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I take a few breaths to calm myself, and then move towards the stage. She smiles at me. She doesn’t seem nervous at all. I smile back happily at her.

Andrew and Sheila stand next to me. I’m glad that they seem happy and are having fun. I smile at them in greeting, then turn my attention back to the stage.

Julia has just announced the start of bidding on Tammy. My hand flies up instantly. I’m the first and highest bid. She accepts it right away and I join her on stage.

This is like my dream come true.

Tammy looks at me, waiting for me to make my move.

I reach under her dress again and begin playing with her just like before. I can feel her already getting wet for me and it turns me on even more. She opens her legs wider for me, as if feeling braver now, and not caring who sees me winning my prize.

I pull her close and continue to play with her in front of everyone. I don’t care that they are watching – in fact, I like that they can see how much I’m turning her on. My attention is only on her.

This is something I have never done before, focusing only on the woman instead of on my own needs. When you’re rich, women throw themselves at you, willing to do anything to make you feel good, and to make it all about you.

Tammy moans and grinds against my fingers. I feel how hard her clit is and how wet her pussy is. Her juices are dripping out onto my fingers.

I can’t control myself any longer. I pull my fingers out of her and bid an even higher amount.

“For a blowjob,” I say.

She looks at Julia and me, then nods at me. Julia acknowledges the bid. Tammy doesn’t seem shy.

She reaches down to give my erection a gentle squeeze. I am so fucking hard for her. She is then on her knees in front of me. It is the hottest sight I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait to feel her hot mouth on my big cock.

She unzips my pants and her eyes widen at how huge I am. I feel so good in her bare, small hands. She caresses my tip, then grasps me firmly.

She slowly slides her lips around the tip of my cock, then up and down the length of my shaft. I shiver in delight. Then she repeats the motions with her tongue.

I can’t stand the teasing anymore. She winks at me, before slowly sliding me in her mouth. She inches me in so slow and deep that I press against the back of her throat. I’m crammed down there so tight I can feel myself throb.

She slides me in and out a couple of times. The feeling is incredible. She certainly knows how to tease me. I don’t mind that at all. It makes what we’re doing even hotter to me.

She starts sucking faster and faster. I’m jabbing my tip against the back of her throat and I love it.

“Oh, Tammy,” I moan softly.

I reach down and open the top of her dress. She’s petite, but she has large, voluptuous breasts. I want to bury my face in them.

Her nipples are hard. I watch them bounce around as she continues to suck my cock vigorously. The movement of her bouncing breasts turns me on even more and I can’t stop myself from cumming in her mouth.

I watch her swallow it all and lick her lips with a wink, like I did earlier. I smile down at her, happily.

Afterwards I spend a few minutes kissing and sucking her breasts until our time is up. I don’t know what has come over me. I’m acting so differently around her than I have in the past with other women I’ve won at auctions. I can’t explain it.

Why is she having this effect on me?

I mean, I even want to tell her a little about the experience I had in high school, to commiserate with her about her own shitty tale. No one knows about that. I never encourage or establish any kind of emotional connection or bond with any of my pets or playthings.

I don’t do relationships, yet here I am acting like that is what I want with her. I tell myself that is completely absurd. I’m just helping her with money and using her for sex, I insist to myself, which we both seem to enjoy.

After we clean up and pull our clothes back on, I run my fingers through my hair. Tammy is unsure of what happens next, so she’s talking to Julia.

I tell myself not to get any closer to her. A nagging feeling in my gut tells me that that is going to be impossible. I agree with that feeling.

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