“I really hope he does,” Cass confessed. “He felt very lonely.”

“And that’s why you read his fortune,” he said dryly.

“I tried very hard at first to resist the urge,” she said piously.

“But you still read his fortune, which means you lost the bet.’


He laughed. “A bet is a bet, and you lost square and fair.”

“But he was really very lonely,” she protested even as he slowly guided her to her feet and ushered her towards the boardwalk.

“Bad for him, good for me,” he said mercilessly, but his hold was gentle as he helped her sit down on the edge. He took off his clothes until he was down to his briefs before sliding into the water.

“Your turn.” He took hold of her hand.

Cass shivered as she got into the water, gasping, “Cold!”

He pulled her into his arms from behind, nibbling on her ear as he whispered, “I’ll have you hot in no time, sweetheart.” If Cass lost the bet, which she did, thanks to the actor, she had to trust Julian and allow him to make love to her in public – just like their first time and he trusted her.

Cass whimpered as she felt his fingers underneath her dress. “What if the boatman comes?”

“He’ll wait.”

“People can really see us now…” But her voice was weak as she spoke the words, her body already reacting to his masterful touch.

“So they will, sweetheart.” He started to stroke her folds and Cass gasped, her breasts becoming heavy with desire. “But all they’d be able to see is your lovely face, flushed with pleasure because you can’t get enough of my cock—-”

“Julian!” But just like before, his dirty talk only made her feel more wanton and in love with him. And then she heard it and she gasped again. The sound of a boat’s engine, becoming louder as it neared.

“Someone might really—-” But Julian had already entered her and Cass whimpered, the pleasure of it so intense she could only wrap herself around him. He started to move, fucking her underwater and even shy as she was, she forgot everything, love being more powerful than all of the other forces in this world, just so, so powerful that Cass couldn’t help but scream—-

Groaning, Julian quickly covered her mouth with his even as his thrusts become quicker and harder, exactly like how his beautiful wife wanted it.

~ The End ~

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