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He was incredibly gorgeous, more than any guy that I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe that a guy that hot had actually actively sought me out to have a conversation with me. I hadn’t had the best track record with men and my confidence had suffered a lot. That was largely due to the abusive relationship that I had been in during senior year of high school and just after.

His name was Jim. He had been really charming in the beginning. He was a football star and wicked smart to boot. The golden boy, beloved by all. So, when he started being abusive towards me verbally, nobody believed that it was happening. They told me I was exaggerating.

When he started hitting me, people called me crazy. When he finally left a mark, I even got accused of doing it to myself.

He called me every name in the book and made me feel like I was worthless. Once I finally got the nerve to get out of the relationship, it was like shedding the weight of the world off my back. I was relieved that the abuse was finally over, but I was also excited to find me for a change.

I had gotten so far away from who I truly was, it was nice getting reacquainted with myself again. I took myself out of dates and contented myself to doing things alone. I didn’t even try to date anyone else. I told myself that it was because I was too busy with the bakery, but deep down I knew that it was just leftover fear from my last relationship.

I wondered if I would ever truly be over it. I really wasn’t sure.

But, I was still human, and my mind wandered to what it would be like to be with Elliot. I had a lot of regrets about my time spent with Jim, but at least I was spared one big one: I hadn’t given that asshole my virginity.

But that didn’t mean I wasn’t curious about sex. Especially with a gorgeous guy like Elliot.

I could imagine him pulling up to my house like a knight in shining armor and sweep me away. I imagined him taking me out for some fine dining and making me feel like a queen. He would tell me how beautiful I am and kiss me tenderly. I imagined going back to his luxurious apartment afterward.

He would carry me in his arms over the threshold of the door. He’d carry me to his bedroom and lay me on the bed. I slipped my hand inside of my pants as I imagined him tearing off my dress.

He would kiss my inner thighs on each side, one at a time, taking his time to land sloppy wet kisses between my legs. I moaned softly as I parted my pussy lips with my fingers, imagining that my own finger was his tongue, circling my clit, and felt myself grow wetter beneath my fingers. He would work his way up, kissing my belly, up to my neck, and kissing me hard on the lips.

His hand would reach inside of my shirt, clenching my breast. I pretended that my hand was his, twisting my nipples between his fingers. My spine arched and I threw my head back against the pillows. With one hand in my pants and one under my shirt, I imagined him getting more and more turned on, his dick growing hard as he toyed with my body.

He would finally be too horny to stop himself and pull his hard cock out of his pants. I pushed my fingers deep inside of my pussy as I imagined him pushing his dick inside of me. I pushed another finger inside and felt my pussy stretch against my fingers. I imagined my pussy gripping his cock as I held on for dear life as he fucked me. I could feel the orgasm rising from my toes and shooting up my body, tingling all the way. My pussy convulsed as I came hard, covering my hand in slippery wet cum.

I lay back in the bed, my heart still racing from the waves of orgasm that still coursed through my body. I couldn’t believe the scene that had just played in my head, and with a total stranger!

But on the bright side, I felt exhaustion seeping in to replace the tingling bliss. At least now I could fall asleep.

Chapter Four


“Why the long face?” asked Reid, looking at me intently.

The two of us were having a couple of beers at our favorite bar. We hadn’t really talked since the auction, he’d been kind of caught up in the girl he’d met. I’d never seen him act like such a lovesick puppy.

I shrugged, not really wanting to get into it with him.

“Are you still sulking about the auction?” he asked, playfully. “Don’t worry; we’ll find you a good one next time.”

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