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I make a list of people I need to call, starting with the hostess of our auctions back in California. If anyone can help me convince Andrew, it will be her. She knows just as much about business as he does.

I come up with a plan, including scouring the local businesses for prospective women to join us. I tell myself that I’m making progress, but it’s not helping. I still feel unsatisfied. I throw my pen down and stare moodily out my office window.

Even though I’m not into relationships and I’ve been hurt, I’m still convinced that there is a perfect woman out there for me. I have visualized her in my mind many times.

Now, I close my eyes and picture her again. She is petite and curvy, with long curly hair. She has a feisty attitude and will make me chase her. I love a challenge.

She’ll be different from all these soft-spoken girl next door types that live in this small town. I guess that type of woman is okay, but they’re just not my cup of tea.

I close and lock the door to my office. I guess I’ll have to release my stress in the usual way. I sit at my desk and take out my cock.

I stroke myself as I visualize my perfect woman. I picture her going down on me right here in the office. Even better, I picture myself winning her at the auction. Then I’d really be able to do anything I want to her.

She’d enjoy it, too. The idea of having her naked there, eating her out in front of everyone, makes me so hard. I’d like it if she was as kinky as I am, but to have a virgin is always exciting. To be the first one to try things with them. There is no other feeling in the world as exciting as that.

I’m ready to cum all over my hand just thinking about it. In fact, I do.

After I clean up, I get back to work. I call our auction hostess in California and have a lengthy discussion with her. She agrees with me and thinks it would be a good idea to start a branch of the auction business in this small town. Her only concern is that there might not be enough of our type of women here to get us enough clientele.

I agree with her, as this is my main worry. She comes up with an interesting solution, though. When it comes to making money, she’s very clever. She says that if I can find places to host the auction, she can fly in some women from San Francisco to participate in it and show the local girls how it’s done. I tell her I’ll discuss the whole thing with Andrew and get back to her later in the week.

After we hang up, I stare out the window. I wonder how to bring up this subject to Andrew. I think it’s a brilliant idea, but he has always been the more cautious one.

I know he’s stressed about moving our business out here.

Maybe it would be a good idea to get him drinks?

When are drinks ever a bad idea? I wonder.

I smile at myself. Then I get up and walk out of the office. It’s a nice spring day out, so I don’t grab my jacket.

I’ll take Andrew for a few drinks, then talk to him about the auctions. After we get some liquor in him, he’ll be more relaxed.

I know there’s a bar near here. I found it out of boredom on my first day in town. I walk to his office to invite him.

For the first time since moving here, I feel happy, and confident. I really think this auction thing will work out.

Chapter 3


It takes me a while, but I finally drag myself out of bed. I still feel half asleep though. I rub my eyes and glance at the clock on my dresser.

It’s almost noon.

I stand up and pull my robe off the armchair next to my bed. Then I pull it on over my sweats. I half make my bed, really just pulling the comforter over my sheets so it looks decent enough.

I glance around at the rest of my room. It looks like a tornado struck. I start picking up clothes off the floor. The clean ones, I throw in the closet. The dirty ones, I put in a pile by the hamper.

After that’s done, I shrug and walk out into the kitchen. The rest of the house appears in disarray as well. I sigh, telling myself I’ll clean it up later. I own a bakery, so I don’t have a lot of time for housework. It’s my biggest weakness in life.

I pull a mug out of the cabinet and fix myself a fresh cup of coffee, breathing in the aroma as it’s brewing. I slowly feel myself starting to wake up.

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