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Back in California, we always held them at a fancy dinner club. Still, I can’t really complain about the surroundings because I know that beggars can’t be choosers. I also really want this auction to happen, so I’m grateful that we could hold it in any place, really. Location isn’t really important; it’s more the idea of actually having the auction that really interests me.

We desperately needed something like this over here. Sometimes it’s so frustrating being away from the San Fran. Although Pittsburgh isn’t really that small, the entertainment here isn’t exactly booming. Especially if you have different tastes than everyone else.

One plus about this place, though, is that it smells delicious. Like freshly baked cinnamon buns.

I was so happy when Brian called me back the other day that I would have fucking jumped for joy if I was that type of person. I couldn’t believe my ears when he said that he just happened to know the perfect place and perhaps even a girl in town. Apparently, his lady’s friend lived in Pittsburgh – what a great coincidence.

Finding the place and the girl is killing two birds with one stone, in my book. It also makes the rest of the process a whole lot easier.

It’s crazy how things turn out like this when we’re least expecting it. And I was so relieved to hear that they could. Brian took care of all the details and talked to the company that runs the auctions back home – called Love in San Francisco.

They told him that they were going to arrange for some girls to be found locally or flown into Pittsburgh for the auction. This is all happening really fast, and I’m glad it is. I owe Brian a huge thank you for taking care of everything.

I have invited several of the guys from my tech team to join me tonight. I’m feeling kind of irritated about that now, though, because even though we are all mingling about, they keep asking me what kind of crazy place this is.

I seriously am starting to regret bringing them; I have no idea how this is going to go down, or if anyone will even participate, or what. But then a hostess gets on a microphone and thanks everyone for coming. That seems to get everyone’s attention, so I start to think that maybe tonight will be a good night. Maybe even better than I’d hoped.

She introduces a woman named Jocelyn who owns the bakery and says she’s graciously allowed them to have the auction here. I am instantly mesmerized. Jocelyn is petite and curvy and gorgeous.


She is just my type. I can’t take my eyes off of her. Before I can even think, I’m calling out that I will pay a million dollars to sleep with her.

Jocelyn and everyone in the crowd looks shocked. The hostess says that perhaps that can be arranged and asks Jocelyn if she’d like to do it. She is speechless, so she just looks at the hostess, then at me.

The other guys that I came with start cheering me on and being rowdy. One of them even says, “Now we’re talking! Let’s get this party started in here, with this hottie!”

I’m starting to get angry when they all take turns and start increasing the bid. I am way past annoyed and really wishing I hadn’t brought them with me now. I keep thinking that maybe there is a way I can get them sent home. That might seem childish or overly competitive, but I don’t want to risk losing out on Jocelyn.

I know it’s ridiculous – I just fucking met her. But it’s like she stepped out of the fantasy I had conjured up, about my dream girl. She was made for me and I just had to have her.

The hostess reminds everyone that there are other women who will be auctioned off, but the other guys keep interrupting her and insisting that they want Jocelyn.

Ugh, I hate guys like this. Back in San Francisco, you had competition, sure, but they weren’t jerks about it like these guys were being.

I want to snap at them, or have them kicked out, but Jocelyn catches my attention. She finally answers and explains to the hostess that she wasn’t planning to be auctioned off.

She looks at me, however, and says softly, “But that’s a lot of money.”

I want to urge her to do it, but my idiot work partners keep interrupting and increasing the bids, to three million dollars. I’m exasperated and furious with them. I’m also happy, though, because I know I have way more money than my underlings.

Not to brag, but I’m a billionaire who helped build patented technology for apps, after all. I shock everyone again when I call out, “Five million dollars for one night with you, Jocelyn, and that’s my final offer.”

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