His hand slides up my back to my neck, gripping me. “I want that.”

My mouth is dry. My head is hazy. My entire body is an electric grid lit up.

The prospect of fucking Fitz is going to make me lose my mind.

“I want it now. Tonight,” he says.

In seconds, we are gone.



The door to my flat barely has time to shut before we’re tearing off clothes. We stumble our way to the bed.

Fitz strips off his boxer briefs, the last of his clothing. I watch him greedily as he sinks down on my bed, looking like he belongs there.

He lazily strokes his cock as I shed my boxer briefs and grab the lube and a condom, setting them next to him.

I straddle him, then bend closer to ask something important. “When was the last time for you? Like this?”


I blink, drawing a deep breath. This is almost too much. What he’s giving me is a gift, and I want it to feel extraordinary for him. My hand skates over his erection. “Then I’ll need to spend a long, long time getting you ready.”

He thrusts up against my fist. “I don’t object to that.”

Savoring the feel of him in my hand, I kneel between his legs, his naked body on full display for me. My eyes drink him in, from the planes of his abs to the muscles in his thighs, then up to his powerful arms. His tattoos snake along his biceps, all those armbands and sunbursts, the edges of them visible as he parks his hands behind his head. He lets his legs fall open more, and I am undone with desire. It consumes me, even as it fills every cell in my body.

This man feels like mine.

Hell, he doesn’t feel like mine.

Right now, Fitz is mine.

I tighten my fist around him, the feel of his hot, hard length sending a wicked thrill down my spine. His moans and yeses set alight a dozen fires inside me. After a few more mind-bending moments of stroking him, I let go so I can lube up my fingers and slide them against his ass, teasing him. He groans in anticipation as I push one in while my other hand focuses on his cock.

“Yesssssss,” he growls as I rub my thumb against him at the same time, right where I know it feels amazing.

After only a few seconds, his hips roll up, and he’s seeking me out, his body asking for more, more, more.

I push farther.

He’s tight and hot, and I relish every shiver and groan as I watch the pleasure ripple across his perfect body. My dick aches, hard and heavy between my legs, but my dick can wait.

I want to make sure he’s ready.

“More,” Fitz whispers, a plaintive plea.

I add more lube, then slide in another finger. His jaw tightens, and his eyes squeeze shut. His cock twitches against my palm, the evidence of his desire on the head of his dick.

His lips open, and he’s panting. “Fuck, babe, that’s so fucking good. I want you so much.”

I bend down and kiss the tip of his cock, savoring the taste of him. “The feeling is mutual.”

Fitz rocks his ass against my fingers. “Give me more.”

“More mouth, more fingers? Be specific,” I tease, licking his shaft.

“You cocktease,” he growls.

“Just the way you like it.” I draw the head between my lips for a delicious suck before I add even more lube then give him the three-finger treatment.

He writhes, letting loose a long “Oh fuckkkk.”

The groans he makes as I thrust into him—obscene, carnal, the hottest sounds I’ve heard in my life—make my head hazy, my skin red-hot. I am burning everywhere for this man.

He thrusts up against me with abandon, with wild need. “Dean,” he groans, his whole body begging me. “I need your cock. Please fuck me. Get in me, babe. Get in me now.”

I combust into a roaring, five-alarm blaze.

I pull my fingers out as he shoves the condom at me, desperate, aroused beyond words, and such a sight.

I sheath myself, adding more lube to the condom, and settle in between his legs again, nudging them farther apart.

For a second, I wonder if those are nerves flickering across his eyes.

But no, it’s desire I see. Want. Lust. And so much need. As much as I have. As much as I feel.

“Just tell me if it hurts,” I say gently. “Promise me, okay?”

Fitz slides his hands over my chest. “I promise. But it’s not going to hurt. It’s going to feel fucking amazing.”

I run a hand along his shaft as I press the head of my cock against his ass and push in a little bit. There’s a moment, I swear, when everything stands still. When I’m barely in him, and his eyes are wide, almost shocked.

“Breathe,” I whisper as I move my body forward, my free hand braced on the bed by the side of his chest.

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