Julian’s heartbeat was starting to race. Impossible. This was impossible. If he accepted her words as truth – that she could truly read minds – then did it mean that they were destined to marry?


One truth did not automatically lead to another truth. Maybe it was something genetic or some kind of weird brain chemistry that allowed her to interpret brain patterns. Her ability to read minds did not mean she also had the ability to see the future. Telepathy, Julian could probably find it in himself to accept. But clairvoyance?


“Do you b-believe me now?”

He said slowly, “I need one more test.”

Cass’ heart nearly burst with hope. “Anything.”

Julian focused on an image.

An embarrassed gasp broke out of Cass.

The prince was thinking of her naked in his arms…

Fucking her on his bed—-

Fucking her against the wall—-

Fucking her right here, straddling his lap as she took his cock into her—-

She gasped again, mentally shutting the door on the stream of images his mind blasted to her. “That’s wicked!”

Julian smiled, male satisfaction flooding him as he took in the lovely flush on her delicate cheeks. She might be embarrassed, but she was also turned on.

And she might be lying about seeing the future – of knowing that they were “destined” for each other like some fucking Romeo and Juliet – but his instincts told him that she was at least telling the truth about her ability to read minds.

He considered his options.

First was to stay the hell away from her since she could undoubtedly be the greatest complication in his life.

Second was to slake his lust and have a fling with her while he was on vacation.

Cass sensed that the prince was thinking about whether or not he should spend more time with her. What, she thought agonizingly, would she do if he chose to turn his back on their destiny? Worry had Cass licking her lips and swallowing convulsively.

Seeing Cass do those unbelievably sensual things without being aware of the tempting picture she presented did it for Julian.

Unable to wait, Cass asked again, “Do you believe me—-”

“Yes.” He started to pull her down again, intent on kissing her once more. He planned to do much more, but since they were still out in public, kisses would do for starters.

Cass hurriedly braced her hands against the prince’s chest. “Wait,” she exclaimed, excitement and passion making her voice breathless. She was so tempted to let him kiss her again, but she knew she couldn’t – at least not until she was sure they were on the same page.

Julian scowled. His body was burning with desire for her, his cock practically trying to tear a hole out of his trousers. He was not used to waiting at all, but for Cass he exerted an effort to rein his impatience in. “What is it?”

“I…want to be clear. You really believe me?”

“Read my mind.” I believe you.

“Oh.” A nervous giggle escaped her.

“Is that it?”


Julian started thinking about her breasts, imagining them bare to his eyes, her nipples ready to be sucked—-


He smirked, and with them still in contact, Cass saw it very clearly, which made her smile helplessly at his arrogance. “One last question,” she promised.

“Then ask it,” he commanded.

“Do…you also believe that I’m destined to be your bride?”

Silence, not just between them but also in Julian’s mind.

It made Cass swallow. “Julian?” She was beginning to feel not just nervous but afraid, too, of what Julian would say. Over the years she had dreamt of him and read about him, she knew how scathing Julian’s tongue could be, especially when talking to someone he deemed overstepping his bounds.

But still, she hoped that he wouldn’t be cruel, that he would instead be as sweetly possessive and wickedly romantic as he was in her dreams—-

Julian looked at her, and she held her breath.

“You have to be joking, right?”

Well, as far as romantic lines went, that one was a major fail.

Chapter Four

“You are not seriously ignoring me for being practical about us, are you?”

It was Julian’s first time to woo a woman. Or at least this was as far as he would allow himself to go in terms of wooing. Last night had been hell. In the darkness of his bedroom, Julian had acknowledged to himself that he could have handled things better yesterday, could have let her down more gently and just as gently convinced her to see things his way.

He was a prince with a duty to his kingdom. Marrying her was out of the question, no matter if she was literally the girl of his dreams. Surely she would eventually see reason and, in light of their sizzling chemistry, accept that being his bride was not a role she could ever play in his life?

Armed with that thought, he had woken early this morning, got Garth to finally do something productive for him, and showed up on Cass’ front door. Unfortunately, instead of being properly grateful that he was giving both of them another chance, Cass looked mad.

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