Tears stung Cass’ eyes at the tender touch of his lips, knowing that the kiss meant yes. Julian trusted her. It did not mean he would marry her, but it was a step towards the right direction. That was more than enough for her.

Chapter Seven

A constant stream of guests walked past the patch of palm trees hiding Julian and Cass’ entwined bodies, their chatter somewhat muted by the crashing waves against the shore. All it would take to expose them was for one person to squint a little harder at their direction. Just one person…but no one did.

Julian shook his head with a muttered expletive. “Unbelievable.”

Cass only smiled up at him. “I told you, didn’t I? You can trust me.” And because the Prince’s gorgeous face was so, so close, she couldn’t help but reach up and touch his cheek, a small part of her still unable to believe that her Prince was truly here, next to her, in the flesh.

Something hard pulsed next to her thigh.

And naked to boot, Cass thought ruefully even as her heart jumped a bit at the feel of his manhood pressing so insistently against her body.

“Talk to me,” Julian invited as he played with her hair, rubbing the silky strands between his fingers. She was visibly nervous and quite obviously in need of a distraction.

“Umm…” From afar, music played by a live band at the resort drifted towards them, making Cass recall a memory that made her bite her lip. “You know the band playing for tonight’s barbecue?”

“Yes…” The word was a caress against her skin as Julian nuzzled her neck.

His lips made Cass involuntarily arch her neck, and as he continued to nuzzle, it became doubly hard for Cass to string words together. “I…watched them once. And…” Julian was sucking on her neck now, which was even a greater – and arousing – distraction. “I was near enough to hear…their thoughts…and…”


As Julian bit her neck, Cass gasped out, “The three of them were…together.”

Julian paused. “I beg your pardon?”

With his mouth temporarily away from her skin, Cass’ mind began to function normally again. She nodded at his bemused glance. “I couldn’t believe it either, but…their thoughts…” Cheeks flushing, she mumbled, “One girl, two men, and they loved each other equally.”

Julian’s lips twitched at the uncomfortable look on Cass’ face. “You don’t think it’s right?”

Cass said quickly, honestly, “It’s not that. They really loved each other. I could see it. Feel it. So I don’t think it can be wrong. But I was just wondering…” She gave him a meaningful look.

Julian blinked. “Err…what?”

“You know.”

Julian said blankly, “I don’t know.”

Cass gave him another look. “You know!”

“No,” Julian said, lips twitching. “I truly do not.”

She said in a very low whisper, “I was wondering about…you know…the logistics.”

He choked. “The logistics?”

She nodded emphatically.

It hit him then, and Julian couldn’t stop himself from grinning. “Do you mean you’re wondering how she’s able to handle the two men in bed?”

“Would it have to be both at the same time?”

“It’s possible.”

Her lips parted in surprise. “It is?”

“Do you want to give it a try?”

She gasped.

“No other man, of course, but I could use a toy…”


But the lovely flush on her cheeks told Julian that she was intrigued by the idea, and her passionate side made him groan, pull her head close, and kiss her hard. “Next time,” he muttered against her lips. “But for now, I need to fuck you on my own.”

His coarse words only succeeded in making her toes curl even as she protested weakly, “Julian!”

But the prince only laughed and hauled her body even closer. “Starting right now, sweetheart. I’m going to fuck you right now.”

Cass willed herself not to blush as Julian, looming over her, slowly peeled her bikini top from her body. Shyness made her hold her body stiff, and she had the greatest urge to do it like ostriches did. Only this time, she wouldn’t just bury her head in the soft white sand under her. She’d bury her entire body and hide it away from Julian’s devouring gaze.

Me and my big mouth, Cass thought morosely, but the rest of her thought disappeared when she saw Julian discard her bikini top to the side.

According to him, they had already done this countless times and he didn’t seem to have anything to complain about. So she shouldn’t be worried about what he thought of her small breasts, her not-so-flat tummy, her—-

“Relax, sweetheart.” Julian’s low, amused drawl made Cass squeeze her eyes closed with even greater embarrassment. That tone of his voice made it so evident how experienced he was in the sex department. He was so used to this. She was not.

Julian’s breathing became ragged as he gazed at her naked breasts. He cupped them, savoring their weight, before lowering his head and slowly laving her nipple with his tongue.

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