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I think about the long night I had at work. Then I pick up my phone off the counter. It still has some battery on it, and I’m surprised.

I scroll through some pictures of the cake I baked for last night’s banquet. I’m proud of the work I do and the shop I own. I’m just about to put my phone down as it rings.

“Hello,” I answer it as I pour myself some coffee.

I let it cool a little on the counter.

“Hey, how was work last night?” My best friend Sheila asks over the phone.

“It was great. The cake was a big hit, but I had to stay all night to serve it,” I reply. I walk around the house while I talk. I pick up random things and try to put them away.

“Sorry you had to work late, but at least you get to do something you love,” she replies.

“Yeah, that’s true,” I have to agree with her.

I really love my baking business. I go back to the kitchen and take a sip of coffee.

“So, what are you up to?” I ask her.

“Not much, just taking a break at work. It’s been crazy today,” she replies with a laugh.

“I bet,” I murmur through a mouthful of coffee.

I start to make myself some bacon and eggs for a late breakfast.

“Actually, I was calling to tell you about something interesting that just happened…” Sheila says, as if unsure whether now is a good time.

“Okay, go for it,” I reply as I cook.

“Well, you know that new tech company that opened up near my store?” she asks me.

I have to think for a second.

“You mean those guys that walk around in the suits and trench coats?” I respond.

She giggles a little.

“Yes,” she answers.

Everyone in town knows about that company. It was big news when they decided to open up here.

“Yes, why? Did something happen with them?” I ask curiously.

“Well, the two owners, or managers, or whatever they are, both came in today. They bought some flowers, and one of them, Andrew, was flirting with me. The other one, Brian, asked her if I would be interested in a money-making opportunity,” she says, sounding excited yet dubious.

I can’t help but feel a little bit jealous. Money would be really nice right about now, and these tech gods would know how to make it.

I slide my food onto a plate and sit down to eat it.

“You should definitely call him then. It’s always a good idea to have more money,” I advise her in between bites of food.

“Yeah, but what if it’s like a scam or something?” she asks me worriedly.

“Isn’t it just, like, being their assistant?”

“I don’t think so. I said I’m very happy working at Love in Bloom. You know how I want to open my own flower shop like you have your own bakery. They acted like it was something I could do in addition to that.”

“Well, maybe it could helping them advertise an app in your downtime or something?” I guess.

“Maybe,” she says, not sounding convinced.

I’m not sure why she’s making such a big deal out of this, and I wish I could trade her places. I would love to do something on the side to make extra money, even though I do love my bakery.

On that note, I have to get going.

I glance at the clock and finish the rest of my food in a hurry.

“You’re just calling him and finding out more about it. You don’t have to say yes to anything right away,” I remind her.

Sheila laughs and says, “I guess you’re right. I’ll call you later, my break is over.”

“Okay. Be safe at work,” I reply as we hang up.

I sit at the table and sip the rest of my coffee in silence. I think about Sheila and sigh. I wish I could have guys hitting on me. I’m so busy with work that my dating life is pretty much nonexistent.

I wash my breakfast dishes, then go upstairs to shower for work. I can clean the house later when I get home. When I arrive at my shop, I notice that there is a line of people. I’m shocked.

My employee, Ciara, was holding down the fort but as I walk in the door, I notice she looks flustered. I hurriedly put on my apron and join her behind the counter.

“Sorry, we got slammed with orders all of a sudden,” she explains.

“That’s okay. I’m here to help now,” I assure her.

I go in the back and start baking nonstop. People are happy that their orders are finally being taken care of. We had a really big cupcake order this morning, so I work on filling that in between taking new orders.

Ciara looks back at me and gives me a thumbs up. I smile at her. She’s a hard worker, but I’m a little faster and more experienced than she is.

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