts with the strangest look—possibly excitement, maybe thrill, then he lets out a long warrior cry. He grabs his head, tugging on his hair. “Shut the front door. You’re a fucking Harry Potter fan?”

I chuckle. “Yes. I mean, obviously.”

“Why is it obvious? Because you’re English?”

“No, because the books are bloody awesome.” Then I pause, arching a skeptical brow. “Wait. Please don’t tell me you’re just a movie fan. Shit. You’re a movie fan, aren’t you? You’ve never read the books? You had a crush on Radcliffe when you were a curious teen?”

He clasps his hand to his bare chest. “You wound me. I mean, yeah, I had a crush on Radcliffe when I was twelve, like every other gay tween. But as for that insult . . .” He pokes my chest. “Are you saying I don’t know that Hermione blackmailing Rita Skeeter and Neville leading the DA during Deathly Hallows were two of the best parts of the books that the movies left out?”

I slow-clap. “Bravo. The reduction of Neville’s role in the films was a travesty.”

“An utter disgrace.”

I sink back into the pillow and let out a long, relieved breath. “All right. I’ve decided. I’ll keep fucking you.”

“Uh, yeah. But you seriously thought I was a poser? I read those books to Emma. All of them. In my best English accent, thank you very much.”

I sweep out my arm in an invitation. “By all means, let’s hear it.”

He clears his throat and affects a British sound—vaguely. “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much,” he says, reciting the first line of the first book.

It’s not half bad. “So that’s your Harry Potter accent?”

“Yes. I sound just like you, don’t I?”

I slide into my riff on an American accent. “Yeah, man, like, that beach was totally rad.”

Fitz cringes. “Never do an American accent again.”

“Let’s just agree that the accent thing goes both ways.”

“That sounds fair.”

I park my hands behind my head, savoring this morning-after time. “So, is it a tour of London you want? Or just a tour of all the Harry Potter locations?”

“All of that.” His eyes sparkle. “Seriously, just Tower Bridge is fine. But I’m game to see anything. This is my first time here.”

“Yeah? And do you like London?”

“I do. I like it a lot. Have you always lived here?”

“Born here. Raised here. Went to university in Leeds. That was the only time I’ve lived anyplace else. But I’ve traveled around Europe.”

“Favorite place?”

“I went to Paris with my parents when I was eleven. And Amsterdam when I was twelve, when Mum was doing some work for the Rijksmuseum. Don’t remember a ton, except I loved Amsterdam.”

“Me too. Great city,” he says with a happy sigh.

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